Are you looking for an innovative way to invest your savings of 1 lakh rupees and potentially reap impressive returns? If so, you’re in luck because there are a variety of investment businesses that have potential to earn reasonable profits without large investments.

In this blog post, we will explore the top business opportunities in Pakistan for those with only one lakh rupees at their disposal. We’ll discuss which business model is best suited for your resources and suggest ways on how to start small yet eventually grow become more profitable as time goes on. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or someone interested in growing their money through wise investments, keep reading to discover what’s possible with a mere 1 lakh rupees!

1 Lakh Rupees Investment Business In Pakistan 2024

Investing in small businesses can offer substantial returns with a budget of just 1 Lakh Rupees in Pakistan. For example, starting a home-based bakery or catering service can be an excellent option for those with culinary skills. The investment includes buying basic bakery equipment and raw materials. Another viable idea is to open a small retail shop, selling products such as stationery, cosmetics, or clothes. The primary cost here will be inventory and shop rental.

Lastly, online businesses are also gaining momentum in Pakistan. With an investment in a website and digital marketing, you can start an online store, a blog, or a digital agency. It’s important to remember, however, that success in any business comes with dedication, hard work, and a good understanding of the market.

List of best business for investment of Rs 1 lakh Star New Business

There are a number of different small business investments that one can make with Rs 1 lakh. From starting up a food delivery service to launching an online store, the options are all viable and profitable if done right.

For those looking to start their own business, here is a list of the best businesses that you can invest in with Rs 1 lakh:

1.Mobile Accessories Business

Investing in a mobile accessories business could be a lucrative option in Pakistan, with as little as 1 lakh rupees initial investment. The high demand for smartphones and associated accessories in the country creates a thriving market opportunity. Products such as phone cases, chargers, headphones, and screen protectors are popular and in constant demand. Coupled with a well-planned business strategy, a mobile accessories venture could yield substantial profits, making it a potentially rewarding investment opportunity in Pakistan’s evolving business landscape.

2.Event/Wedding planner

Event and Wedding planning is an increasingly lucrative business in Pakistan. With an investment of just 1 lakh rupees, you can build a profitable venture in this industry. This business is not only rewarding but also creatively fulfilling, as you get to design and coordinate special events and weddings. It offers substantial financial returns, with potential for significant growth as your reputation and network expand. Hence, for those with a knack for organization and a flair for design, event and wedding planning present an excellent business opportunity in Pakistan.

2.Poultry farming

Poultry farming, with an initial investment of 1 Lakh Rupees, has emerged as a highly profitable business avenue in Pakistan. This business not only promises a good return on investment but also plays a key role in addressing the protein needs of a growing population. With the right knowledge about poultry care, disease management, and marketing strategies, entrepreneurs can expect to break even within a relatively short period, making it an attractive investment opportunity in the country’s agriculture sector.

3.Home Made food

Investing in a homemade food business in Pakistan can be a lucrative opportunity, especially with an initial capital of just 1 Lakh Rupees. With the growing demand for healthy, hygienic, and convenient meal options, a homemade food business can cater to a broad customer base ranging from working professionals to students and families. By focusing on quality ingredients, unique recipes, and excellent customer service, this low-investment business can yield substantial returns. Not only does this business model provide a steady income, but it also offers the satisfaction of delivering wholesome, home-cooked meals to customers’ doorsteps.

4.Tour Trip planner

Investing in a Tour/Trip planning business in Pakistan can be a promising venture with a budget of 1 Lakh Rupees. Pakistan, rich in cultural diversity and boasting an abundance of scenic landscapes, has vast potential in attracting both local and international tourists. The key to success in this business will be offering unique, well-organized, and cost-effective tour packages that cater to various demographics. From the bustling city life of Karachi to the serene beauty of Hunza Valley, the options are limitless. Moreover, with the right marketing strategies, this business can yield a substantial return on investment.

5.Fish farming

In Pakistan, fish farming has emerged as a highly profitable business avenue with sizable returns on a modest initial investment of 1 Lakh Rupees. This lucrative business idea is characterized by low entry barriers, making it accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs residing in close proximity to viable markets. The basic infrastructure for a fish farming start-up involves the allocation of a suitable site and the construction of two ponds. Within two weeks of development, the ponds should be adequately fertilized, paving the way for the introduction of 500 fingerlings per pond.

The feeding regimen for the young fish includes two meals per day, stressing on their nutritional needs for optimal growth until they reach maturity at around six months. The matured fish can then be sold off in the market, allowing for the ponds to be restocked, repeating the lifecycle of fertilization, growth, and sale. An innovative cost-cutting measure for feeding the fish involves using nightlights to attract insects into the water, providing a natural and economical alternative to commercial fish food. The fish farming industry of Pakistan garners a substantial annual revenue from retail sales of fish. This revenue generation is significantly supplemented by sales receipts from restaurants specializing in seafood dishes.

6.Courier service business

Starting a courier service business in Pakistan with an initial investment of 1 Lakh Rupees has become an incredibly lucrative opportunity due to the rapid expansion of the sector in all cities. This venture requires hiring a competent team with requisite knowledge about courier services, given the high level of responsibility involved in ensuring timely and problem-free delivery. The potential customer base is broad and includes law firms, banks, and hospitals who rely on door-to-door delivery services.

A significant portion of the workforce in large urban areas specializes in local deliveries with companies offering same-day or one-hour delivery options. The range of deliverables can include an array of documents (financial and legal), medical report samples, passports, and much more.

The location for this business is crucial and should ideally be positioned in a heavily populated area with numerous offices and other commercial entities. A small, effective team of about three delivery personnel is sufficient for startup, tasked with collecting and delivering couriers to their designated locations.

The overall investment at this stage is approximately 1 Lakh Rupees, with profits varying depending on the rate agreed upon with customers per kilogram, which in turn depends on the number of parcels delivered. This rate can vary, with profit margins of 10%, 50%, or even 100% per customer achievable. Starting this business on a small scale in one city can yield substantial profits with an initial investment of 1 Lakh Rupees.

7.Car Wash Service at DoorStep

Starting a doorstep car wash service in Pakistan is an excellent business idea that requires an initial investment of around 1 lakh rupees. This service, designed to deliver convenience and time-efficiency to customers, is rapidly growing in popularity in urban areas. With the right business strategy, this venture can generate substantial returns, making it a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

When starting a car wash business, it’s important to consider the location of your service. Taking into account the level of competition and the potential customer base in an area is essential for success. You must also take into account factors such as parking availability, safety concerns, and other local considerations when selecting a site for your business. Once you’ve chosen a suitable location, you can purchase or rent the necessary equipment and supplies needed for your business.

It is also important to research local laws and regulations that may affect your operation. You should be aware of any licensing requirements in your area as well as any rules regarding water usage and waste disposal. Taking these steps will help ensure that your car wash service runs smoothly without facing any legal issues.

8.Dry Fruits Shop

Starting a dry fruits shop in Pakistan with an investment of 1 Lakh Rupees can prove to be a fruitful business endeavor. Not only do dry fruits like nuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pine nuts cater to the taste buds of food enthusiasts, but they also serve the health-conscious segment of the population due to their high nutritional value. The industry boasts a promising profit margin of around 20-25%, making it a potentially profitable venture. Procuring your supply of dry fruits from reputable markets like Raja Bazar in Rawalpindi or Raja Bazar in Gujranwala ensures you have access to a diverse and high-quality range of products to stock your shop.

9.Tuition Center

Investing in a tuition center can be a rewarding venture, particularly in a country like Pakistan where education is highly valued. With an initial investment as low as 1 lakh rupees, one can establish a tuition center that caters to a variety of age groups and academic levels. The profitability of this business stems from its low overhead costs and the high demand for quality educational support services. Furthermore, the scalability of this venture offers the potential for expansion and higher returns in the long run.

10.Grocery Store

Investing just 1 Lakh Rupees in a local grocery store can potentially be one of the best business decisions in Pakistan. A small grocery store, strategically located in a neighborhood, can serve as a convenient, one-stop solution for the daily needs of residents. Besides the usual items like fresh produce, dairy, and staples, the store could also stock essential household items to maximize its utility and profitability. With careful planning and efficient management, this low-investment business can generate substantial revenue and contribute to the local economy.

11.Laundry Services

Starting a laundry service in Pakistan with a 1 Lakh Rupees investment can yield significant returns. The initial capital would largely cover the cost of basic equipment, such as washing machines, dryers, detergents, and perhaps a small storefront or delivery vehicle. As more people in Pakistan find less time to attend to their laundry due to the fast-paced life, a conveniently located or easily accessible laundry service could attract a consistent customer base. Further, the low operational costs and simple business model make it a viable proposition for prospective entrepreneurs.

12.Tailoring Services

Starting a tailoring business in Pakistan with an investment of 1 Lakh Rupees can be a highly profitable venture. If your sewing skills are proficient, this small-scale business can gradually grow into a substantial income source. With the current fashion trends and everyone’s desire for clothes that fit perfectly, the demand for tailoring services is ever increasing. Moreover, you can offer specialized services such as custom-made dresses or alterations, which are often sought after. The initial investment can cover a basic sewing machine and necessary materials, while the running expenses can be managed within the income generated.


Freelancing has emerged as a highly lucrative business in Pakistan, particularly for individuals with a modest investment of 1 lakh rupees. It offers a flexible, scalable, and profitable way to earn a substantial income without excessive capital expenditure. With this investment, freelancers can equip themselves with necessary tools such as a reliable computer, a high-speed internet connection, and professional development courses to sharpen their skills in high-demand sectors like web development, graphic design, digital marketing, and content writing. Moreover, the global nature of freelancing ensures a limitless potential for growth and earnings, making it one of the best business ventures in Pakistan within this budget range.

14.Home-based Bakery

With an initial investment of just 1 Lakh Rupees, a home-based bakery can be a lucrative business opportunity in Pakistan. This investment covers the basic setup including kitchen equipment, baking supplies, and packaging. Operating from home eliminates the hefty overhead costs associated with a physical storefront, making it an affordable venture. Furthermore, the demand for homemade, high-quality baked goods such as cakes, pastries, and other confectionery items is consistently high. With the right marketing strategies, your home-based bakery can generate a substantial income, making it one of the best business investments in Pakistan.

15.Sell Products Online

Investing in an online business is a smart move in today’s digital age, especially in Pakistan where e-commerce is experiencing rapid growth. With just a 1 lakh rupees investment, you can launch your own online store, boasting a variety of products tailored to the needs and preferences of your target audience. This business venture not only offers flexibility but also has vast potential for high returns, given the increasing number of internet users in the country. It’s an exceptional opportunity to reach a nationwide customer base, without the overheads of a physical storefront, making it indeed the best business in Pakistan with such an investment range.

16.Mineral Water

Investing in the mineral water business in Pakistan can be a potentially profitable enterprise given the increasing demand for clean, packaged drinking water. With an initial investment of around 1 lakh Rupees, a small-scale unit can be set up, focusing on local distribution and retail. This business not only offers growth potential, but it also contributes to the community by providing a essential commodity – potable water. It’s important to ensure adherence to regulatory standards for water purification and packaging to maintain the quality and safety of the product, thereby earning customer trust and establishing market presence.


E-commerce is rapidly becoming one of the most lucrative business domains in Pakistan, with a potential for substantial profit margins even with an initial investment of as low as 1 lakh rupees. Numerous success stories are emerging from this realm, primarily due to the country’s increasing internet penetration and the growing trust in online transactions. From retail products to digital services, the opportunities are vast. Moreover, the relatively low setup costs associated with e-commerce make it a viable option for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Pakistan’s burgeoning digital landscape, coupled with a strong consumer market, makes e-commerce a promising and achievable venture for those willing to invest time, effort, and an initial capital of 1 lakh rupees.

18.Make Soap At Home Factory

Starting a soap-making business at home in Pakistan is a promising venture with an investment as low as one lakh rupees. The demand for homemade, organic, and custom soaps is increasing, with consumers becoming more conscious about what they use on their skin and the environment. With the right planning, research, and a small-scale production set-up at home, one can turn this into a profitable business. The initial investment can cover raw materials such as oils, scents, colors, and lye, as well as basic equipment like mixing utensils, molds, and safety gear. The key to success in this business is creativity, quality, and excellent marketing strategies aimed at the right target audience.

19.Usb Cable Making

USB cable manufacturing is emerging as a lucrative business in Pakistan, particularly for investors willing to start with an initial investment of around 1 lakh rupees. From basic charging cables to specialized data transfer cables, the demand for USB cables is on the rise, thanks to the extensive proliferation of digital devices. This business prospect not only promises a high return on investment but also contributes to the local economy by creating jobs. Thus, it’s fair to say that USB cable making is potentially one of the best businesses to start in Pakistan with a 1 lakh rupees investment.

20.Kids Toys business

Investing in a kids toys business in Pakistan with an initial amount of 1 Lakh Rupees can be a lucrative opportunity. The toys industry is a thriving marketplace, fueled by consistent demand. Kids’ developmental, educational, and entertainment needs drive parents to regularly purchase new toys, making this business highly sustainable. Moreover, the advent of online shopping platforms has made it easier than ever to reach a wide customer base. With a strategic approach to sourcing, marketing, and managing inventory, this investment can yield significant returns.


In conclusion, if you are looking for the best businesses to invest your Rs 1 lakh in, it is definitely worth considering these options. They all have unique opportunities and should be investigated further before making any major decisions. However, it is up to you to choose which one meets your goals and desires the most successfully.

No matter which business you ultimately decide to pursue, ensure that you take the necessary steps prior to starting such as developing a detailed business plan and calculating an estimated budget. Remember that investing your money should always be done with care; so do your due diligence and be sure that you are entering into a venture that is both profitable and empowering. With careful planning, research, and consideration of each option available, the right investment will surely appear – allowing you to ensure success while still maintaining financial stability. Choose wisely here’s wishing you luck on your investment journey!