Do you want to create amazing hairstyles with a great hold and shine. Maybe there’s a special occasion coming up, or perhaps you just want your everyday do to look better. Either way, using the best hair serum in Pakistan is key for achieving a salon-quality look at home. A good quality hair serum will help define different styles without leaving behind any unwanted greasy residue. With so many brands out there claiming to be the superior choice when it comes to showing off your perfect ‘do, we’re here to help narrow down your options and guide you on picking the right product for you!

Best Hair Serum In Pakistan With Prices

Here is a list of some of the best hair serums available in Pakistan:

1.Amelia Keratin Hair Serum

Amelia Keratin Hair Serum is also effective in providing protection from environmental damage. It forms a protective layer on the hair shaft which helps to reduce frizz and flyaways caused by humidity, direct sunlight and other external factors. Additionally, it can help to strengthen hair follicles, thus making them less likely to suffer breakage or loss of volume. The keratin formula also helps to maintain the health of the scalp, preventing dandruff and dryness.

This hair serum is suitable for all types of hair, from straight to curly and everything in between. With regular use, you can expect to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your hair, making it look healthier and more vibrant. So if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to take care of your hair, Amelia Keratin Hair Serum is the perfect choice. It’s no wonder why it’s one of the best hair serums in Pakistan! The Amelia Keratin Hair Serum Price is Around Rs 1,650 in Pakistan.

2.Loreal Paris Elvive Hair Serum

L’Oréal Paris’ Elvive Hair Serum, dubbed as the best hair serum in Pakistan, is a praiseworthy product in the brand’s comprehensive hair care lineup. Infused with Argan oil, this serum boasts a lightweight formula that can transform dry and lifeless hair into lustrous and smooth locks. For the best results, apply the serum after shampoo and conditioner to yield instant shine and smoothness. Make this lightweight serum a part of your daily hair care routine to enjoy its benefits after every bath. Remarkably, in comparison to other brands, this product is quite affordable in Pakistan, priced at just Rs.1529.

3.Keune Care Keratin Smooth Serum

As a leading product in the hair care industry, Keune Care Keratin Smooth Serum is hailed as one of the best hair serums in Pakistan. Its primary ingredient, keratin, is an essential natural protein that restores and rejuvenates hair. When applied, it not only imparts a silky smooth finish but also deeply nourishes each strand from root to tip.

This makes the keratin-enriched serum a powerful weapon against damage, particularly for dry and damaged hair. With consistent daily use, your hair will transform into a healthy, manageable, smooth, and silky masterpiece. Keune’s wide distribution network across Pakistan ensures easy availability of their products at general stores and online through their official website. Priced at around Rs 6,060, this serum is an investment for your hair’s long-term health.

4.Dove Hair Anti-frizz Serum

Renowned globally, Dove delivers a potent solution for dry, coarse hair with split ends. Upon application, users experience softer, more manageable hair ends, nourished to perfection. The serum stands out as a hair fall rescue, significantly reducing hair fall and strengthening hair strands.

Ideal for a root-to-tip application, users have reported visible improvements in just a few uses. Offered at an economical price of 825 PKR, the Dove Anti-frizz Hair Serum provides an effective solution for hair frizz and fall issues, making it one of the best hair serums available in Pakistan.

5.Vince Hair Serum Range

Vince, a renowned name in Pakistan’s skincare and hair care industry, offers its exceptional range of hair serums, recognized as some of the best in the country. These serums are carefully formulated with natural ingredients from across the globe, ensuring premium quality and effectiveness. For individuals grappling with severe hair damage, Vince’s hair serum promises a transformative experience. Enhanced with Argan oil, it profoundly nourishes the hair, ensuring 100% satisfactory results.

It aids in reviving the hair structure, thereby escalating its shine, softness, and elasticity. Vince takes pride in its diverse range of hair serums, tailored to cater to unique hair types. Select the most suitable one for your specific hair needs. The pricing is extremely competitive, with an average cost around Rs.1750.

6.Livon Silky Potion serum

Livon Silky Potion serum has established its place as one of the best hair serums in Pakistan. This cost-friendly serum transforms your hair into a smooth and silky masterpiece after every wash. The pros of this product are significant; it smoothens your hair, makes split ends less noticeable, and offers frizz-free hair. However, there’s a slight caveat; if your hair isn’t properly dry after application, it might feel sticky. The Livon Serum is priced reasonably at Rs. 650 in Pakistan, making it an accessible hair care solution for many.

7.Biotin Hair Growth Serum

Biotin Hair Growth Serum is considered the best hair serum in Pakistan, breaking new ground in the hair care industry. Originating from the United States, this serum was introduced in Pakistan in 2024 and has garnered a substantial following amongst both men and women seeking to stimulate healthy hair growth. A perfect solution for those battling hair loss or those desiring to enhance the volume of thinning hair. The serum’s key ingredient, natural biotin, activates keratin production in the hair, thereby strengthening each strand.

The other ingredients, working in synergy with the biotin, make this serum an outstanding choice for those striving for voluminous, thicker hair. The Biotin Hair Growth Serum can be conveniently purchased from reputed stores in your city, or you can place an online order to receive the authentic product. The product is reasonably priced at around Rs.2000, making it an accessible and effective solution for your hair care regimen.

8.John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum

The John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum is renowned as the best hair serum in Pakistan. If you’re struggling with extremely frizzy hair, this product is the perfect solution. Specially formulated to provide a sleek, frizz-free finish, this serum harnesses the power of proteins and seaweed extracts to combat a variety of hair concerns, including frizz, damage, and dryness. By deeply moisturizing your hair, controlling frizz, repairing damage, and leaving your hair smooth and soft, it offers multiple benefits for an optimal hair care regimen. Available at an affordable price of Rs 4,570, it’s a worthwhile investment in the health and beauty of your hair.

9.Ana Grow Hair Growth Serum

Ana Grow Hair Growth Serum stands unrivaled as the best hair serum in Pakistan. Crafted meticulously by Jenpharm, this serum guarantees natural hair growth backed by medical proof. The secret lies in its advanced scalp formula, which encourages the hair to regrow naturally. AnaGrow’s excellence isn’t limited to a specific gender; it ensures optimal hair growth for both males and females. The serum is created with an all-natural ingredient list, making it free from harmful substances.

These ingredients work in synergy to stimulate cellular metabolism and strengthen hair fibers. The result? Hair that’s not only stronger but also thicker and denser. Despite the premium quality, Jenpharma offers this invaluable serum at an affordable price of Rs 1400 in Pakistan, making it a compelling choice for anyone seeking a solution to hair growth.

10.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Serum

Experience the transformative power of Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Serum, hailed as the best hair serum in Pakistan. This groundbreaking serum boasts a potent blend of argan, avocado, grape, and olive oil, all specially formulated to deliver deep nourishment to your hair. More than just a hair care product, it’s a comprehensive solution to your hair woes, helping to reduce breakage and frizz, improve texture, effortlessly detangle your hair, and lend it an enviable shine. But that’s not all. It also offers protection from damaging UV rays, ensuring your hair’s health and vitality. Priced at Rs 12,330, it’s an investment in the utmost care for your hair.Give your hair the nourishment it deserves.

11.Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum

Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum is the best hair serum available in Pakistan. This product works to combat dry, rough and frizzy hair, bringing back silky smoothness and shine with its main ingredient Vitamin E. The lightweight formula won’t make your hair sticky either! Plus, it comes at an affordable price of Rs 8,530 only. For those looking for a revolutionary hair serum, Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum is the perfect choice. It promises to provide unbeatable results and make you happy with its performance. With regular usage, your hair will look healthy and shiny, just like you always wanted it to be!

12.Beaver Argan Oil Hair Serum

Beaver Argan Oil Hair Serum is one of the best hair serum available in Pakistan. This premium quality serum is designed to target hair frizz and transform your hair texture into a smooth and shiny one. It’s enriched with essential argan oil, renowned for its ability to stimulate hair growth and promote hair shine.

The serum works by deeply nourishing your hair from root to tip, offering several benefits. It not only reduces hair frizz but also makes your hair smooth, shiny, and manageable. Additionally, it provides protection to your hair from environmental damage. If you’ve been wondering why to use hair serums, consider the aforementioned benefits. Beaver Argan Oil Hair Serum can be purchased online and is priced at Rs 2,900.

13.Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

The Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum is recognized as one of the best hair serums available in Pakistan. Enriched with Moroccan argan oil, this anti-frizz serum deeply penetrates frizzy, dry, and unmanageable hair, imparting a lasting smoothness and shine. With Garnier’s Fructis range of products, from Mega-Full to Anti-Frizz, you can nourish and style your hair in any way you desire. The brand has a history of more than 100 years, pioneering in hair care since 1904.

Their breakthrough formulas blend naturally inspired and derived ingredients, providing nourishment and care to your hair. Moreover, Garnier offers a wide range of products for hair and skin care needs. Whether it’s shampoos, color care, styling products, or formulas that cleanse, moisturize, and repair skin, Garnier has you covered. The price of this highly sought-after hair serum is around Rs 6,900.

14.Argan Hair Serum

The Argan Hair Serum, hailed as the best hair serum in Pakistan, is enriched with the bountiful goodness of Argan Oil. Known as ‘liquid gold’, Argan Oil is renowned for its restorative properties, aiding in the prevention of hair breakage and the repair of split ends. This serum delivers intensive conditioning, enriching your hair with moisture and shine, while leaving it completely non-greasy. All these magnificent benefits are available at an affordable price of around Rs 875. With the Argan Hair Serum, you’re only one step away from achieving lustrous, healthy hair.

15.Tresemme Keratin Smooth Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Anti-Frizz Hair Serum, hailed as the best hair serum in Pakistan, is a powerful solution to numerous hair woes. Its unique formula effectively tackles split ends and tames unruly hair, making them more manageable. This serum is suitable for all hair types, including natural and chemically treated hair. It contains Camellia oil, reputed for its ability to tame frizziness, enhance manageability, and impart a long-lasting vibrancy and shine to your locks.

Moreover, the serum is enriched with Keratin protein, a natural constituent of hair, which combats dryness and controls damage. With the power of Keratin protein and the nourishing effects of Camellia oil combined, this serum not only improves the overall quality of your tresses but also provides a healthy, lustrous sheen. Priced at Rs.1,945, it’s a worthwhile investment for maintaining beautiful, healthy hair.


To sum it up, hair serums can be a great addition to any self-care routine. Finding the right one for you may take some trial and error, but with this list of the 15 best hair serum in Pakistan, you have plenty of options to choose from.

From hydrating solutions that make your hair look smooth and tame frizz to volumizing formulas designed to add volume while still maintaining natural movement; there’s something for everyone in this roundup. No matter your budget or specific goals, the perfect product is out there you just have to find it! So if you feel like your current hairstyle could use a bit more shine or manageability, it might be time to introduce a new serum into your routine.