Living in Pakistan, one is constantly faced with the issue of food prices. No matter what you do, no matter where you go, food prices always seem to be on the rise. And it’s not just basic staples like rice and flour that are expensive – even cheese has become prohibitively costly. A few months ago, 1 kg of cheese cost Rs. 1000; now, that same kilogram costs Rs. 800 to Rs. 1500! What could possibly cause such a dramatic price increase?

One possible explanation is the depreciation of our currency against the US dollar. The Pakistani rupee has been consistently losing value against the greenback for years now, and as a result, imported goods (including cheese) have become more expensive. 

1 KG Cheese Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the price of 1 kg of cheese can vary depending on the type of cheese and where it is purchased. For example, a popular type of cheese called “Pindi” cheese costs about PKR 800 per kg when bought from a local market. However, the same type of cheese may cost closer to PKR 1500 per kg if bought from a grocery store. Cheese is generally more expensive in larger cities like Karachi and Islamabad, while it is typically cheaper in smaller towns and villages. The price of cheese also tends to fluctuate based on supply and demand. When there is a high demand for cheese (due to special occasions or holidays, for example), the price will usually go up.

Cheese Price List in Pakistan 2024

Different types of cheese are available in Pakistan at different prices. Here is a list of some of the most popular cheeses and their approximate prices:

-Mozzarella cheese block 1 kg: Rs. 1,280

-Cheddar cheese 1kg block: Rs. 800

-Adam cheddar cheese (1kg): Rs. 735

-Khadam’s cheddar cheese slice (1kg): Rs. 1,340

Complete Rate List of Cheese in Pakistan

Brand of CheesePrices in Pakistan
Mozzarella cheese block 1 kgRs.1280
Monte Christo Cheddar CheeseRs. 1,350
Cheddar cheese 1kg blockRs.800
Deens Cheddar Cheese 227gRs. 280
Adam cheddar cheese (1kg)Rs. 735
Kraft Cheddar Cheese Spread OriginalRs. 990
Khadam’s cheddar cheese slice (1kg)Rs. 1,340
Deens Cheddar Cheese 2kgRs. 1,215
Emborg American Cheddar Cheese 200gRs. 530
Crystal Farms Sharp Cheddar CheeseRs. 1,290
Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar CheeseRs.18

As you can see, there is a wide range of prices for different types of cheese. So, depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the type of cheese that suits you the best.


If you are looking for some good cheese at a low price, then head over to your nearest store in Pakistan that is selling it. The prices mentioned in this list will help you make the right decision when buying cheese and get the best value for your money.