Prices of commodities like sugar continue to be volatile in Pakistan. The latest news is that the price of 1kg sugar has hit an all-time high today, crossing the Rs100 mark for the first time. This is a huge increase from the Rs75 per kg that was being charged just a few days ago. What could be causing this spike in prices? And what are people saying about it? We’ll take a closer look at this issue and explore some possible explanations for the increase in sugar prices. Stay tuned!

Sugar White (Safaid Cheeni) Prices in Pakistan

The recent shortage of Pakistan’s Sugar White (Safaid Cheeni) has caused prices to rise to an unprecedented level. Although some efforts have been made by the government to moderate price growth, its consequences are still being felt by both consumers and the agricultural industry. This is especially concerning for those who produce sugarcane-related goods, an important part of the country’s agriculture sector which provides a lifeline for many rural residents. High sugar prices resulting from reduced supplies also hurt investment in the industry, further hindering economic development. The situation is dire and requires a determined effort from all stakeholders in order to remedy it and restore stability to Pakistan’s Sugar White market.

What is Sugar price in Pakistan Today per kg

The sugar prices in Pakistan vary across the four provinces. In Punjab, sugar is priced at Rs. 98 to 110 per KG, while in Sindh it is between Rs. 100 to 115 per KG. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), the price of sugar ranges from Rs. 105 to 115 per KG. Lastly, in Balochistan, the sugar price ranges from Rs. 110 to 120 per KG. Prices may also differ based on the current market trend and demand for sugar in the region. Additionally, local retailers often have different prices than larger suppliers and wholesalers so it is important to factor this into when looking at the price of sugar.

Markets are also likely to offer discounts and promotional offers, so it is important to look into these when shopping for sugar. Overall, the price of sugar in Pakistan varies depending on the region and market conditions. It is therefore important to compare prices from different retailers or suppliers in order to get the best deal possible.

Sugar Price List in Pakistan Today

Province / CitySugar per KG Price
Sugar price in PunjabRs. 90 to 110 per KG
Sugar price in SindhRs. 100 to 115 per KG
Sugar price in KPKRs. 105 to 115 per KG
Sugar price in BalochistanRs. 110 to 120 per KG

The good news for sugar consumers in Pakistan is that the government has intervened to stabilize prices. The recent price hike was due largely to speculation and traders stockpiling supplies in anticipation of a shortage. However, with the release of additional sugar stocks from the government’s strategic reserves, prices have begun to fall back down to more reasonable levels. While it is still too early to say whether this trend will continue, it is certainly a welcome relief for those who have been struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living.