If you’re looking to buy yourself or your loved ones a perfect pound cake without burning a hole in your pocket, then this blog post is perfect for you! We’ll explore all the details you need to know about 1Pound Cake Price in Pakistan including factors affecting its price. So keep reading till the end and get ready to make that purchase decision with complete confidence!

1 Pound Cake Prices in Pakistan

Pound cakes can be purchased from most bakeries in Pakistan at a price range ranging from Rs.530 to Rs.800. A single slice is usually enough to satisfy one’s sweet tooth and keep them coming back for more. Traditional recipes include ingredients like butter, eggs, flour, sugar and of course a lot of love poured into each step of the preparing process. What sets pound cake apart from other competitors on the market is its dense flavor profile without being overly sweet. In addition, the versatility of this type of cake makes it a great addition to any dinner table as it can be served for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

1 Pound Cake Rates in Pakistan Different Cities

Pound cake is a popular dessert in Pakistan that can be found almost everywhere. The prices of pound cake vary across different cities, with Lahore having the highest rate and Karachi having the lowest. In Lahore, one pound of pound cake costs about PKR 540-1000 depending on quality and other factors, whereas in Karachi it costs around PKR 530-900. Similarly, in Peshawar, the price of a pound cake is between PKR 530-800 and in Quetta it is around PKR 525-850. Islamabad it is around PKR 580-1050 These prices may vary from place to place and time to time depending on the availability of ingredients or market conditions.

Overall, pound cake remains an affordable dessert option in Pakistan and can be enjoyed by all. It is also a popular item for baking or decorating cakes, making it a versatile ingredient that can be used to create something special for any occasion. No matter what city you live in, pound cake is sure to bring happiness to anyone’s sweet tooth.

Cakes Prices in bakeries

There are a variety of bakeries and price ranges to choose from. Cake O’Clock offers one-pound cakes for anywhere between Rs. 500 – 2500, while Magnum Cakes’ prices range from Rs. 600 – 2600. Bread and Beyond Cakes offer their products at Rs. 700 – 2800, and Jalal Sons Cakes Price List range from Rs. 500 to 2300.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Bandu Khan Cakes offer their cakes for Rs. 500 – 2400, while Kitchen Cuisine Cakes can be purchased at Rs. 600 – 2500. Layers Bakeshop Cakes cost between Rs. 600 and 2700, and Masoom Cafe Cakes are priced at Rs. 500 – 2500.

For those looking for luxurious cakes, Five Star Hotel Cakes offer their products at Rs. 800 – 3000, while Designer Cakes costs between Rs. 500 to 2700. Cake Feasta’s cakes range from Rs. 500 – 2600, and Gourmet Bakery Cakes Price List are offered at Rs. 500 – 2500.

With so many options to choose from, you can find the perfect one-pound cake for your special occasion! No matter your budget or preference, there’s a bakery in Pakistan that can provide you with the perfect cake.

Bakery NamesPrice
Gourmet Bakery Cakes PriceRs. 530 to 2500
Jalal Sons Cakes PriceRs. 500 to 2300
Cake O’ClockRs. 500 to 2500
Cake FeastaRs. 500 to 2600
Magnum CakesRs. 600 to 2600
Bread and Beyond CakesRs. 700 to 2800
Designer CakesRs. 500 to 2700
Bandu Khan CakesRs. 500 to 2400
Baba Baker CakesRs. 500 to 2500
Meer Bakers CakesRs. 600 to 2800
Five Star Hotel CakesRs. 800 to 3000
Layers Bakeshop CakesRs. 630 to 2700
Masoom Cafe CakesRs. 500 to 2500
Kitchen Cuisine CakesRs. 600 to 2500


Pound Cake is one of the most delicious cake, which you can find in Pakistan. The texture and quality of this cake are really good. If you want to try this cake, then you should visit Lahore and Islamabad because these two cities have some of the best bakeries in Pakistan.