Atta is a type of flour made from wheat. It is the most common type of flour used in Pakistan for making breads and other dishes. The price of atta has increased recently, and many people are wondering what is causing the increase. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons for the recent rise in the price of atta in Pakistan. Stay tuned to learn more!

20 Kg Atta Price in Pakistan Today 

The current rate of atta is a matter of concern for many households in Pakistan. Just yesterday, 20 kg of atta was being purchased for Rs. 3,200-3,500 depending on the coarseness and quality. This sudden jump has worried the consumers regarding their family budgeting and meal plans.

Even the regular atta price of Rs 2400 to Rs 2,700 is beyond reach of many. The economic crises have left people with meager wages and limited resources struggling to provide basic sustenance to their families. It is high time that the Government steps in to control factors leading to this inflation hike or else millions will suffer due to its ramifications in the long run.

20KG Flour Bag Price List in Pakistan 2024

The 20KG Flour Bag price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 3,200 to Rs. 3,500 depending on the brand and other factors like location. It is an important item for many households and is used extensively in baking a variety of foods such as breads, cakes, and pastries.

Prices may vary depending on the type of flour, as well as the brand and where it is being purchased. Prices also tend to fluctuate due to market demand and other factors.

It is important to compare prices before buying a 20KG Flour Bag in order to get the most affordable option. Additionally, it is recommended to buy in bulk when possible in order to save money in the long run. With the right price and quality, a 20KG Flour Bag can be an excellent purchase for any household.

Flour Brand NameWeightRates
Sultan Atta20 KGRs. 3500
Super Fine Atta20 KGRs. 3500
Punjab Atta Number one20 KGRs. 3500
Zeeton Atta20 KGRs. 3500
Yadgar Atta20 KGRs. 3500
Sunridge Super Fine Atta5 KGRs. 960
Sunridge High Fiber Chakki Atta5 KGRs. 995
Sunridge Fortified Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1220
Sadi Chuki Atta10 KGRs. 1310
Anaaj Yousaf Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1400
Mughal Fine Atta10 KGRs. 1370
Olnaaj Amanat Wheat Chakki Atta rate10 KGRs. 1350
Mughal Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1390
Lahore Grains Khaas Chaki Atta10 KGRs. 1350
Bake Parlor Super Fine Aatta10 KGRs. 1420
Sunridge White Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1450
Ashrafi Super Fine Atta10 KGRs. 1480
Bake Parlor Chaki Aatta Rate10 KGRs. 1390
Al Khubz Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1420
Shandar Super Fine Atta10 KGRs. 1435

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is the average price of a 20kg flour atta bag in Pakistan?

Ans: The average price of a 20kg flour bag in Pakistan is around Rs. 3,500. This price can vary depending on the brand and type of flour available.

Q2:What are the different types of flour available in Pakistan?

Ans: There are many different types of flour available in Pakistan, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. Wheat flour is the most commonly used type of flour in Pakistani cooking. It is widely available, relatively inexpensive, and produces a variety of baked goods like roti (flatbread), naan (leavened flatbread), puri (deep-fried flatbread), and chapati (unleavened flatbread). All-purpose flour, made from wheat, is also popular in Pakistani cooking and can be used to make cakes, biscuits, pancakes, pastries, cookies, and other baked goods.

Q:3How do I select the best flour for my needs?

Ans: When selecting the best flour for your needs, it’s important to consider the type of baking project you are undertaking. For example, all-purpose flour is a great go-to choice for most baking projects as it can be used in a variety of recipes from cakes and cookies to muffins and breads.

Q:4 What are some popular brands of flour available in Pakistan?

Ans: In Pakistan, some of the most popular brands of flour available are SNational Flour Mills, Diamond Flour Mills, and Sunrise Flour Mills.


The 20 KG Atta Price in Pakistan Today is PKR 3500. This price is valid all over Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, and Muzaffarabad. So hurry up and buy your favorite brand of atta today!