If you want to know about the 24k gold chain price in Pakistan, then read this blog post. You will find all the information that you need to know about the 24k gold chain price in Pakistan. Stay up-to-date with the current market rates so that you can make a wise decision when buying or selling gold.

Pakistan is a hub of gold jewelry as most people in this region prefer to buy and wear traditional designs. Gold chains are one such popular item made with pure 24k gold that have become an integral part of their cultural dressing sense. But when it comes to buying something so precious, price always plays an important role! Keeping that in mind, we bring you the latest information about 24k gold chain prices in Pakistan so you can make the best decision for your special occasion without breaking your bank balance. So keep reading and find out more about premium quality 24K Gold chains from this guide!

24k Gold Chain Price in Pakistan

A 24k gold chain can be the perfect gift or accessory for any occasion. For those looking to buy one, it’s important to know the price in Pakistan. The price range of a 24k gold chain in Pakistan typically falls between Rs.17556 and Rs.141588, meaning finding the right look and budget is easy! Whether you’re looking for something timeless and classical or modern and edgy, you’ll find something ideal at one of these prices. Plus, with so many luxurious designs available in fine materials like 24k gold, you can be sure you’re making an investment with real value.

24k Gold Chain Price 10 Gram

The price of a 10 gram 24k gold chain can vary widely depending on its design and the materials used. Generally, you will find that prices range from Rs.153,635 to 200000 for a 10 gram 24k gold chain.

A 10 gram 24k gold chain is one of the most desirable pieces of jewelry for anyone looking to invest in precious metals. Its beauty and quality make it an ideal choice for those looking to add a bit of luxury and status to their wardrobe. Not only does a 10 gram 24k gold chain have excellent craftsmanship, but its price tag is also quite spectacular. On average, a 10 gram 24k gold chain can cost anywhere between Rs.153,635 to 200000, depending on the design and crafting quality of the piece. Additionally, it’s important to factor in any taxes or additional charges that may come with it. With its luxurious look and substantial price tag, a 10 gram 24k gold chain is sure to be a treasured possession. Whether it’s a gift or an investment, this type of jewelry can truly add that extra sparkle to any wardrobe.

24k Gold Chain Price 0.10tael

A 24k gold chain of 12 inches (40 cm) length is said to be a classic and timeless jewelry piece. With its exquisite look, it can make the perfect accessory for any special occasion or everyday wear. The price range of such a gold chain lies between Rs.111662 to Rs.121662 per 0.10 tael. Whether you need a luxurious gift for someone special or wish to flaunt your own style, this gold chain is sure to be the perfect choice. So don’t wait any longer and add a touch of elegance to your jewelry collection with this stunning 24k gold chain!

This classic piece can be styled in so many ways to create a unique and personalized look. You can pair it with other gold jewelry pieces to create a layered, luxe effect or go for a single, bold statement. The possibilities are endless! So make sure to get your hands on this beautiful 24k gold chain today and stand out in your fashion game. With its high-quality craftsmanship and exquisite details, it’s sure to be a timeless addition to your jewelry collection. So don’t wait any longer and get ready to dazzle!

This 24k gold chain is the perfect way to show off your style without compromising on quality. With its impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can be sure that this timeless piece will last for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious gift or just want to add some sparkle to your wardrobe, this 24k gold chain is sure to be the perfect choice. So don’t wait any longer and get your hands on this stunning accessory today!

2 Gram Gold Chain Price in Pakistan

2 Gram Gold Chains come in a variety of styles and designs, making them an ideal choice for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to accessorize your formal outfit or just seeking something special for everyday wear, 2 Gram Gold Chains provide a timeless elegance and sophistication. The price of these beautiful pieces starts at Rs.28166 and 29166 for 24K gold. As with any jewelry purchase, it is important to consider the quality of the piece and its karat before making a decision. Knowing the karat will ensure you’re getting your money’s worth while also being confident in the lasting beauty of your chosen item.

2 Gram Gold Chains come in both white and yellow gold, and are available in a range of prices to suit every budget. With the variety of styles and sizes available, you’re sure to find something perfect for you. Whether it be a classic link chain or something more ornate, 2 Gram Gold Chains are an excellent choice for making a statement with your jewelry choices. With their versatility, durability, and stunning shine, 2 Gram Gold Chains are an investment you won’t regret. So if you’re looking for a timeless piece of jewelry to add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe look no further than 2 Gram Gold Chains.

1 Gram Gold Chain Price in Pakistan

When deciding on a 1 gram gold chain to purchase, it is important to consider the price. In Pakistan, prices for 1 gram gold chains range from Rs.15364 to 16364 for 24K quality. Other qualities may be available at different prices, so it is important to shop around and compare prices before making a decision. Depending on the design, craftsmanship and quality of the gold used, prices can vary significantly. It is also important to consider if the gold chain is being purchased as a gift or for personal use. In either case, it is important to choose a 1 gram gold chain that will last and provide maximum value for money. Additionally, checking reviews from trusted sources can help in making an informed decision. Ultimately, the goal should be to purchase a beautifully crafted and quality 1 gram gold chain at the best available price.

1 Tola Gold Chain Price in Pakistan

Tola gold chain are an excellent way to add luxury and elegance to your wardrobe. A traditional piece of jewelry, they have been a popular choice for generations. In Pakistan, the price of a 24K Tola Gold Chain in varies between Rs.179,200 and 190,200 depending on the quality and workmanship. These pieces of jewelry make great gifts for special occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries. They are also a beautiful way to show your love and affection, making them the perfect addition to any ensemble. Whether you’re looking for a classic, timeless piece or something more modern and stylish, you can find the ideal Tola Gold Chain in Pakistan. Be sure to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase, as there are many options available. With the right Tola Gold Chain, you can add a touch of sophistication to your look!


The cost of 24k gold chain in Pakistan can vary depending on the retailer. Most common retailers will charge around 141588 PKR per gram, but some specialty stores may charge more. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to ask for a quote from a local jeweler.