Are you looking to power your home or office with the sun’s energy and natural resources. You can easily convert solar energy into electricity by investing in a 400 watt solar panel price in Pakistan. With an upfront investment, you have access to a lifetime of free clean electricity that is not only economical but also environmentally friendly. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular due to their advantages over conventional sources of energy, including higher efficiency at lower costs with minimal maintenance required. This blog post will discuss the sizes, prices, and benefits of installing a 400 watt solar panel in Pakistan and how it can help reduce your energy bills!

400 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

400 Watt Solar PanelPrice in Pakistan
400 Watt Solar Panel PlateRs.52,000 to 60,000

Finding the best deal for a 400 Watt solar panel in Pakistan can seem overwhelming, however with some research, it’s possible to get great savings. Prices typically range from Rs.52,000 to 60,000 depending on the brand, model and quality of the product being purchased. To get the most bang for your buck, be sure to compare products from a few different brands and manufacturers. Additionally, checking on sale prices from stores near you can greatly reduce the cost of purchasing a 400 Watt solar panel in Pakistan.

1.Jinko 400W Solar Panel

The Jinko 400W Solar Panel is an efficient and powerful solution for residential or commercial solar energy needs. With its peak efficiency of 19.88%, this panel provides a maximum STC power rating of 400W, PTC power rating of 371.4W, and STC power per unit area of 198.8W/m2 (18.5W/ft2). Its 144 cells and 9.6A Imp, 41.7V Vmp, 10.36A Isc and 49.8V Voc offer excellent power output capabilities, while its temperature coefficient of 0.05%/K for Isc, -0.36%/K for Power and -0.139V/K for Voltage helps to maintain excellent energy output even in extreme temperatures. Furthermore, its 20A series fuse rating and 1000V maximum system voltage ensures safety and reliability in any setting.

With such impressive features, the Jinko 400W Solar Panel is offered at an attractive price of ₨52,000, making it an excellent value for money. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking to invest in reliable solar energy solutions.

400 watt Solar Panel Specifications

400 watt Solar PanelSpecifications
Peak Efficiency19.88%
Power Tolerances 0%/+3%
Number of Cells144
Imp 9.6A
STC Power Rating 400W
PTC Power Rating 371.4W 1
Temp. Coefficient of Isc0.05%/K
Temp. Coefficient of Power-0.36%/K
Temp. Coefficient of Voltage-0.139V/K
STC Power per unit of area 198.8W/m2 (18.5W/ft2)
Series Fuse Rating20A
Maximum System Voltage1000V

2.MaxPower 400W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

The MaxPower 400W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is a powerful and reliable source of energy. With its high-efficiency, monocrystalline components, it can generate up to 400W of power. Its durability ensures that you will have a long-lasting solar panel that performs in any environment. The MaxPower 400W Solar Panel also comes with a robust and reliable mounting system, making it easy to install. Plus, at an affordable price of Rs.45,780, you can be sure that your investment will pay off in no time! Make the switch to solar energy today with the MaxPower 400W Monocrystalline Solar Panel!

3.Canadian Solar 400W Mono PERC

The Canadian Solar 400W Mono PERC is one of the most powerful and reliable solar panels available in the market. Its power output can reach up to 405 watts and its size measures at 992 x 1960 x 40 mm, making it a great option for large-scale energy generation. It has a weight of 22.4 kg, which makes it easy to install and maintain.

The panel is designed with advanced technologies such as 144/120 dual cell, poly & mono PERC technology and low power loss in cell connection for enhanced efficiency and reliability. Additionally, it features a low NMOT of 42± 3 °C, LID + LeTID less than 2.0%, lower hot spot temperature, and better shading tolerance.

For the best performance, price, and reliability you can get in a solar panel, consider investing in the Canadian Solar 400W Mono PERC. It’s currently priced at Rs19,400 which makes it an affordable yet highly efficient choice for your energy needs.

How Much Power does a 400 watt solar panel produce?

A 400 watt solar panel can produce up to 800-1000 watts of electricity in ideal conditions. This is often referred to as the peak power output of the panel. In reality, average daily output will be much lower due to changes in weather, seasons and other factors that affect sunlight intensity.

On an average sunny day, a 400 watt solar panel can produce around 4-6 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, which is enough to power a typical household for one day. To maximize the efficiency and output of your solar panels, it’s important to consider their location on your property and adjust their orientation accordingly. Additionally, installing additional panels or inverters can help you increase the output of your system. With the right setup and maintenance, you can expect your 400 watt solar panel to provide clean, reliable electricity for years to come.

By optimizing your solar panel array, you can generate even more power than what a single 400 watt panel can produce. This is done by connecting multiple panels together in series or parallel, or by adding a solar tracker to follow the movement of the sun. By doing this, you can increase your total power output and maximize your system’s efficiency.

What Can a 400 watt solar panel run?

A 400 watt solar panel can be used to run a variety of appliances, including lights and television sets. It can also power laptops, fans, and small pumps. A 400 watt solar panel is powerful enough to charge most types of batteries, including car batteries.

This means that with the help of a solar panel you can make use of energy stored in the battery even when there is no sunlight available. Moreover, a 400 watt solar panel can be used to run an RV fridge and water heater, allowing for more comfortable life on the road. Finally, a 400 watt solar panel can be used to power most types of outdoor lighting systems as well. All in all, a 400 watt solar panel can provide a variety of power solutions that can make life easier and more comfortable.

How many batteries can a 400 watt solar panel charge?

Based on the number of cells, a 400 watt solar panel can generally charge up to four 12-volt batteries at once. Depending on the size and capacity of the batteries, this could provide between 500AH and 3000AH of battery capacity. Using multiple charges from a single 400 watt solar panel is possible by connecting two sets of wires together in a parallel circuit. This setup can double the charging capacity of a single 400 watt solar panel.

In addition, by using multiple 12-volt batteries connected in series, up to 24-volts can be achieved with the same 400 watt solar panel. This set up allows for more efficient battery charging and greater flexibility when dealing with different types of batteries.

Overall, a 400-watt solar panel can provide a substantial amount of power for charging multiple 12-volt batteries, depending on the type and size of the batteries used. With proper setup and maintenance, this can be an efficient and cost-effective way to power small electronic devices or even entire off grid electrical systems.

Finally, it’s important to note that the number of batteries a 400 watt solar panel can charge will be impacted by the amount of sunlight available. In low light conditions, such as during periods of cloud cover or in winter months when days are shorter, fewer batteries may be able to be charged from a single 400 watt solar panel.

Can a 400 watt solar panel run a refrigerator?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors, such as the size of the refrigerator, the number of hours it runs each day, and how much power it consumes. Generally speaking, 400 watts is not enough to run a typical modern 18 cubic-foot refrigerator. This is because refrigerators require more power than other home appliances, typically 850-1,400 watts. However, with the right combination of energy efficient components, it is possible to run a refrigerator on 400 watts.

For instance, if you invest in an energy-efficient refrigerator and install a power inverter capable of converting solar panel power into usable AC power for household appliances, then you could potentially run a refrigerator on 400 watts of solar energy. Additionally, you could supplement the 400-watt solar panel with additional panels and batteries to increase the available power. By installing a proper system and utilizing energy efficient components, it’s possible to run a refrigerator on 400 watts of solar power.


Solar panel are beneficial for us because they provide us the clean and renewable energy. The use of solar panels can reduce our carbon footprint on this planet. Solar panels are becoming cheaper day by day so everyone can afford them. You should buy a solar panel if you want to save money and help the environment too.