In the year 2024, the sugar price in Pakistan will be around Rs. 150 per kg. Sugar is an important part of our diet and its price has a significant impact on our daily lives. Following this prediction, let’s take a closer look at the factors that will affect the sugar price in Pakistan over the next decade. Stay tuned!

Sugar Rate in Pakistan 

As of  2024, the price of sugar in Pakistan was Rs. 150 per kilogram. The current rate is subject to change, depending on various factors such as international supply and demand, local production costs, and global trade conditions. Ultimately, the price of sugar in Pakistan is likely to fluctuate in the coming years. However, if the current trends continue, it is expected that the price of sugar will remain stable or even increase slightly by 2024. This would be good news for sugar producers and consumers alike, as it would provide stability and security in an otherwise volatile market.

Province & CitySugar per KG Price
Sugar Rate in PunjabRs. 90-120
Sugar Rate in SindhRs. 100 to 130
Sugar Rate in KPKRs. 105 to 110
Sugar Rate in BalochistanRs. 110 to 130

50 KG Sugar Price in Pakistan 2024

The sugar rate in Pakistan is expected to remain stable in the coming year. However, there may be some fluctuations in the price due to international factors. The average sugar rate in Pakistan during the last five years has been around Rs. 150 per kg. 50KG Sugar bag Price around Rs.6000  to 6500 in Pakistan. The highest sugar rate was recorded in 2024 when it reached Rs. 100 per kg. The lowest sugar rate was recorded in 2016 when it dipped to Rs. 35 per kg.

In the international market, the price of sugar has been on the rise due to increased demand from China and India. The rise in international prices is likely to have a positive impact on the domestic price of sugar in Pakistan. The government has also been taking measures to improve the domestic sugar industry. These include providing subsidies to sugar mills and increasing tariffs on imported sugar.

The increased demand for sugar is likely to lead to an increase in the sugar rate in Pakistan. However, the overall impact of the rising sugar prices is expected to be muted due to the presence of large stocks of sugar in the country.

SugarPrice in Pakistan
Sugar 100 KG Bag RateRs. 9000 to 9500
Sugar 50 KG Bag RateRs. 6000 to 7000
Sugar 50 KG Bag RateRs. 600 to 750
Sugar 1KG Rate Rs. 110 to 130

Sugar rates in Pakistan are expected to remain relatively stable in the coming year. The Pakistan government has set a minimum price for sugar at Rs. 150 per kilogram, which is likely to keep prices steady in the short-term. However, longer-term trends are difficult to predict and sugar prices could fluctuate depending on international market conditions.


So, that is all for the 50 kg sugar price in Pakistan 2024 today. We will keep you updated about any changes in the prices. Till then, stay tuned to Price in Pakistan!