Are you interested in pursuing a medical career but not sure how to go about the finances? It can be overwhelming to make decisions with such large financial implications. Knowing the fee structure of your program is a great place to start. Al Nafees Medical College offers excellent courses that provide students with world-class teaching and learning opportunities, however understanding their exact fee structure can be difficult. In this post, we’ll go over each aspect of what goes into making up the college fees at Al Nafees Medical College so you know exactly what to expect when enrolling there. Read on for all the details regarding their tuition costs, student fees and other expenses which need to be considered before officially joining this incredible educational institution.

Al Nafees Medical College is one of the leading medical colleges in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of courses and programs to its students. The college has an excellent infrastructure and provides all the facilities that are required for a successful academic life.

Al Nafees Medical College Admission & Tuition Fee Structure

Al Nafees Medical College is a well-known college that offers a reputable MBBS program. Admission to the college is based on individual merit and good academic performance. The fee structure for the MBBS program at Al Nafees Medical College is highly cost effective, with total fees amounting to Rs. 7,317,163. It costs Rs. 1,319,098 in the first year and steadily increases to Rs. 1,664,776 in the fifth year. With its highly dedicated faculty members and various learning opportunities along with an affordable fee structure, Al Nafees Medical College is an excellent option for those interested in pursuing their MBBS degree from this prestigious institution.

Al Nafees Medical College Fee Structure List

The tuition fee for Al Nafees Medical College is based on a five-year MBBS program. The tuition fees for each year of the program are as follows:

MBBS Program Fee StructureFee
1st YearPKR. 1,319,098
2nd YearPKR. 1,342,030
3rd YearPKR. 1,441,932
4th YearPKR. 1,549,327
5th YearPKR. 1,664,776
Total Fee for MBBS ProgramPKR. 7,317,163

In addition to tuition fees, students may need to pay additional expenses such as accommodation and meals which will be borne by them. The college also offers various scholarships and financial aid to help students with their expenses. For example, it provides a 50% tuition fee waiver for the top 10 performers in each batch of MBBS graduates.

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Al Nafees Medical College BDS Fee Structure

Al Nafees Medical College offers an affordable and comprehensive BDS program for local and international students. The tuition fee structure for each year is outlined in the table above.

For the first year of study, local students pay Rs. 11 Lac 87 Thousand Rupees, while international students pay 14 Thousand 7 Hundred Dollars. Subsequent years of study have similar tuition fees for both local and international students.

The college also offers a range of other services to students, including library resources and access to mentors. Students can also benefit from the college’s wide range of research facilities, giving them the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge in their field of choice.