If you are looking for reliable and convenient testing options for your health needs, Alkhidmat Laboratories is the perfect choice. With more than branches in major cities of Pakistan, these laboratories offer an extensive variety of clinical tests with affordable prices. Moreover, many tests such as CT Scan Tests and Total Packages can be done at home! Here we have compiled a complete list of all the latest rates offered by Alkhidmat over its numerous labs across the country so that you can make a mindful decision while selecting a suitable test.

Alkhidmat Lab Test Price 2024

Alkhidmat Lab stands out among the rest for offering tests such as blood tests and other diagnostics at an average price of only ₨.313 to 5000. All their tests are reliable and provide accurate results that can be used for various medical purposes. Their customer service makes sure you get the best experience from their labs, even during the pandemic, where safety measures and protocols limit traditional methods of lab testing. So for fast and budget-friendly lab tests, Alkhidmat Lab is your go to option.

Alkhidmat Laboratory Test Rate List 2024

Al-khidmat Test NamesRates
Blood Sugar FastingRs.100
LH, FSH, Prolactin, Progesterone, TestosteroneRs.3938
Malarial Parasite Test PriceRs. 150
Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test PriceRs. 380
CK-MB Test PriceRs. 510
Hb Test PriceRs. 150
Platelets Count Test PriceRs. 210
ESR Test PriceRs. 150
S. Bilirubin T.D.I Test PriceRs. 345
CBC+ESR Test PriceRs. 437
Blood Group Test PriceRs. 125
Reticulocyte Count Test PriceRs. 159
Clotting Time Test PriceRs. 66
Bleeding Time Test PriceRs. 66
Absolute Basophil Test PriceRs. 500
Absolute Eosinophil Test PriceRs. 159
Absolute Monocyte Test PriceRs. 500
Bilirubin Total Test PriceRs. 280
Absolute Neutrophil Test PriceRs. 500
HbA1C Test PriceRs. 1013
Cytology ( TLC and DLC) Test PriceRs. 275
Peripheral Smear Test PriceRs. 765
CP Print Test PriceRs. 259
Blood Sugar Random Test PriceRs. 100
Calcium Test PriceRs. 262
Bilirubin T.D.I Test PriceRs. 357
Bilirubin Total Test PriceRs. 262
Alkaline Phosphatase Test PriceRs. 262
Total Protein Test PriceRs. 262
Albumin Test PriceRs. 262
Total Lipids Test PriceRs. 330
Cholesterol Test PriceRs. 262
Triglycerides (TG) Test PriceRs. 262
HDL Cholesterol Test PriceRs. 239
Bicarbonate HCO3 Test PriceRs. 550
Phosphorus Test PriceRs. 291
Aldose Level Test PriceRs. 1000
Blood Urea Nitrogen Test PriceRs. 263
Chloride Test PriceRs. 225
Gamma GT Test PriceRs. 466
Magnesium Test PriceRs. 450
A/G Ratio Test PriceRs. 597
LDL Cholesterol Test PriceRs. 238
Glucose Tolerance Test PriceRs. 816
Synovial Fluid Test PriceRs. 466
Lipid Profile Test PriceRs. 648
Cardiac Enzyme Test PriceRs. 917
Renal Function Test PriceRs. 717
Absolute Lymphocyte Test PriceRs. 500
Uric Acid Test PriceRs. 262
Globulin Test PriceRs. 170
Liver Function Test PriceRs. 728
Serum Electrolytes Test PriceRs. 477
Sodium Test PriceRs. 239
Potassium Test PriceRs. 239
Serum Iron Test PriceRs. 668
TIBC Test PriceRs. 800
CPK (CK) Test PriceRs. 393
LDH Test PriceRs. 393
Serum Lipase Test PriceRs. 770
Amylase Test PriceRs. 466
CREATININE Test PriceRs. 262
Blood Urea Test PriceRs. 262
Albumin Test PriceRs. 300
Gram’s Stain Test PriceRs. 200
Z-N Stain Test PriceRs. 250
Urea and Electrolytes Test PriceRs. 739
Fluid LDH Test PriceRs. 500
Phosphate Test PriceRs. 292
Coagulation Profile Test PriceRs. 800
ASOT Test PriceRs. 350
SGOT (AST) Test PriceRs. 262
SGPT (ALT) Test PriceRs. 256
Lactate Test PriceRs. 2200
ACE Level Test PriceRs. 4050
Zinc Level Test PriceRs. 2300
Transferrin Saturation Test PriceRs. 300
Protein S Test PriceRs. 2600
Glucose (Fasting/Random), HbA1cRs.970 
CBC, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, HDL, BNP, CRPRs.1762
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, ALT/SGPTRs.900 
Lipoprotein Fasting Test PriceRs. 2200
Anti TPO Antibodies Test PriceRs. 2700
Anti Gliadin IgA Test PriceRs. 2200
Anti Endomysial Test PriceRs. 2900
Testosterone, TSH, LH, FSH, Prolactin, GlucoseRs.5077
TSH, LH, FSH, Prolactin, TestosteroneRs.3802 
Alkaline Phosphatase, Calcium, Phosphate, Albumin, Vitamin D Rs.2746
Bilirubin Total, Bilirubin Conjugated, Bilirubin Unconjugated, ALT/SGPT, AST/SGOTRs.2525 
T3, T4, TSHRs.982
Testosterone, TSH, LH, FSH, ProlactinRs.3802
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, ALT/SGPT, Hepatitis PCRRs.5500 
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, X-MatchRs.900
CBC, Calcium, Vitamin D   Rs.2343
CBC, Pap-Smear, HB-Electrophoresis     Rs.2300 
Dengue IgG & IgM, Dengue Ns1, CBC Rs.1650 
CBC, Urea, Creatinine, LDH, D-Dimer, Ferritin, CRPRs.3492
Covid-19 Anti Body, Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test, Covid-19 PCRRs.7600
Covid-19 PCR TestRs.5000

Alkhidmat Laboratory, based in Pakistan, is a state of the art diagnostic laboratory providing comprehensive clinical testing services. It has been providing reliable and accurate results since. With its cutting edge technology, Alkhidmat Laboratory offers a wide range of tests including biochemistry, hematology, serology and microbiology tests.

The laboratory is also equipped with a number of sophisticated instruments to ensure accurate results. In addition, Alkhidmat Laboratory serves as an educational center for its staff and provides regular training sessions to enhance their skills. Moreover, the laboratory has maintained high standards in terms of quality assurance and control by employing qualified personnel and adopting stringent quality control measures.


The Alkhidmat Lab Test Price List provides an efficient and cost effective way to find the right lab test. Whether you are looking for a blood test, urine test or any other type of lab procedure, this list will ensure that you get the best priced alternatives without sacrificing quality. With various branches across Pakistan and excellent customer service, Alkhidmat Lab is an ideal option for your laboratory testing needs.

Additionally, all of their tests are conducted under stringent safety protocols in order to guarantee accurate results every time. By utilizing Alkhidmat Lab, not only do you save money but also time as it offers quick and hassle free services unlike most private hospital labs which require elaborate paperwork or delayed results. It is simply the best place to get any kind of lab test done at the most convenient cost while assuring great reliability and accuracy.