When it comes to the reliable and robust performance of your power system, having the right cables is essential. Allied cables are widely used throughout Pakistan due to their superior quality that can stand up in even the most demanding conditions. They provide maximum safety for personnel and equipment from risks like shock or fire hazard while also delivering a low cost-per-foot ratio so you get more value out of your purchase per foot. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss Allied cables price in Pakistan so you can calculate how much it will cost you when planning out your electrical systems installation budget.

Allied Cables Price in Pakistan

If you are looking for high performance, quality and reliable cables, then Allied Cable has the perfect solution. No matter what your requirements are, they have a wide range of cables available at an attractive price. Prices start from as low as ₨2,952 and go up to ₨28,246 depending on the type of cable and its specifications. They are renowned for their outstanding customer service and the affordable prices offer great value for money. So if you’re looking for reliable cables that fit your budget, look no further than Allied Cables.

The Allied Cables price list is the most competitive in the market. With low prices and great customer service, Allied Cables is the best choice for all your cable needs. Thanks for choosing Allied Cables!

Allied Wire Cables Price List 2024

Allied Cables TypesPrice in Pakistan
1 SQ.MM (SOLID) 300/500V₨2,952
3/0.029” 250/440V₨4,090
1.5 SQ.MM (SOLID) 450/750V₨4,370
7/0.029” 250/440V₨8,921
1.5 SQ.MM (STRANDED) 450/750V₨4,824
2.5 SQ.MM (SOLID) 450/750V₨7,200
2.5 SQ.MM (STRANDED) 450/750V₨8,168
4 SQ.MM (STRANDED) 450/750 V₨11,491
6 SQ.MM (STRANDED) 450/750V₨16,661
10 SQ.MM (STRANDED) 450/750V₨28,246

Allied cables provide reliable and long-lasting electrical connections in Pakistan. They are available in a variety of types, each with its own set of features and prices. The 1 SQ.MM (SOLID) 300/500V cost ₨2,952, while the 3/0.029” 250/440V is priced at ₨4,090. The 1.5 SQ.MM (SOLID) 450/750V is available for ₨4,370 and the 7/0.029” 250/440V for ₨8,921. For a more heavy-duty cable, the 1.5 SQ.MM (STRANDED) 450/750V costs ₨4,824 and the 2.5 SQ.MM (SOLID) 450/750V is priced at ₨7,200. If you need extra strength and withstanding power, consider the 2.5 SQ.MM (STRANDED) 450/750V, which is priced at ₨8,168.

For even more strength and power, the 4 SQ.MM (STRANDED) 450/750V is available for ₨11,491 and 6 SQ.MM (STRANDED) 450/750V for ₨16,661. All cables are of the highest quality and ideal for a variety of uses in Pakistan. Shop Allied Cables today to find the perfect cable for your needs!

With the aim to provide top-notch quality cable products, Mr. Aftab Ahsan initiated the foundation of Allied Group in Pakistan in 1981. Since then, Allied Group has attained an impressive track record as a leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality electrical cables.


Cable is the most basic and important requirement for networking. The market of networking components is growing day by day due to demand in telecommunication, data centers, and other areas. Many brands are competing in this market with their different products but the Allied cables have always remained on top due to its quality and affordability. You can buy allied cables at a very reasonable price in Pakistan from official website.