Are you looking for reliable and reasonable Amreli steel price list in Pakistan. Amreli Steel is one of the largest producers of quality steel products in the country and offers a wide selection at an affordable rate. In this blog post we will discuss not only their prices but also their delivery options, customer service policies, and more, allowing you to make informed decisions when purchasing steel from them. Read on to learn all there is to know about Amreli Steel Price List in Pakistan.

Amreli Steel Price List Per Ton Today in Pakistan

Amreli Steel BarsPrice Of Grade 60
10 mm Steel BarRs. 288,000 per ton
12 mm Steel BarRs. 288,000 per ton
16 mm Steel BarRs. 286,000 per ton
20 mm Steel BarRs. 286,000 per ton
22 mm Steel BarRs. 286,000 per ton
25 mm Steel BarRs. 286,000 per ton

Amreli Steels Ltd. has established itself as a trusted name in the steel manufacturing industry in Pakistan. Their range of quality steel bars, including “Amreli Steels’ Maxima”, “Amreli Steels’ Ultima” and “Amreli Steels’ Xtreme”, offer versatility and durability for a range of construction projects.

The Maxima bars, conforming to the ASTM A615 standard, are available in sizes ranging from 10mm to 40mm with a standard length of 12 meters, making them suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial and mega infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, the Ultima bars, which conform to ASTM A706 standards, are ideal for residential and commercial projects, particularly in high seismic activity zones. With over three decades of experience, Amreli Steels is committed to delivering high-quality steel bars that meet the needs of their clients.

Amreli Steel 60 Grade Price Per KG List Today

Size Of DiaPrice Of 1 KGPrice Of 1 Ton
10mm 60 GradeRs. 288/- Per KgRs. 288,000 Per Ton
12mm 60 GradeRs. 288/- Per KgRs. 288,000 Per Ton
16mm 60 GradeRs. 286/- Per KgRs. 286,000 Per Ton
20mm 60 GradeRs. 286/- Per KgRs. 286,000 Per Ton
22mm 60 GradeRs. 286/- Per KgRs. 286,000 Per Ton
25mm 60 GradeRs. 286/- Per KgRs. 286,000 Per Ton

The steel industry in Pakistan is a huge contributor to the country’s economy. One of the major players in this industry is Amreli Steel, known for producing high-quality steel bars. The current price of Amreli Steel bars in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 288 to 300 per kg. It’s important to note that these rates are subject to fluctuation based on market demand and supply.

However, these prices still give a good idea of the latest update regarding Amreli Steel Rates Today in Pakistan. Our team has compiled this information to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Stay updated with the latest Amreli Steel prices to make informed decisions about your construction needs.

The prices of Amreli Steel bars are highly volatile due to changes in the steel market. These prices provide an estimate and should not be taken as a final quotation for buying or selling. The actual transaction price may differ from these estimates depending on the condition of stock, demand-supply ratio, availability, location and other external factors. It is recommended to consult your local dealer for the actual price.

Additionally, Amreli Steel reserves the right to change its prices without prior notice. All products are subject to availability and any changes in the availability of products can result in a change in price without previous announcement. Furthermore, Amreli Steel does not endorse or guarantee any information provided through this website and should not be taken as definitive advice. The customer must consult its local dealer for more accurate information regarding the prices of Amreli Steel bars.


What is steel price in Pakistan today?

The price of steel in Pakistan today varies from Rs 288 to Rs 300 per kg depending on market conditions.

What is the price of Amreli Steel 60 Grade in Pakistan?

The price of Amreli Steel 60 Grade varies from Rs. 288 to 300 per kg depending on the market conditions and availability.

What is the capacity of Amreli steel plant?

Amreli Steel has an impressive steel structure manufacturing unit, equipped with latest technologies and machines, capable of producing up to 400,000 tons of billets.

What is the tensile strength of Amreli steel?

Amreli Steels’ Deformed Bars G-60 are widely used in construction industry due to their superior strength, uniformity and ductility. These bars have a high tensile strength of 620 Mpa (90,000 PSI) which makes them an ideal choice for applications such as bridges, flyovers and chimneys.


Amreli Steel is widely considered to be one of the leading steel manufacturers in Pakistan, and the expansive price list that they offer ensures that everyone looking to buy steel has a choice suitable to their needs and budget. Despite its remarkable quality, this steel can often be found at relatively low prices compared to other leading brands. Whether you need residential or industrial-grade steel products, Amreli Steel will have something in their price list that can satisfy your demands.

Their price list is constantly updated with market trends and availability, so staying up to date on their prices list is vital for customers looking for the best deals. Nonetheless, customers must remember the quality of the material when comparing prices as not all metals are alike when it comes to performance. That being said, Amreli Steel has proven itself time and time again for its quality and value for money making it one of the top choices for buying steel in Pakistan today!