Planning a road trip to Balochistan and looking for an affordable yet comfortable way of travel? Daewoo Bus is one of the best ways to get around Balochistan. Whether you’re planning a short-distance ride or a long-haul journey, Daewoo buses offer convenient, reliable and cost effective services with superior comfort levels. With its latest fleet of vehicles including air conditioning facility, complimentary snacks and drinks at times to make your trip even more pleasurable; here’s all about the Daewoo Bus fares for trips within & outside Balochistan!

Baloch Daewoo Bus Ticket Price

The Baloch Daewoo Bus Company is a popular choice for travelers in the Balochistan region of Pakistan. One of the most important factors for anyone planning a trip is the cost of transportation, and Baloch Daewoo Bus Ticket Prices range from Rs.1000 to 3000. This is a reasonable range for the comfortable and safe travel experience that the company provides.

The buses are equipped with air conditioning, spacious seats, and facilities for the convenience of passengers. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the Baloch Daewoo Bus Company offers a reliable and affordable option for anyone considering a trip within Pakistan.

Baloch Daewoo Bus Fare Ticket Price List

City to CityStandardExecutive ClassGold ClassBusiness Class
Lahore To Shorkot1450155016802500
LHR TO GARH MORE1530162017502500
LHR TO CHAUBARA1670182020002500
LHR TO CHOWK AZAM1770197021502500
LHR TO LAYYAH1770197021502500
LHR TO Fatehpur185020702200NILL
LHR TO Ahmad Pur Sial165017701920NILL
LHR TO Rangpur180019702100NILL
LHR TO Chowk Munda180020202150NILL
Islamabad To LayyahNILLNILL2320NILL
Islamabad To Chowk AzamNILLNILL2320NILL
Islamabad To GarhMore19702070NILLNILL
Islamabad To Shorkot19202020NILLNILL
Islamabad To FatehpurNILLNILL2020NILL
Faisalabad To Layyah1000NILLNILLNILL
Islamabad To Karor Lal Esan17001900NILL2050
Islamabad To Bhakkar1600NILL19002050
Islamabad To Chowk MundaNILL2150NILLNILL
Islamabad To RangpurNILL2100NILLNILL
Islamabad To Ahmad Pur SialNILL2050NILLNILL
Islamabad To KallurKot150015001750NILL
Islamabad To MultanNILL2200NILLNILL
Islamabad To Toba Tek SinghNILL18201920NILL
Islamabad To Dera Ghazi KhanNILL2400NILLNILL
Islamabad To JampurNill2600NILLNILL
Islamabad To RajanpurNill2800NILLNILL

Baloch Transport Bus Types

Baloch Transport provides customers with the highest quality buses on their routes. The Standard and Gold Class Bus categories feature Daewoo Luxury Buses with 2 by 2 seating, with 45 and 40 seats respectively. For those who are looking for a more comfortable journey, Baloch Transport also offers BUSINESS & EXEC BUS which is equipped with 9 Business Seats and 28 Executive Seats.

All of the buses feature air conditioning and onboard restroom facilities, ensuring a comfortable journey for all passengers. The company also offers free Wi-Fi on all its routes and accepts payments via cash as well as debit cards. Baloch Transport is committed to providing customers with the best service possible, making sure that each passenger has a pleasant and safe journey.

Baloch Daewoo Bus Service is a popular public transportation option in Pakistan. Founded in 2006, the company has become well-known for its modern fleet of buses and efficient service. The company operates on regular routes throughout major cities such as Lahore, Multan, Quetta, and Karachi. In addition to providing express bus services, Baloch Daewoo also offers luxury buses for long-distance trips as well as sightseeing tours to popular tourist destinations.

The company is committed to providing a safe and comfortable journey experience with its professional drivers and staff members. All of the buses are equipped with air conditioning, reclining seats, Wi-Fi connection, and onboard entertainment systems. Baloch Daewoo also provides a reliable and timely ticket booking service via its website, app, or through its customer service center. To ensure the highest level of passenger safety and security, the company has installed CCTV cameras in all its buses along with GPS tracking systems.

Baloch Daewoo Bus Service offers competitive fares and discounts that are designed to make traveling by bus an affordable alternative to other forms of transport. The company also provides loyalty programs such as discounts for frequent customers, student fares, and special offers during holidays. With its commitment to high-quality service at a reasonable price, Baloch Daewoo Bus Service continues to be the preferred choice for travelers in Pakistan.

Book your tickets today and enjoy a convenient, comfortable, and economical journey with Baloch Daewoo Bus Service!


How much Baloch Transport Charge from Lahore to Chowk Munda?

The fare for a trip from Lahore to Chowk Munda with Baloch Transport is PKR1330.

How much Baloch Transport Charge from Lahore to Fatehpur?

The fare for Standard class is 1350 and for Executive class it is 1500.

How to contact Baloch Transport for Booking?

Just call the Baloch Daewoo Helpline at 03111155255 and one of the friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.


In conclusion, there are so many options to consider when navigating the world of bus fares for Baloch Daewoo. Depending on your destination and budget, you can choose from different fare ticket prices that provide great value for money. Whether you’re traveling far or close to home, usingBaloch Daewoo Bus is an efficient and secure way to get around. Plus, they offer lots of discounts and special packages if you need to make a last-minute trip.

At the same time, if you’re looking for something more luxurious to match your travel needs, there are also many high-end bus trips available with Baloch Daewoo Bus where you can explore Pakistan while enjoying maximum comfort at a reasonable price. So all in all, whatever your preference may be Baloch Daewoo Bus has the right ticket prices suited just for you!