Are you looking for an optimal agricultural tractor that will get the job done and is also within your budget? Then look no further than Belarus tractors, one of the most cost-efficient and reliable farm machines around. Not only can a Belarus tractor meet all of your farming needs, but now it’s more affordable than ever: Experience unbeatable prices in Pakistan! Find out more about why this is the perfect time to invest in a Belarus Tractor and read on to learn about its remarkable features coupled with unbelievable affordability.

Belarus Tractor Price In Pakistan

In 2024, the price list for Belarus Tractors in Pakistan ranges considerably based on the model and model year. For the 50 HP models, the 2021 versions of the 510 Simple, Draft Control, and Air Compressor models were priced at Rs. 4,800,000 and Rs. 4,850,000 respectively, while their 2022 counterparts saw a slight increase in prices.

Notably, the 510 Simple and Draft Control models for 2022 were priced at Rs. 4,900,000, and the 2022 Air Compressor model was priced at Rs. 4,950,000. In terms of the higher HP models, the 2021 512 4WD (70 HP) was priced at Rs. 5,500,000. The 80 HP models including 800 Simple, 800 SPECIAL, 820 Simple, and 80.1 A/C Cabin were priced from Rs. 5,300,000 to Rs. 5,700,000.

Belarus Tractors Prices List in Pakistan 2024

ModelModel yearHPPrice in PKR
Belarus Tractor 510 Simple202150Rs. 4,800,000
Belarus Tractor 510 Simple202250Rs. 4,900,000
Belarus Tractor Draft Control202150Rs. 4,800,000
Belarus Tractor Draft Control202250Rs. 4,900,000
Belarus TractorAir Compressor202150Rs. 4,850,000
Belarus TractorAir Compressor202250Rs. 4,950,000
Belarus Tractor512 4WD202170Rs. 5,500,000
Belarus Tractor 800 Simple202180Rs. 5,300,000
Belarus Tractor 800 SPECIAL202180Rs. 5,600,000
Belarus Tractor 820 Simple202180Rs. 5,700,000
Belarus Tractor 80.1 A/C Cabin202180Rs. 5,700,000

Belarus tractors, agricultural powerhouses engineered by Minsk Tractor Works (MTW) in Belarus, have been a staple within the agricultural industry since 1946.

These tractors have earned a global reputation for their resilience, flexibility, and dependability, which make them perfectly suited for strenuous agricultural operations. With a presence in over 100 countries, including Pakistan, their popularity is undeniable. However, the vast array of models and variants available may pose a challenge when trying to determine the price range of Belarus tractors in Pakistan. It’s noteworthy to mention that Belarus Tractors are also highly rated for their capacity to handle a Tractor Rotavator Rotary Tiller.

Most Popular Belarus Tractor Models and Their Prices in Pakistan

Belarus Tractors are some of the most popular models of farm equipment available in Pakistan today. From powerful engine sizes to advanced technology, Belarus tractors offer a great range of features at an affordable price. Below we have outlined the most popular Belarus tractor models and their respective prices in Pakistan.

1.Belarus 820 Tractor

The Belarus 820, a popular tractor model in Pakistan, is renowned for its robust performance and advanced features. This 4WD tractor boasts a horsepower rating of 81, making it suitable for handling tasks in medium to large-sized farms. Its state-of-the-art design incorporates power steering for easy maneuverability and a hydraulic lift for efficient handling of heavy loads. The Belarus 820 is a Russian-make tractor, and its price in the Pakistani market fluctuates between PKR 5,600,000 to PKR 5,700,000 for a new model. The price may vary based on additional features, dealer’s location, and market conditions.

2.Belarus 1025

The Belarus 1025 stands as a testament to the strength and reliability of Belarus tractor models. This four-wheel drive model, boasting a mighty 105 horsepower, is well-equipped to take on the toughest of agricultural tasks. Its robustness and efficiency are unparalleled, making it a preferred choice among heavy-duty tractors for tasks like tilling, plowing, and planting. The model’s popularity in Pakistan is evidenced by its competitive price point. A brand new Belarus 1025 in Pakistan can be acquired within the price bracket of PKR 8.5 to 9 million, representing a worthwhile investment for those in the agricultural sector.

3.Belarus 510

The Belarus 510 tractor, with its impressive 50 horsepower rating, has carved a niche for itself in the agricultural sector of Pakistan. This 2WD tractor is perfectly designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized farms, providing enough power to handle a range of tasks efficiently. Its excellent fuel efficiency means reduced operating costs and more savings for the farmer. Brand new models of this popular tractor are priced between Rs. 4,800,000 and Rs. 4,900,000 in Pakistan, making it an affordable choice for those seeking a balance between performance and cost.

4.Belarus 952

The Belarus 952 stands out among the most popular tractor models in Belarus due to its exceptional features and performance. Its 4WD capability coupled with a robust 92 horsepower engine ensures efficient operations across a variety of terrains. This high-performance tractor boasts a turbocharged engine that delivers superior power and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty farming tasks.

Additionally, the 952 model includes a comfortable cabin to enhance the user’s experience. In the Pakistani market, where quality and value are paramount, the Belarus 952 holds a strong position. The price for a brand new Belarus 952 tractor ranges between PKR 8 to 8.5 million, representing a worthy investment for those seeking productivity and performance.

Factors Influencing Belarus Tractor Prices in Pakistan

Belarus tractor prices in Pakistan can fluctuate due to a variety of factors.

Currency Exchange Rates: The Belarus Tractor is an import item, so any changes in the currency exchange rates between the Belarusian Ruble and the Pakistani Rupee can have a direct impact on the price. If the Rupee weakens against the Ruble, the import cost rises, leading to higher tractor prices.

Availability and Demand: The principles of supply and demand also impact the prices. If there is a high demand for these tractors but a limited supply, prices may increase. On the other hand, if there is a surplus of tractors but a lack of demand, prices may decrease to stimulate sales.

Model and Horsepower: Different models of Belarus tractors with varying horsepower also affect the prices. Higher horsepower models, which can perform more demanding tasks, are typically more expensive than their lower horsepower counterparts.

Condition and Age: Newer tractors are typically more expensive than used ones. However, a well-maintained used tractor may still command a higher price compared to a new tractor that hasn’t been well-maintained. The condition of the tractor, including its engine health, tire condition, and overall physical state, significantly influence the price.

It is important to understand the various factors that can affect Belarus tractor prices in Pakistan in order to make an informed purchase decision. The above factors should all be taken into consideration when evaluating different models and prices. By doing so, a buyer is more likely to make a smart decision that meets their needs and budget. Additionally, with proper maintenance, buyers can ensure their tractors will remain in good condition and retain their value even after years of ownership. This can help buyers save money in the long term.

Where to Buy Belarus Tractors in Pakistan?

Belarus tractors, renowned for their robust design and durability, can be found in numerous locations across Pakistan. A popular choice is the Minsk Tractor Works (MTW) dealership network, which offers a wide range of models. Another option is to buy from online marketplaces such as Alibaba or OLX, which offer Belarus tractors from various sellers.

When buying online, it’s important to verify the seller’s credibility to ensure a reliable purchase. Local agricultural stores and machinery suppliers are also worth checking out, as they often stock Belarus tractors. Always remember to inspect the machinery before making a purchase and seek expert advice if unsure.


What is the average price of a Belarus Tractor in Pakistan?

The price of a Belarus Tractor in Pakistan ranges from 3.5 to 4.8 million PKR. Known for their durability and robustness, these tractors are a popular choice among local farmers. Please note that prices may vary based on the specific model and any optional extras.

How much is Belarus tractor price in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the price of a Belarus tractor ranges from approximately PKR 3.5 million to 4.8 million, offering a combination of robust power and versatility that proves invaluable to the agricultural sector. The cost may vary depending on specific models and optional features.

Are Belarusian tractors suitable for small farms in Pakistan?

Belarusian tractors are an ideal choice for small farms in Pakistan, largely thanks to their affordability and versatility. These robust machines are well-priced, making them a feasible choice for small-scale farmers operating within a budget. Beyond their cost-effectiveness, Belarus tractors are celebrated for their adaptability. They are capable of handling a variety of tasks, from plowing and planting to harvesting, making them a one-stop solution for the diverse needs of small Pakistani farms.

Can I buy Belarus tractors online in Pakistan?

Yes, purchasing Belarus tractors online in Pakistan is indeed possible through various digital marketplaces. These platforms offer a wide range of Belarus tractor models, ensuring you can find an option that fits your specific agricultural needs. Always remember to verify the authenticity of the seller and the product before making a purchase to avoid potential scams.


In conclusion, Belarus Tractor Price In Pakistan is set according to the current market landscape. For those looking to purchase a Belarus tractor in Pakistan, it’s important to understand the cost and what you’re getting for your money. Make sure you research and compare prices between different dealers so that you can get a competitive rate on the purchase.

Don’t forget to check out any available financing options as well. If given good care, these tractors can last for many years and provide reliable service. We highly recommend talking to an expert before settling on the best option for you. With all of this knowledge, we hope you make an informed decision and get a great deal on your new tractor!