Are you searching for the perfect oven to bake with in Pakistan. With so many different types of ovens out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for your baking needs. But fear not we’ve got the inside scoop on the best ovens for baking in Pakistan so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll discuss specific features to look out for and how those features affect the results of specific types of pastries. Plus, we’ll provide some useful tips to help you get started! Ready to start exploring the world of home-baked treats?! Read on to learn more about choosing the right oven from Pakistan or abroad!

Best Baking Oven in Pakistan 

Baking enthusiasts in Pakistan who are on the lookout for top-notch baking ovens have a range of options to choose from. Amongst the popular brands and models, the Dawlance Baking Oven DW 380 C, West point Convection Rotisserie Oven with Kebab Grill WF-4800RKC, Anex 60 Ltr Electric Baking Oven AG-3079, and Fotile 25L Built-in Microwave oven 25800K-C2 are some of the best options to consider. While each of these ovens has its own set of features and specifications, they all promise to deliver excellent results when it comes to baking. So, which one to choose? That really depends on your budget, needs, and personal preferences.

List Of Best Baking Oven in Pakistan With Prices

Best Baking Oven in PakistanPrices
PEL Glamour Microwave Oven 23 LtrRs.22,900
Dawlance DW 115 CHZP Baking Microwave OvenRs 48,000
Haier Hgl-30100 CharghaRs.47,500
Anex 45 Ltr Electric Baking Oven AG-3073Rs.32,000
Esquire Electric Oven M4552RO1D1MARs.39,200
WestPoint Convection Rotisserie Oven WF4500-RKCRs.31000
Fotile Built-in Oven HYZK26-E1Rs.125,000
Kenwood Electric Oven Toaster MOM45Rs.44,999
Samsung SOFT-2 OTR MWO with Rapid Defrost, 20 LRs.24000
Panasonic 30 L Convection Microwave OvenRs.40,500
Canon Built In OvenRs.115,400
Aardee Electric Oven 30RCRs.34,000
NasGas Built-In Oven NG500Rs.36,818
Dawlance Built-In-Oven 208110MRs.105,700
Haier Built-in Oven HWO 60S7EX1Rs.131,900
Homage Microwave oven with grill HDG-451SRs.41,200
Sogo Digital Microwave Oven With GrillRs.49,999
Orient Microwave Oven Popcorn 20M Solo WhiteRs.24,000
LG Microwave Oven MS4295DISRs. 41,999
NEFF Solo Microwave Oven C17WR01N0BRs.495,076

Pakistan has a wide range of ovens that can be used for home or commercial use. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ovens for baking in Pakistan and their current prices.

1.PEL Glamour Microwave Oven 23 Ltr

The PEL Glamour Microwave Oven, with a capacity of 23 Liters, is considered one of the best baking ovens in Pakistan. It comes with a glass tray diameter of 270 inches and operates at a power input of 220~240V 50 Hz. The microwave frequency is recorded at 2450 MHz. In terms of dimensions, the outside of the unit measures 483 x 371 x 281 mm, while the cavity dimensions are 340 x 320 x 220 mm. The microwave input is a powerful 1400 Watts, with an output of 900 Watts. All these features combined make this oven an efficient choice for all your baking needs. The price is an affordable Rs.22,900, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

2.Dawlance DW 115 CHZP Baking Microwave Oven

The Dawlance DW 115 CHZP Baking Microwave Oven stands out as the best baking oven in Pakistan, offering a unique combination of features that cater to all your baking needs. This microwave oven is a convection type, ensuring uniform heat distribution for perfectly baked goods every time. Sporting a sleek black and red design that fits seamlessly into any kitchen decor, its digital control panel makes it easy to program and operate.

This free-standing unit measures 48.5 cm in width, 41 cm in depth, and 29.3 cm in height, with a spacious 25-liter capacity. Despite its robust features and size, it weighs in at a manageable 15 kg. The oven operates at a power rating of 800 W, requiring a voltage of 220-240 V and a frequency of 50-60 Hz. Priced affordably at Rs 48,000, the Dawlance DW 115 CHZP Baking Microwave Oven delivers exceptional value and performance.

3.Haier Hgl-30100 Chargha

The Haier Hgl-30100 Chargha is undeniably the best baking oven you can find in Pakistan. Falling under the category of Convection Rotisserie, it boasts a substantial capacity of 30 liters, making it ideal for families of varying sizes. A unique feature that sets it apart from its competition is the 360 Degree Rotisserie, perfect for achieving an even and succulent roast. With a power rating of 2200 Watts, it assures efficient baking, and its multi-function intelligent menu provides users with a spectrum of cooking options at their fingertips.

The oven is designed with three layers of heat-insulating glass ensuring energy efficiency and safety. Available at an affordable price of Rs.47,500, the Haier Hgl-30100 Chargha is the ultimate kitchen companion for all your baking needs.

4.Anex 45 Ltr Electric Baking Oven AG-3073

The Anex 45 Ltr Electric Baking Oven AG-3073 is the best baking oven you can find in Pakistan. With a generous capacity of 45 liters, it provides plenty of space to cater to your baking needs. Equipped with a convection feature, pizza pan, BBQ/Grill/Rotisserie, this oven ensures even heating for perfect cooking results every time. The stainless steel heating element is durable and efficient, while the removable backing plate makes cleaning a breeze. Whether you are grilling, roasting, toasting, or baking, this oven is ideally suited for all your culinary adventures. Priced at ₨32,000, it offers excellent value for money.

5.Esquire Electric Oven M4552RO1D1MA

The Esquire Electric Oven M4552RO1D1MA is among the best baking ovens you can find in Pakistan. It comes equipped with an impressive array of features. The oven offers a rotisserie and convection control knob that gives you the flexibility to prepare several dishes. Convenient functions like baking, toasting, broiling, and rotisserie allow you to cook a wide range of food items to perfection.

The oven also comes with an indicator light and temperature control knob for easy monitoring and precision cooking. With an adjustable timer, you can set your cooking times accurately to prevent over or under cooking your meals. The oven operates at a voltage of 220-240V and a power of 2000 W, ensuring it cooks your food efficiently. A pull handle glass door gives a touch of elegance and also makes it easy to check on your cooking without opening the oven. Priced at ₨39,200, this oven promises great value for your money.

6.WestPoint Convection Rotisserie Oven WF4500-RKC

The WestPoint Convection Rotisserie Oven WF4500-RKC stands out as the best baking oven in Pakistan. This multifunctional appliance is not just a baking oven, but a 3-in-1 powerhouse unit that combines a toaster oven, rotisserie, and convection oven. Sporting a sleek black color, it has a generous 45-liter capacity that is suitable for large families or frequent bakers. The oven also features a rotisserie with a kebab grill, adding to its versatility and making it an ideal addition to any kitchen. All these remarkable features come at a price of Rs.31000, making it an investment worth every penny for a seamless and enjoyable cooking experience.

7.Fotile Built-in Oven HYZK26-E1

With the Fotile Built-in Oven HYZK26-E1, you can explore your culinary creativity right in your kitchen. Its multi-functionality allows for a variety of cooking methods from steaming to air frying and even dehydrating. With steaming temperatures as low as 30 °C, the oven can preserve the taste and texture of your food, ensuring that every bite is as flavorful as possible.

The four baking modes Convect, Bake, Broil and Steam Bake offer a flexible approach to baking, while the Air Frying feature uses high speed hot air rotation (2000r/min) for an oil-free cooking experience that makes your food crispier. It also includes a Dehydrating feature that helps to prevent food oxidation with another high speed rotation of 2000r/min to quickly remove food moisture. Priced at ₨125,000, Fotile Built-in Oven HYZK26-E1 is arguably the Best Baking Oven in Pakistan, making it a must-have for any pro home chef.

8.Kenwood Electric Oven Toaster MOM45

The Kenwood Electric Oven Toaster MOM45 is not only the best baking oven in Pakistan, but also an incredibly versatile kitchen appliance. With a large capacity of 45L, it offers a range of functions including grilling, toasting, broiling, baking, and defrosting. The temperature controls are adjustable, ranging from 90 to 230 degrees, and with a 60-minute timer with a bell ringer, it ensures perfect cooking every time.

Additionally, it comes with a variety of accessories, including a dishwasher-safe drip tray, a grill rack, a crumb tray, a rotisserie attachment, and two forks for safe removal of the rotisserie and drip pan. The unique feature of independently temperature-controlled upper and lower tubes allows for flexibility in cooking different foods. With 1800W power, a rotisserie function, a convection function, and an interior light, this oven is a powerhouse of functionality. It’s an investment at Rs.44,999, but considering its capacities and features, it is indeed a value-for-money product.

9. Samsung SOFT-2 OTR MWO with Rapid Defrost, 20 L

The Samsung SOFT-2 OTR MWO, known as the best baking oven in Pakistan, is an exceptional kitchen companion with its capacity of 0.7 cu.ft or 20.0 L. A heat source of Solo Power Level 6, it has a maximum power output of 800 W and consumes 1,150 W for microwave usage. The oven operates optimally at a power source of 230 V / 50 Hz. Internally, the oven’s cavity is furnished with Ceramic Enamel, ensuring durability and easy cleaning.

The oven features an LED display and uses a membrane control method for smooth function regulation. The door, equipped with a comfortable button opening type, reveals a microwave distribution turntable for even cooking. Sadly, there are no language options for this model. Priced at around Rs.24000, this oven caters to your baking and cooking needs, making it an excellent investment for your kitchen.

10.Panasonic 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

The Panasonic 30 L Convection Microwave Oven, priced at ₨ 40,500, is recognized as the best baking oven in Pakistan. It guarantees quick cooking times, enabling you to effortlessly prepare a wide range of meals and snacks. Powered by 1100 Watts, it features a One-Touch Genius Sensor that intuitively cooks and reheats food by adjusting power levels.

The oven is equipped with 7 pre-programmed settings to cook your favorite foods with precision. It offers the flexibility of either countertop or built-in installation, with a separate matching trim kit. The exterior dimensions measure 20-7/16″ L x 16-5/8″ W x 12-3/8″ H, and it upholds the 2016 DOE Energy Conservation Standards, ensuring energy-efficient operation.

11.Canon Built In Oven

The Canon Built-In Oven is widely recognized as one of the best baking ovens available in Pakistan. Priced at Rs.115,400, it offers a generous 58L capacity and operates using both gas and electricity. Equipped with 6 functions and a digital timer, this oven offers maximum flexibility for diverse culinary adventures. The cooling down fan and convection fan ensure efficient heat distribution and temperature regulation. With a 3 layer half clear dotted glass door, you can easily monitor your cooking without losing heat.

The oven also comes with several accessories: a grill wire, baking tray, and rotisserie. A unique feature is the telescopic shelf, which provides additional convenience while handling your dishes. Powered by an electric element of 1800 Watt, the Canon Built-In Oven guarantees optimal performance for all your baking needs.

12.Aardee Electric Oven 30RC

The Aardee Electric Oven 30RC, renowned as the best baking oven in Pakistan, is an unbeatable combination of functionality and value. Retailing at ₨34,000, this oven boasts a 30L capacity, perfect for baking, broiling or toasting. Its unique dual heaters provide flexibility in cooking, allowing you to create a variety of dishes with ease.

The oven’s motorized rotisserie function offers a unique opportunity to create delicious homemade barbeque. In addition, a timer with auto shut off feature ensures safety and saves energy, making your cooking experience stress-free. With the ability to heat between 100˚C and 250˚C, the Aardee Electric Oven 30RC is the ideal kitchen companion for both amateur bakers and professional chefs.

13.NasGas Built-In Oven NG500

The NasGas Built-In Oven NG500 stands as the best baking oven in Pakistan, offering a remarkable blend of flexibility and ease of use. This oven features thermostatic control, allowing users to maintain precise temperature for perfect baking results every time. Further enhancing its functionality, it also includes a fully operational grilling feature for those who enjoy an occasional barbeque at home.

The standout feature, however, is its dual functionality, allowing it to operate both on gas and electricity. At a price of ₨36,818, the NasGas Built-In Oven NG500 positions itself as an affordable, high-quality solution for all your baking needs.

14.Dawlance Built-In-Oven 208110M

The Dawlance Built-In-Oven 208110M, regarded as the best baking oven in Pakistan, comes at an affordable price of ₨105,700. Featuring a generous capacity of 81 liters and a versatile range of 6-8 functions, this oven is designed to cater to all your baking and cooking needs.

The model offers significant advantages for users, including easy cleaning and a spacious design that can fit large meals effortlessly. The oven’s unique features include a removable glass door for easy maintenance and double glass layered doors for improved heat retention, enabling you to cook 35% faster. This oven is more than just an appliance; it’s an investment in quality, convenience, and efficiency.

15.Haier Built-in Oven HWO 60S7EX1

The Haier Built-in Oven HWO 60S7EX1, renowned as the best baking oven in Pakistan, is engineered for excellence. With an impressive capacity of 76 liters, it can easily cater to large gatherings or rigorous everyday cooking. It operates on electric power and is equipped with seven distinct functions, ensuring versatility in your culinary adventures. The oven’s convection feature ensures uniform heat distribution, promising perfectly baked goodies every time. It boasts a digital control panel for smooth operation and a flame failure device for enhanced safety.

The rotisserie function allows for the cooking of perfect roasts, while an internal light aids in monitoring your food. The oven’s accuracy is commendable, with a deviation of just +/- 5 degrees. A 120-minute timer enables precise cooking, and its cutting size is measured at 600600600, with outer dimensions of 595558595. All these features are accessible at a reasonable price of ₨131,900, making the Haier Built-in Oven HWO 60S7EX1 the ultimate choice for your kitchen.

16.Homage Microwave oven with grill HDG-451S

The Homage Microwave oven with grill HDG-451S stands as the best baking oven in Pakistan. With an impressive power of 1100 watts and an ample capacity of 45 litres, it’s designed to handle your extensive culinary experiments. One of its standout features is the defrost function that enables you to thaw your frozen delicacies quickly.

This oven goes beyond the standard microwave capabilities by offering a combination of microwave and grill functions, giving your dishes a crispy finish. Safety and convenience are paramount with features like a stop-clear easytronic control for swift setting of operations and an easy-open glass door. With a large glass turntable, it ensures even cooking of your food. All these cutting-edge features come at a reasonable price of PKR 41,200.

17.Sogo Digital Microwave Oven With Grill

The Sogo Digital Microwave Oven with Grill stands out as an exceptional baking appliance in Pakistan. Sporting a sleek mirror finish with a chrome handle, it adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Not compromising on safety, the oven is equipped with a child safety lock. With a generous capacity of 25L, it is a perfect fit for a family meal. It pumps out a robust 900W of microwave power and an additional 1000W for the grill. With five different microwave power levels and a digital control panel, it allows precise cooking control.

Its Combi-Grill Function, digital clock, and cooking timer of up to 95 minutes make it a versatile addition to any kitchen. The oven also includes a defrost function, making it a convenient choice for any households. Priced at ₨49,999, the Sogo Digital Microwave Oven with Grill brings value and performance together.

18.Orient Microwave Oven Popcorn 20M Solo White

The Orient Microwave Oven Popcorn 20M Solo White, hailed as the best baking oven in Pakistan, comes packed with features that ensure a top-notch cooking experience. It has a solo functioning mechanical control system that allows defrosting either by weight or time, catering to your specific needs. The oven boasts 5 power levels, providing flexibility and precision in cooking.

Moreover, a cooking end signal alerts you when your delicious meal is ready while a child safety lock ensures the safety of your little ones. The oven promises 0% leakage, vouching for its superior build quality. Utilizing the latest magnetron technology, this oven ensures even heating and efficient energy use. Priced at Rs.24,000, the Orient Microwave Oven Popcorn 20M Solo White is an excellent investment for your kitchen.

19.LG Microwave Oven MS4295DIS

The LG Microwave Oven MS4295DIS is the top choice for baking enthusiasts in Pakistan. Its Smart Inverter technology ensures your food is evenly heated and perfectly cooked every time. Featuring a sleek and practical design, it effortlessly blends into your kitchen decor.

The Easy Clean™ component allows for hassle-free maintenance, keeping your microwave pristine and hygienic. Its stable turntable ring ensures your food is evenly exposed to the microwaves, ensuring uniform cooking. Despite its compact size, this microwave boasts a larger capacity, allowing for a variety of dishes to be cooked simultaneously. The microwave also has a Smart Diagnosis™ feature which enables it to identify and troubleshoot any issues, ensuring longevity of the appliance. Priced at Rs. 41,999, this microwave offers value for money and is a smart addition to any kitchen.

20.NEFF Solo Microwave Oven C17WR01N0B

The NEFF Solo Microwave Oven C17WR01N0B is considered the best baking oven in Pakistan, famed for its plethora of features. Equipped with a pyrolytic proof tray holder and baking tray, it assures optimal heat distribution for a perfect bake. The stainless-steel fan further enhances its efficiency, ensuring heat is circulated evenly within the oven. With a 150 cm mains cable, the oven ensures flexibility of placement.

Its total connected electric load is 1.22 KW, which stands testament to its power efficiency. The oven is user-friendly with a 2.5″ TFT colour display featuring ShiftControl. The door, conveniently mounted on the right, allows for easy access. Its 21 litres capacity makes it suitable for small to medium-sized families. Priced at ₨495,076, it offers an unmatched blend of performance, efficiency, and affordability.


To sum up, ovens are essential in any kitchen, and Pakistan has a wide variety of options to consider when choosing the right baking oven for you. The 20 best baking ovens in Pakistan reviewed in this blog post are sure to help you narrow down your choice, making an informed decision with ease. Whichever oven you decide to go with, you can be sure that it will serve its purpose perfectly and provide great results for years to come. Furthermore, all of the ovens offer similar features, such as various heat levels, user programs, pre-set functions and more.

As a result, there’s something out there for everyone; whether you’re looking for a multi-function professional grade oven or a basic entry-level model, one of these 20 top baking oven models in Pakistan should suit your needs. All in all, selecting a great oven doesn’t have to be tricky if you compare different brands carefully and check out their features depending on what exactly you intend to use it for.