Are you looking for the perfect place to enjoy some delicious biryani. If so, Karachi, Pakistan is the best destination to go! With its rich cultural food traditions and an impressive range of restaurants serving up some of the most scrumptious biryani around, there’s sure to be something in this city that will satisfy even the pickiest palate.

Whether you are a fan of classic Hyderabadi-style or want something more contemporary like spicy Kenchi Boti with nutty beef qeema Karachi has it all waiting for you on your next visit. Keep reading as we explore what makes these dishes unique and where to find the best biryani in Karachi!

Top 15 Best Biryani In Karachi

Karachi is known to be the food hub of Pakistan and the city never fails to amaze food enthusiasts with its diverse and delicious offerings. One of the most beloved dishes that the city has to offer is the renowned Biryani. Finding the perfect Biryani spot can be a daunting task, but fear not, for Karachi has some of the best biryani places that you can’t afford to miss. Zamzama Biryani, Burns Road Biryani, and Biryani Centre are just a few of the legendary spots in the city that are known for their mouth-watering biryani.

Each one has its own unique taste and style of preparing the dish. The aroma of freshly cooked biryani wafts out into the streets, tempting any passerby to indulge in the flavor. These hotspots offer a delightful combination of succulent rice, rich spices, and tender meat that will tantalize your taste buds with each bite. A trip to Karachi is incomplete without indulging in their signature Biryani, and these restaurants are sure to leave you craving for more!

1.Ghousia Nalli Biryani, Liaquatabad

Ghousia Nalli Biryani is undoubtedly a food lover’s paradise and has become a gastronomical landmark in Karachi. What makes it stand out is the unique flavor of its Biryani, which strikes a perfect balance between the succulent beef and the rich, bone marrow (Nalli). The introduction of Nalli Biryani has magnetized patrons from across the city, who can’t resist the mouth-watering blend of fragrant rice, tender meat, and aromatic spices.

Even during peak hours, the restaurant ensures smooth dining experience, thanks to its well-managed space. For just an additional ₨100, you can savor the Nalli alongside the iconic Beef Biryani. And if you have a sweet tooth, do not miss out on their White Zarda, a traditional dessert that rounds off the meal perfectly. With a starting price of only ₨320, Ghousia Nalli Biryani guarantees a delightful meal. Head over to 2/240, Liaqatabad Commercial Area, Main Sarafa Bazar, Block 6 Liaquatabad Town, and give your taste buds a treat they’ll never forget!

2.Biryani Of The Seas

“Biryani Of The Seas” is a must-visit spot for Biryani lovers in Karachi. Nestled in Clifton, this restaurant is known for its diverse menu, offering not just desi food but also international cuisines like Italian and Chinese. Their speciality, however, lies in traditional and cultural seafood dishes. The star attraction of their offering is the Prawn Biryani, which has earned quite a reputation among food lovers.

Other notable dishes include Dhaka fish finger, Fish broast BBQ fish, and Crab. They also boast a selection of curries and karahi for those who prefer a spicy kick to their meals. With a well-decorated dining setup, it’s an excellent spot for both family gatherings and friendly get-togethers.

Biryani Of The Seas also offers various deals for families, making it a cost-effective dining option. You can find them at R2QM+2JF, Block 8 Frere Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600. They are open from 10:30 AM to 1:30 AM. For queries or reservations, you can contact them at 03219204942. The price range varies between PKR 1000 and PKR 5000, ensuring there’s something for every budget.

3.Student Biryani

Student Biryani stands out as an iconic destination among the best places for Biryani in Karachi. With a rich history and an international presence spanning Canada, Australia, and UAE, it has earned a well-deserved reputation in the culinary world. In addition to its famed Biryani, the restaurant offers an extensive menu of various dishes and beverages.

The ambience sets the tone for a pleasant dining experience, complemented by the friendly staff. While service might occasionally slow down, it is generally quick and efficient. For groups, their combo deals are a real treat.

Among their star dishes are the Chicken Biryani and Chicken Tikka Biryani, but the Chicken Tikka, Special Zarda & Shami Kebabs, and Chicken Breast are worthy contenders too. Located at V27J+RGC, Van St, Empress Market Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600, Student Biryani operates from 12 AM to 11 AM. For Biryani enthusiasts, the Chicken Biryani is a must-try. The price range fits comfortably between PKR 500 and PKR 2500. To experience this culinary delight, call at (021) 111 111 778 for reservations or more information.

4.Farhan Biryani

Farhan Biryani, located in the bustling city of Karachi, has garnered an impressive reputation for its succulent and flavorful chicken biryani. Garnering glowing reviews from food bloggers and Youtubers alike, it has cemented its status as the go-to spot for all biryani lovers. Offering a menu that is simple yet mouthwatering, Farhan Biryani focuses on what they do best: chicken biryani.

Paired with a selection of starters and refreshing drinks, the biryani shines when served piping hot. The presentation is visually appealing, making it hard to resist diving in. Farhan Biryani also prides itself on its courteous staff, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all. While the ambiance may be described as average, the biryani’s exceptional taste more than compensates.

Nestled at Plot No D 56, Block 12, Gulistan e Johar, Pehlwan Goth Road, Branch 1, Karachi, 75290, Farhan Biryani operates from 11:30 AM till 12:30 AM. The price range is reasonable, ranging from PKR 100 to PKR 500, making this delicious experience accessible to all. For queries, they can be contacted at 0323 2247226.

5.The White Biryani

The White Biryani, nestled in the heart of DHA Phase 6 Karachi, stands as a testament to the city’s love for Biryani. Renowned for its unique and mouth-watering white biryani, the restaurant offers a twist on the conventional dish with a blend of unique seasonings that tantalize the taste buds. The White Biryani is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience, a perfect place for a family dine-out or a casual meet-up with friends.

The menu is diverse, featuring classic Pakistani dishes like Shami kebab alongside their iconic chicken and beef biryani. For those with a sweet tooth, the Gulab Jamun is a must-try, and a range of refreshing cold drinks are on-hand to complement your meal. With options for single or double servings, there is flexibility to cater to all appetites.

Conveniently located at 22c Lane 2, DHA Phase 6 Rahat Commercial Area, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Sindh 75500, the restaurant operates from 12 PM to 10 PM, making it a great lunch or dinner option. The price range is also reasonable, ranging from PKR 300 to PKR 1500, ensuring there’s something for every budget. The crowning jewels of The White Biryani’s menu are undoubtedly the Chicken Biryani and Beef Biryani, which have earned the restaurant its well-deserved fame.

6.Al- Rehman biryani

For the most authentic and flavorful Biryani in Karachi, Al-Rehman Biryani Centre tops the list. Known for its exceptional service and delectable biryani, it’s a delight for every food lover. Al-Rehman Biryani offers a delightful culinary experience at an affordable price, making it a beloved spot for locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant’s cozy ambience complements its prime location perfectly, providing a comfortable setting to enjoy your meal. Besides their signature dish, the Chicken Biryani, the menu also offers other tantalizing options such as Zarda and Kheer, along with a range of side dishes.

Whether you choose to dine-in, takeaway, or opt for delivery, Al-Rehman Biryani ensures a satisfactory food experience each time. Visit them at Al Rehman Biryani, Hajra Manzil, Gk-7/73, Nakhuda St, Kharadar Karachi, 74000. You can also reach out to them at 03147737726. They are open from 10:30 AM to 1 AM, ready to serve you the best Chicken Biryani in town. With a price range from PKR 200 to PKR 400, Al-Rehman Biryani is a must-visit place for every Biryani lover.

7.Allah Wala Biryani

Located in the vibrant hub of Karachi city, Allah Wala Biryani has been delighting the palates of biryani lovers for several years. Generously spiced and aromatic, this biryani spot offers an authentic, mouth-watering dining experience. The menu is diverse, offering a range of dishes such as chicken biryani, Sada biryani, beef biryani, beef haleem, beef qorma, chicken karahi and daal.

The restaurant also serves refreshments including cold drinks, raita and salad. Allah Wala Biryani offers a variety of meal deals, ensuring customers always enjoy the best value.

The restaurant is located at Noor Masjid Rd, PECHS Block 2 Commercial area Block 2 PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75400. For enquiries or orders, patrons can contact the restaurant at 0311 1111292. Operating hours are from 12 AM to 10 AM, perfect for late-night cravings or early morning feasts. With its signature Beef Biryani and a price range of PKR 500 to PKR 2000, Allah Wala Biryani remains a preferred destination for all biryani enthusiasts.

8.Madni Biryani

With a legacy of taste and tradition, Madni Biryani stands as a culinary icon in the heart of Karachi. Renowned for its authentic flavors and “lazeez” buffet, it’s hailed by many as the best Biryani destination in the city. The secret to their famous Biryani lies in the use of handmade spices and herbs, setting them apart from newer establishments.

Their recipe, steeped in history and unchanged over the years, has garnered a loyal customer base who appreciate the consistent taste and quality. For spice lovers, Madni Biryani delivers a heat that tantalizes the palate and leaves you craving for more. The restaurant’s spacious setting ensures a comfortable dining experience, even during bustling hours.

Not to be missed are their Chicken and Beef Biryani, which perfectly embody the essence of Madni Biryani. Beyond Biryani, their Chicken Pulao and Haleem offer equally delightful taste experiences. At a starting price of just ₨150, you can enjoy this culinary spectacle at R-31, Sector 15-A/5 Sector 15 A 5 Buffer Zone, Karachi.

9.Mirchi 360 Degrees

Mirchi 360 Degrees, a beloved culinary landmark in Karachi, is renowned for its irresistibly flavorful biryanis. With additional outlets in Nawabshah, Islamabad, and Hyderabad, it continues to entice patrons with its diverse menu and inviting atmosphere.

The restaurant offers a unique dining experience with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements, catering to a variety of preferences. It’s not just the delectable biryani, served in a traditional Handi or Matka, that sets this place apart. The restaurant’s menu is a smorgasbord of flavors, with offerings ranging from tandoori and curries to Italian and Chinese dishes.

However, it’s the biryanis the royal Sindhi, Chilman, Nawabi, and special Hyderabadi – that steal the show, each served with tender beef chunks and aromatic chopped onions. Located at R27X+FMM, Stadium Lane 3, Phase V Stadium Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi City, Sindh 75500, Mirchi 360 operates 24 hours a day. For the famous Nawabi Handi Biryani and other culinary delights, prices range from PKR 500 to PKR 3000. To experience the enchanting ambience and delicious fare, you can contact them at 021 35248805.


If you’re a biryani enthusiast in Karachi, Darbar is a must-visit destination. This restaurant is renowned for its appetizing biryani and haleem, served in a warm and welcoming environment. With an array of culinary offerings, their expert chefs create dishes that are both indulgent and satisfying.

The team at Darbar prides itself on its stellar service, ensuring that every diner’s experience is memorable. Their extensive menu features delights such as chicken biryani, beef pulao, and chicken haleem, alongside a variety of fast food and Chinese options.

For those with a sweet tooth, they also offer a selection of desserts and beverages. Conveniently located at Latif Plaza, A-1, near Disco Bakery, Block 6 Karachi, Darbar operates from 11 AM to 2 AM, serving their signature dish, the Chicken Biryani. With a price range of PKR 300 – PKR 2000, Darbar caters to a broad spectrum of customers, promising not just a meal, but a culinary experience.

11.Jeddah Biryani

In addition to their famous biryani, Jeddah Biryani Food Center also offers a variety of authentic Middle Eastern dishes that are worth trying.

Their Chicken Shawarma is particularly renowned for its succulent meat and zesty sauces, wrapped in a crisp and warm flatbread. For those looking for a unique spin on the usual fare, their Chicken Cheese Shawarma is a must-try, combining the tender chicken with gooey, melted cheese. Sweet-lovers aren’t left out either the Zarda, a traditional South Asian sweet dish, is a delightful treat to round off your meal.

For a quick snack, the Daal Kachori’s crispy exterior and savory lentil filling is a great option. With the range of flavorful dishes and affordable prices, Jeddah Biryani Food Center truly does offer great value. So, come visit them at Boat Basin Branch, Shop # 40-43, Shopping Arcade, Video Market, Block 5 Clifton, Karachi and discover why they are known as one of the best places for biryani in Karachi. Prices start at just ₨160.

12.Indus Foods

Indus Foods, known for its delectable biryani, is a top dining destination in Karachi. Offering a variety of Pakistani culinary delights, this restaurant located near Khadda Market, stands out for its quality food at affordable prices. For anyone in search of the best biryani in town, Indus Foods is a must-visit.

The restaurant provides ample seating space and caters to family dining needs. However, due to limited parking space, it’s advised to avoid driving there during busy hours and on weekends. While their Chicken Biryani and Beef Biryani are crowd favorites, alternatives like Zarda, Haleem, and Mutton Pulao are also worth a try. Prices start from ₨170. The restaurant is conveniently located at Plot No، 11-C Stadium Lane 2, Khadda Market، Karachi.

13.Haji Biryani

Despite its humble exterior, Haji Biryani has made a name for itself as one of the most beloved biryani spots in Karachi. Nestled on Jamshed Road, the establishment may not boast the most spacious or hygienic setting, but it more than compensates for that with its delectable offerings. Known for its exemplary biryani, the eatery also serves a range of fast food and BBQ dishes.

This age-old shop has been satiating the city’s biryani cravings for years, and its popularity only seems to grow, with locals frequently singing praises of its Beef and Chicken Biryani. Their menu also features tantalizing options like Beef Pulao, Korma, Chicken Behari Tikka, Haji Special Roll, and Beef Kebab Roll. With prices starting from a reasonable ₨260, it’s best to savor their food via delivery. Address: V2JV+RJG, Jamshed Quarters, Karachi.

14.Food Centre

Food Centre, notably known for its Biryani, is a culinary gem nestled in the heart of Karachi. Since its establishment in 1996, it has grown phenomenally, spreading its rich flavors across the city with four branches. Offering an eclectic menu that transcends borders, Food Centre is not merely a Biryani hub. The restaurant invites a lively atmosphere, characterized by its well-organized and spacious seating area that can comfortably host bustling evenings.

Biryani, however, remains the crown jewel of their offerings. The Tikka Dum Biryani, Beef Biryani, and Chicken Biryani are must-tries, drawing in patrons who specifically visit for these tantalizing dishes. Besides Biryani, other delectable options include Chicken Korma, Chicken Handi, Beef Curry, Schezwan Chicken, and Shami Kebab. With prices starting from ₨170, a gastronomic adventure awaits at Food Centre, located at V248+J7V، Main، Burns Road.

15.Naseeb Biryani and Pakwan Centre

Despite its modest size and unpretentious decor, Naseeb Biryani and Pakwan Centre holds a distinguished reputation in Karachi as a must-visit spot for biryani lovers. Affectionately referred to as Mehmoodabad Wale, the eatery is renowned for its uniquely spicy and tangy biryani that has captivated the palates of countless individuals.

The draw of the eatery extends beyond its delicious food to its attractively affordable pricing. However, due to the restaurant’s popularity, securing a seat during peak hours and weekends can be challenging. While the service and ambiance might be understated, they fade into irrelevance the moment you take a whiff of that plate of mouthwatering biryani. Their Chicken Biryani and Beef Pulao come highly recommended. With prices starting from as low as ₨130, the eatery is located at E. 75460 Mehmood abad Rd, KAECHS Block 8, Karachi.

16.Biryani Centre

Located in the heart of Karachi on 26th Commercial Street, Phase 5, Biryani Centre stands as a testament to the city’s love for the hearty dish, biryani. This fast food chain restaurant, lauded as one of the city’s best, offers much more than the usual biryani; it serves a range of sizzling barbeque dishes and other mouth-watering delights.

The Biryani Centre is not just about the food though, it holds a strong emphasis on delivering excellent customer service, ensuring customers enjoy their meal in a comfortable seating environment. The standout biryani dish is notably spicier than most, offering a unique kick to the traditional dish.

They also serve a number of specialty biryanis like Broast Biryani, Chapli Kebab Biryani, and Tikka Biryani. The restaurant offers a good balance between price and portion size, ensuring you get good value for your money. To top it all off, they have an efficient takeaway service, ensuring your food is packed well for your convenience. With prices starting from as low as ₨160, Biryani Centre is the go-to place for biryani enthusiasts.

17.Daily Dubai Restaurant

In the bustling city of Karachi, where culinary delights abound, Daily Dubai Restaurant stands out as the ultimate destination for Biryani lovers. Drawing its roots from Dubai, this restaurant chain extends a multi-cuisine fine-dining experience, revered for their impeccable Pakistani and Middle-Eastern dishes. The allure of the restaurant transcends beyond its delectable meals, featuring a comfortable ambiance and superior food quality, with particularly commendable quality of meat used. Due to its wide-ranging offering from breakfast to dinner, it caters to all types of diners throughout the day.

The restaurant is renowned for its exquisite Biryani, alongside a splendid variety of seafood options. With cooperative and friendly staff, Daily Dubai is an ideal choice for a family dinner. The restaurant even provides valet parking, adding to the ease of your dining experience. During your visit, don’t miss out on their Chicken Biryani, a dish that has become synonymous with their name. Also worth trying are their Mix Grill, Chelo Makhsoosi, Tikka Masala Handi, and Paneer Reshmi Kebabs. With prices starting from just ₨350, you’re assured a worthwhile and memorable meal.

Visit them at: 57-C, Badar Commercial Street 10, Phase V Badar Commercial Area, Karachi. Embark on a culinary journey at Daily Dubai Restaurant, a haven for Biryani enthusiasts in Karachi.


Karachites are true lovers of biryani and these 17 spots provide those with the most fantastic, lip smacking biryani prepared according to their authentic recipes. For any biriyani seekers, we highly recommend trying all these places and creating a personal tally to rank them as per your own taste. If you opt for an easy way out and not take a journey around all the best restaurants in Karachi, then just pick from our list. And remember that there is no maximum number of times you can enjoy biryani, so don’t forget to relish it every now and then! Go forth and try the top 17 biryanis in Karachi-you won’t regret it!