Are you a burger lover that’s been searching for the perfect spot to grab a delicious bite in Lahore? Then your search is finally over! We have meticulously researched and tasted each of the best burger places throughout the city, so that we can provide you with an informed opinion about who serves up the finest hamburgers. Here our top picks for the best burgers you can try in Lahore depending on which type of patty you prefer, there’s something here for everyone!

Best Burgers in Lahore

Best Burgers in Lahore

Lahore is a foodies’ paradise, and when it comes to burgers, there is no shortage of options. With so many places to choose from, it can be tough to decide where to head for the perfect burger. But fear not, as we have found the best burger joint in Lahore, and it’s Pablo’s. Located in the heart of Lahore, Pablo’s has made a name for itself with its delicious burgers that are always cooked to perfection.

From classic cheeseburgers to more adventurous options, Pablo’s has got it all. What sets this joint apart is the attention to detail paid to each burger, from the quality of ingredients used to the perfect blend of seasonings. So if you’re in Lahore and craving a burger, head straight to Pablo’s for a culinary delight that won’t disappoint.

List Of 20 Best Burgers in Lahore

Here are the top 20 burger joints in Lahore:

1.Howdy Rooftop

When it comes to the best burger joints in Lahore, HOWDY! stands unparalleled with its exquisite and authentic charcoal-grilled gourmet burgers. Their prime location, nestled on the rooftop of the 9c building on MM Alam Rd, offers not only an extensive menu of succulent burgers, juicy steaks, and mouth-watering sandwiches but also an experience of the lively Old West Cowboy concept.

Their transparent “see-through kitchen” revolves around a thrilling live cooking concept, allowing customers to witness the culinary artistry that goes into preparing each dish. The commitment to excellent customer service and a joyful, vibrant atmosphere mirrors their commitment to the quality of their food. Whether you choose to dine in, take away, or opt for no-contact delivery, HOWDY! guarantees a delightful experience with every bite of their premium offerings.

2.BAE, Phase 3, DHA

The BAE burger joint is located in Phase 3, DHA, Lahore a bustling area known for its culinary delights. What sets BAE apart, though, is their commitment to quality. Each bite of their burgers is an experience in itself, revealing layers of carefully selected ingredients crafted to satisfy the most discerning taste buds.

They take pride in their diverse menu, offering something for everyone. For instance, the Peri Peri Blast is a flavorful explosion that chicken lovers will adore, while the Magic Mushroom Burger, with its robust beefy goodness, is sure to satiate those with a preference for beef. They also understand the distinct palate of fillet burgers fans, and hence, they have a separate category dedicated exclusively to fillet burgers. Whether you’re on a casual night out or hosting a burger evening, BAE has you covered!


As you step into Pablo’s Best Burger in Johar Town, the tantalizing aroma of freshly grilled burgers greets you, hinting at the gastronomic delight that awaits. Nestled in a quiet alley, this gem of a restaurant stands alone, much like a precious jewel that it is. A range of burgers are on offer, each distinctive, yet none can rival Pablo’s signature creation.

The king of all burgers, it is an exquisite culinary masterpiece that will have you surrendering to the sumptuous blend of tender, juicy steak and rich, melt-in-your-mouth cheese. The restaurant’s simplicity and comfort are its strengths, providing an intimate, welcoming ambiance that enhances the dining experience.

The owner, a kind and considerate gentleman with a soul as sensitive as it is generous, adds to the charm of the place. Various service options are available for patrons including dine-in, kerbside pickup, and no-contact delivery. Find this taste of paradise at 136, Block B Phase 1, Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000. Do visit, for a taste of Pablo’s is a taste of pure, unrivaled delight.

4.SMASH, Bagh Ali Road and Phase 2 DHA

Smash Lahore, nestled in the bustling neighborhoods of Bagh Ali Road and Phase 2 DHA, is a testament to the power of passion and the taste of success. Ali, the pioneering spirit behind this venture, transformed his humble home kitchen into a beacon for burger enthusiasts citywide.

Today, Smash stands proudly as one of Lahore’s top beef burger take-outs, quenching the city’s insatiable appetite for juicy, delectable beef patties. Simplicity is at the core of Smash’s menu, with three variations of a similar burger single, double and triple patty. This enables patrons to customize their meal according to their cravings. To enhance the dining experience, Smash offers a range of delicious add-ons and soul-satisfying milkshakes, making it the ultimate destination for a hearty meal.

5.Burger Lab

The Burger Lab, acclaimed for serving the best burgers in Lahore, takes pride in its culinary inventiveness and the uncompromising quality of its offerings. Here, every bite oozes with the irresistible goodness of perfectly cooked patties and the distinct flavor of the signature American burger smash technique. Each element of our burgers from the succulent meat to the crispy, golden fries speaks volumes about our commitment to culinary excellence.

Burger Lab innovative approach has not only won us local adulation but is also steadily garnering recognition throughout Pakistan. As we continue to grow, Burger Lab vision extends to becoming an international burger franchise, making Burger Lab beloved burgers available to the world. Whether you prefer to dine-in, take away, or enjoy our quick delivery, we are ready to serve you at our prime location in Z Sector Parking Area, DHA Phase 3, Lahore.

6.Johnny & Jugnu, Phase 6 DHA

Johnny & Jugnu’s Savage Burger is a gastronomic adventure that has conquered the hearts (and stomachs) of Lahore’s foodies. Each bite is an explosion of flavors, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Unlike any other Zinger Burger you’ve tasted, the crunch in every mouthful is amplified tenfold, making it an irresistible treat. The fact that you have a choice between six delectable sauces only adds to the allure. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or love to experiment with bold, new flavors, there’s a sauce at Johnny & Jugnu’s just for you!

7.Outpost BYOB

Outpost BYOB, situated in the heart of DHA Phase 8, Lahore, is a haven for burger aficionados. Their signature offering, the Build Your Own Burger, has won the hearts of many with its customizable features and fine ingredients. This culinary delight lets you create a personalized burger, from selecting the bun, the quality beef, the spices, right down to the sides.

Whether you prefer an extra-cheese burger or a simpler variant, the choices are vast and satisfying. Their standout component, the caramelized onions, though seemingly insignificant, really enhances the overall taste and experience. The staff’s knowledge and experience ensure excellent customer service, making every visit a delightful encounter. Apart from dine-in, they also offer takeaway and delivery options for maximum convenience.


Amavi, situated on MM Alam Road and Phase 3 DHA, is a haven for burger enthusiasts in Lahore. Their unique offering, the Keto Burger, is a testament to their innovative approach. Catering to the health-conscious, this burger replaces traditional ingredients with keto-friendly options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a guilt-free indulgence.

The succulent patty, nestled between keto buns, is bound to leave you savouring each bite. Not to be outshined, their Wagyu Burger is an exquisite gastronomic experience. The use of imported Wagyu beef renders the patty tender and juicy, making it a standout menu item. With branches in DHA Y Block and Gulberg, Amavi invites you to dine in and relish an enjoyable burger evening.

9.Rizwan Burger

Rizwan Burger, lauded as the best restaurant in Lahore, is a food haven for gourmet enthusiasts. This dining destination is well-known for its diverse menu, but it’s the burgers that truly steal the show. Offering a unique culinary experience, Rizwan Burger’s offerings are not just affordable but also tantalizingly flavorful. Each burger is cooked to perfection, with the beef being notably moist and packed with taste.

The satisfaction derived from consuming these burgers is incomparable, leaving you thoroughly content. Among their most popular items are the jalapeno beef burger and the beef cheeseburger both highly recommended. Rizwan Burger ensures every foodie’s needs are catered to, with service options including dine-in, takeaway, and delivery. Located at 13 Zanjani Rd, Main Market, Lahore, Punjab, a visit to Rizwan Burger promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

10.Jessie’s Burgers

Situated in the heart of Lahore, in Johar Town, Jessie’s Burgers has been delighting burger aficionados for several years. Known for its gargantuan, succulent hamburgers, the real showstopper on its menu is the Chick Filet burger. This half-pound masterpiece is cooked to perfection, seasoned just right and has a slight crust that adds an extra texture.

The burger is assembled between two toasted sesame buns and is further accentuated with melted cheese on both sides. Maintaining a charming ambiance that complements their delectable flavors, Jessie’s Burgers also prides itself on its professional staff. Whether you prefer to dine-in or take your meal to go, Jessie’s Burgers ensures a memorable experience. You can find them at R1, 51, Main Shaukat Khanum Hospital Road, Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore.

11.Pasta La Vista, Phase 2 DHA

Pasta La Vista, located in Phase 2 DHA, is renowned as one of the best burger joints in Lahore. Although the name might suggest otherwise, their menu extends beyond pasta dishes. This restaurant brilliantly fuses Italian culinary traditions with classic burger fare, delivering generously portioned, mouth-watering burgers that won’t disappoint. Their signature offerings, the Classic PLV and Florentine burgers, come with two juicy beef patties, accompanied by a side of irresistible criss-cross fries. Whether you’re in the mood for an Italian-infused burger or a classic beef patty, Pasta La Vista promises a hearty, satisfying meal that will make your burger evening truly memorable.

12.Wayback Burgers

If you find yourself in Lahore, craving a burger, look no further than Wayback Burgers. Known for their mouthwatering burgers, they offer an impressive variety of both beef and chicken options. Are you in the mood for something spicy? Try their Jalapeno or Fiery Ghost burger. More of a mushroom lover? Then the Fun Guy burger is for you. And let’s not forget about their chicken offerings, from the crispy Tenders to the flavorful Buffalo chicken, and so much more.

But no meal would be complete without sides–choose from classic fries, savory onion rings, beef chili fries, or shake things up with a milkshake. Whether you prefer to enjoy your meal in the cozy atmosphere of their Johar Town location, take it away or have it delivered, Wayback Burgers has you covered. So head over to Wayback Burgers at 56 GCP Housing Society, Johar Town, to satisfy your burger cravings.

13.Big Moe’s, Emporium Mall

At Big Moe’s in Emporium Mall, Lahore, they’ve truly perfected the art of crafting a burger that’s a feast for both the eyes and the palate. A nod to the classic American burger, each element is meticulously chosen and prepared.

Starting with a freshly toasted bun that provides the right amount of crunch, it’s layered with a succulent griddled beef patty cooked to perfection. But what truly sets it apart is the addition of smoked chicken rashers, adding a unique twist to the conventional burger. The crunch of crispy Cajun onion rings, doused in a generous cascade of BBQ sauce and a river of melted cheddar cheese, ensures a symphony of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds with every bite. Truly, fitting this colossal creation in one bite would be a challenge for even the most seasoned of foodies!


Godfather Lahore isn’t just about the food, it’s about the overall experience. The ambiance of the restaurant is designed to transport you, making each meal a unique culinary adventure. The staff are attentive and friendly, ensuring your dining experience is enjoyable and seamless. You’ll find that the menu is versatile, with offerings that cater to a wide array of taste buds. They offer a variety of dishes, but it is the burgers that truly set them apart.

Each burger is crafted with care, using fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure you get the best taste. The gourmet beef burger, in particular, has been praised for its juicy, rich flavor that leaves you wanting more. The prices are reasonable, making Godfather Lahore a destination that offers both value and quality. Whether you’re dining in, picking up, or having it delivered, you’re sure to have a memorable meal. The restaurant is located at 31 Main Blvd, Civic Centre Block D 2 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore – a convenient location for both locals and visitors alike.


In addition to their signature Grand Beef, Jessie’s offers a diverse menu that caters to the palates of burger aficionados. Their menu includes a Chicken Cheese Burger, a feast of tender chicken, melting cheese, and a special sauce that adds a delightful twist. The Veggie Burger, with its flavorful patty made from fresh vegetables and a unique blend of spices, is a treat for vegetarians. The ambience of Jessie’s, with its chic urban décor and friendly staff, further enhances the dining experience. Whether you’re a resident of Lahore or just passing through, a visit to Jessie’s is a must if you’re after the best burgers in town.

16.Club 313 Authentic Burgers

Located at the heart of Lahore, Club 313 serves the most delightful and juicy burgers in town! Each burger is crafted carefully to high standards, ensuring an unforgettable experience. The inviting and vibrant ambience of Club 313 is the perfect venue to unwind with friends and family, while indulging in our culinary masterpiece. Catering to the young and the young at heart, Club 313 is the ultimate go-to place for burger enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to dine in, carry out, or have it delivered to your doorstep, we’ve got you covered. Find us at 237 FF, Commercial Area, Sector FF Dha Phase 4, Lahore, and get ready to savor the best burger in Lahore!

17.Ministry of Burgers

And let’s not forget the creativity and innovation they bring to the table. The Ministry of Burgers keeps its menu fresh and exciting by constantly experimenting with flavors and creating unique burger concoctions. Their culinary team leaves no stone unturned in pushing the boundaries of traditional burger making. From the deliciously spicy ‘Firecracker’ to the cheese-loaded ‘Cheesy Delight’, every burger tells a different story. But no matter which one you choose, one thing is guaranteed: a culinary experience that is as overwhelming as it is delightful. Not only do they serve the best burgers in Lahore, but they also offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making every visit an unforgettable one.

18.Daily Deli Co

Located at Khayaban-e-Firdousi, Civic Centre Block D 2 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Daily Deli Co is a paradise for burger aficionados. The value for money is exceptional, with burger deals that are gratifying and generous. While there’s room for improvement with their fries, the extraordinary, hefty burgers more than make up for it. What sets Daily Deli apart is their beef burgers which feature an authentic double patty of smoked beef. They are meticulously prepared, juicy, and savory. However, be prepared for the bustling crowd during weekdays. Patrons have an array of service options, including dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery, adding to the convenience and appeal of this burger joint.

19.Cosa Nostra

If you find yourself in Lahore and craving a truly exceptional burger, be sure to pay a visit to Cosa Nostra. Honoring Italian culinary traditions, their burgers carry the distinct flavors and aromas that have put Italy on the global gastronomy map. Their menu is a testament to their commitment to variety; whether you’re a die-hard fan of beef or prefer the lighter taste of chicken, Cosa Nostra has you covered. We recommend you try their renowned BLT with a beef patty. This culinary masterpiece, topped with turkey bacon, is a harmonious fusion of flavors that promises to satiate your food cravings. For those mindful of their caloric intake, they also offer delectable low-carb options. Find Cosa Nostra at three convenient locations: Gulberg, Y Block DHA, and Phase 5 DHA.

20.Just Burgers

At Just Burgers, the customer is truly king. The restaurant not only caters to the carnivorous palate with a selection of beef and chicken patties, but also gives you the liberty to customize your burger as per your appetite. If beef is your preference, we highly recommend the Just Jalapeno beef burger with a double patty meal.

This flavor-packed burger, loaded with a robust, hearty beef patty and topped with fiery jalapenos, will surely satiate your cravings. On the other hand, if chicken is your go-to, the Just Tangy Chicken Burger is a must-try. With a succulent chicken patty perfectly balanced by tangy, zesty flavors, this burger offers a delicious alternative. Head over to CSD Mall near Cavalry Ground, Lahore to experience the best burgers in town at Just Burgers!


Lahore is undoubtedly one of the best cities to try out some amazing burgers. We have tried and tested them and come up with the ultimate list of 20 burgers you must give a try. Whether you want something classic or something extra spicy, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy in this list. It’s worth noting that these burger joints offer much more than what meets the eye, so don’t be afraid to explore outside this list! As a final reminder, if you’re ever in Lahore, make sure to take your time and look for even more delicious burgers. So don’t wait any longer head over to one of these burger hot spots and try out one (or more) of these amazing burgers!