Are you looking for an educational institution that’ll help your daughter develop her talents and shape her into a confident empowered young woman while imparting quality education. Then Cadet Colleges are the way to go! Pakistan boasts some of the best cadet colleges for girls equipped with dedicated faculty, modern infrastructure and activities designed to strengthen character. Read on to learn more about the best cadet colleges in Pakistan and what makes them so special.

List Of Best Cadet Colleges for Girls in Pakistan

Some of the best Cadet Colleges for girls in Pakistan are listed below:

1.Garrison Cadet College Kohat

Garrison Cadet College Kohat takes pride in its reputation as one of the leading girls’ cadet colleges in Pakistan. Located in the peaceful suburbs of Kohat city, its serene surroundings provide an ideal setting conducive for focused learning. The college offers admission primarily to students of class 8, following a rigorous selection process that assesses the candidates’ academic performance, aptitude, and health. The merit-based selection is a testament to the college’s commitment to fostering excellence and discipline among its students. Currently, the college proudly houses over 600 cadets between the ages of 13 and 19, providing them with a nurturing and challenging environment where they can grow, learn, and excel.

2.Cadet College Kallar Kahar

Cadet College Kallar Kahar has a well-qualified faculty and staff who are committed to the overall development of the students. The college provides an excellent learning environment with modern amenities and facilities like well-equipped classrooms, library, sports grounds etc. It is also dedicated to providing quality education by incorporating new technical advancements in teaching methods.

The college also has a highly dedicated placement cell which helps the students to secure placements in universities and industries. The alumni of Cadet College Kallar Kahar have made their mark in diverse fields such as medicine, engineering, arts, business etc. Many graduates have been placed in leading companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple.

The college is very active in extra-curricular activities as well. It organizes various academic, cultural and sports events throughout the year to promote healthy competition among students. Cadet College Kallar Kahar is also very active in community service initiatives and encourages its students to take part in community outreach activities like blood donation drives, tree planting etc.

3.Cadet College Jhang

Cadet College Jhang is a great option for girls who want to pursue higher education and excellence in their chosen fields. With an excellent education system, highly experienced faculty, and plenty of facilities, Cadet College Jhang is one of the best cadet colleges for girls in Pakistan. It provides its students with a unique learning experience that can open up many opportunities for them. The college aims to provide a safe and supportive environment, where each student can develop their skills and reach their full potential.

The college also takes an active role in community service by organizing charity events to help those in need. This helps the students to develop a sense of responsibility and realize the importance of contributing towards society. By taking part in these activities, they also gain valuable life skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Cadet College Jhang strives to create an atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovation while providing students with the best possible education. It is committed to helping its students to achieve their dreams and shape the future of Pakistan.

4.Bakhtawar Cadet College

Bakhtawar Cadet College, situated in the heart of Sindh, is a shining beacon of quality education in Pakistan. Admitting students from grade 8 onwards, the institution paves the way for producing future leaders by focusing not only on their academic growth but also on their character development and physical abilities. Boasting of a qualified teaching faculty, the college ensures that every student receives personalized attention to thrive in their chosen field. Known for its rigorous grooming standards and well-rounded education approach, Bakhtawar Cadet College stands out as one of the best and most respected cadet colleges for girls in Pakistan.

5.Cadet College Chakwal

Cadet College Chakwal, acronymed CCC, is notably one of the best institutes for girls in Pakistan. The college prides itself on delivering high-standard education, equipping cadets with the necessary skills and knowledge for entrance into esteemed professional institutions. Whether their ambitions lie with a military career or a civil one, CCC caters to all. As an English Medium institution, the college offers both matric-level education and the Cambridge system, ensuring that cadets receive a comprehensive, global-minded education. The faculty at CCC consists of highly qualified and trained professionals who are dedicated to nurturing the potential of the cadets. Their commitment to excellence is what sets Cadet College Chakwal apart as the best cadet college for girls in Pakistan.

6.Girls Cadet College Turbat

GCC Turbat is a unique college in that it offers girls of all backgrounds the opportunity to achieve their educational goals. The college encourages students to take part in co-curricular activities such as sports, music, art and debates. In addition, the college has a strong emphasis on academic excellence which includes ongoing assessment tests and examinations throughout the year.

The college strives to provide its students with the best possible education and experience so that they can become successful in their chosen fields. In an effort to give back to society, GCC Turbat regularly organizes community service programs and initiatives such as free medical camps, food drives and other charitable activities. All of these efforts have helped make GCC Turbat one of the most well-known and respected girl’s cadet colleges in Pakistan.

Furthermore, GCC Turbat has also achieved great success when it comes to building strong relationships with other universities and educational institutions both domestically and abroad. This helps ensure that the students are provided with the best possible academic opportunities while still upholding the values of integrity, respect and service to society.

The college has also worked hard towards providing a safe and secure learning environment for its students. With strict rules in place and regular monitoring, GCC Turbat ensures that all of its students are provided with a safe and comfortable environment to study in. In doing so, it has become one of the premier girl’s cadet colleges in Pakistan.

7.Girls Cadet College Mardan

At Girls Cadet College Mardan (GCCM), the holistic development of the students is prioritized, with a curriculum that emphasizes academic excellence, physical fitness, and character building. The college offers a diverse range of subjects and extracurricular activities, encouraging students to explore their interests and talents while preparing them for future challenges. GCCM is proud to foster an environment of inclusivity and empowerment, equipping the students with the confidence and skills needed to excel in their chosen fields and contribute positively to society.

GCCM also offers students the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions, such as the National Cadet Corps (NCC) competition. By taking part in these events, students can hone their skills while gaining valuable experience in leadership and team-building. With support from dedicated faculty members, GCCM students have achieved remarkable successes in various fields, most notably winning medals in the NCC competition for the past three consecutive years.

8.Cadet College Petaro

Cadet College Petaro offers an all-rounded environment that fosters not just academic excellence but also instills the values of discipline, leadership, and commitment, essential to navigating life’s challenges. From its inception, the college has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing quality education, evident from its consistent performance in nation-wide examinations. The college’s campus boasts latest facilities, creating an ideal learning environment for students. The teaching staff, carefully chosen from highly qualified individuals, is passionate about delivering a holistic education that adequately prepares students for their chosen careers. Offering a safe and inclusive environment, it’s an ideal choice for girls’ education in Pakistan.

9.Cadet College Rawalpindi

Cadet College Rawalpindi is hailed as one of the best Cadet Colleges for girls in Pakistan, forging a path for young women to create an impactful difference in society. The institution firmly believes in the potential of its cadets, nurturing them in a multidisciplinary environment that encompasses not only the conventional academic subjects, but also promotes a broader understanding of the world.

As a part of the Pakistan Education Development Organization’s initiative, the college is equipped with latest facilities that foster an environment conducive to learning and growth. Located in the heart of the country, near Islamabad, Cadet College Rawalpindi offers an inclusive curriculum from class VII to F.Sc level. Moreover, the college is dedicated to encouraging its cadets to explore and develop their unique skills and interests, providing comprehensive study and career counseling to guide them towards their future endeavours. The college’s outstanding commitment to providing quality education has earned it the recognition as one of the leading cadet colleges in the country.

10.Cadet College Humak Islamabad

In addition to the high-quality infrastructural facilities, Cadet College Humak is committed to fostering a conducive learning environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and personal growth. The dedicated and experienced faculty guides students not only acadically but also in their personal and moral development. Their unique teaching methodology, which blends traditional teaching methods with modern pedagogical techniques, ensures a comprehensive learning experience for the cadets.

Furthermore, the college places significant emphasis on physical fitness, providing ample sports facilities and mandating participation in games during dedicated hours. The well-kept mosque within the campus fosters spiritual development and instills the discipline of regular prayers and recitation of the Quran. Lastly, the well-equipped mess facility ensures the provision of nutritious meals, prepared by highly trained staff, catering to the dietary needs of the students.

11.Cadet College Kakar

Cadet College Kakar, known for its exceptional education system and disciplined environment, holds the reputation of being the best Cadet College for girls in Pakistan. This prestigious institution provides an all-inclusive platform that shapes young girls into confident, intelligent, and responsible individuals ready to serve their nation. The college’s unique blend of rigorous academic curriculum, coupled with its focus on physical fitness and moral values, fosters an environment conducive to holistic development. Indeed, Cadet College Kakar stands as a beacon of excellence in female education within Pakistan.

12.Cadet College Faisalabad

Cadet College Faisalabad stands as a beacon of empowerment through education for girls in Pakistan. Renowned as the best cadet college for girls, it provides a rigorous academic curriculum paired with disciplined military training. This blend fosters intellectual growth, fosters leadership qualities, and instills a sense of responsibility in the students. The institution is committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment, enabling every cadet to pursue her goals with vigor and determination. Its dedication to quality education and holistic growth has earned it recognition and respect nationwide.

13.Cadet college Lahore

Cadet College Lahore holds a significant place as the best Cadet College for girls in Pakistan, offering an education system that encompasses traditional teaching methods coupled with modern technology. It employs a variety of training aids, from blackboards to audio and video educational programmes, which have proven highly effective in enhancing cadets’ understanding and application of the curriculum. The College emphasizes continual assessment, employing a range of techniques including spot questions, quizzes, and periodic exams to evaluate the cadets’ progress. Furthermore, the College values student feedback and adjusts its educational programmes accordingly, ensuring it caters to individual aptitudes and skills, thereby facilitating an effective and personalized learning environment.

14.Cadet College Skardu

Cadet College Skardu, emblematic of academic excellence and discipline, is a leading institution in Pakistan’s educational landscape. Nestled in the beautiful city of Skardu in Gilgit-Baltistan, its tranquil environment is conducive to learning and personal growth. Since its inception in 2001, the college has earned a reputation for providing top-notch military education in the region. Being the first of its kind in Gilgit-Baltistan, it holds an iconic status and continues to pave the way for young women to pursue their ambitions in the military realm. The college’s holistic approach towards education ensures that students acquire not only academic knowledge but also learn values such as discipline, leadership, and responsibility.

15.Cadet College Muzaffarabad

Cadet College Muzaffarabad holds the esteemed reputation of being the best cadet college for girls in Pakistan. This institution stands as a beacon of excellence in academic, physical, and moral training. By providing a conducive learning environment that encourages critical thinking and fosters leadership skills, Cadet College Muzaffarabad equips its students to shine in their future endeavors, making a significant contribution to the nation.


In conclusion, going to a cadet college is a great decision for any girl in Pakistan who wants to learn essential skills and gain knowledge. Pakistani cadet colleges have been providing excellence in academics, military, sports and extra-curricular activities for years now. Even with the increasing competition among the students, these educational institutions have remained at the forefront of modern society.

Cadet colleges are not only for aspiring soldiers or officers; they help impart meaningful life lessons and instill discipline in their students. By selecting one of the best girls’ cadet colleges in Pakistan, young women can benefit from all its offerings while they pave their paths for success. As such, parents should be sure to encourage their daughters to take up this opportunity and make use of all the opportunities that come with it.