Are you a tech-savvy student looking for the best career fields to explore after completing your ICS studies? Are you overwhelmed by all of the opportunities out there and unsure which path to take. Here, we’ll discuss the top career paths options available for Pakistanis with an ICS background. Whether it’s IT engineering or digital marketing, from software development to web design we’ve got something for everyone here. So come with us as we dive into some of the best fields after ICS in Pakistan!

Best Fields After ICS in Pakistan

The field of Information and Computer Science (ICS) in Pakistan has recently gained a lot of popularity and is proving to be a successful career choice for many. The diverse range of fields that one can explore after completing their ICS education is vast, but some of the best fields include those in software engineering, digital marketing, web development, and artificial intelligence. For those who have a knack for problem-solving and love to code, software engineering and web development are excellent career options to consider.

On the other hand, those interested in the business side of things can explore a BBA or bachelor’s degree in economics. For those looking to specialize further, fields like artificial intelligence or digital marketing are becoming increasingly important in today’s technological age. Ultimately, the best field for someone depends on their own interests and passions, but with so many choices, there is no doubt that ICS students have a bright future ahead.

List Of Best Fields After ICS in Pakistan

Choosing a field for study after completing Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) is an important decision. It requires research, dedication and commitment to the chosen profession. Fortunately, Pakistan offers a wide variety of fields which students can pursue after completing ICS.

To help you choose the best possible field that fits your skills and goals, here is a list of some of the best fields after ICS in Pakistan:

1.Bachelor’s in Mathematics

With a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, graduates are equipped with a highly sought-after set of skills that are essential in today’s data-driven world. Possessing strong numerical, logical, and analytical capabilities, they can work in a variety of sectors – from finance and insurance to software and technology companies. Pakistan, being a rapidly growing market, presents a wide array of opportunities for mathematicians. They can work as Data Analysts, Quantitative Risk Analysts, Statisticians, or even in academe as educators. Furthermore, this degree can also serve as a stepping stone for higher educational pursuits in fields like data science and analytics.

2.Bachelor in Economics

After completing ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science) in Pakistan, students often ponder over the best fields to pursue for a prosperous career. Indeed, a Bachelor’s in Economics stands out as a highly viable option. This degree equips students with the skill set to analyze economic data, forecast market trends, and strategize impactful business decisions. It is widely recognized due to its vast applicability in various sectors public, private, or international corporations, banking, research, and educational institutions.

The economic principles learned during this degree program enable students to understand the behaviors and relationships of economic agents and the functioning of markets, thus opening a wide array of job opportunities. Therefore, for students seeking a promising career path post-ICS, a Bachelor’s in Economics emerges as one of the most popular and in-demand choices in Pakistan.

3.Law Degree (LLB)

In Pakistan, post-ICS students often opt for a Law degree (LLB) due to its comprehensive nature and the prestige associated with this field. The LLB curriculum covers a broad range of legal disciplines, providing students with a solid foundation in legal principles and practices. The degree offers an in-depth understanding of civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, and international law, among others. An LLB degree opens up numerous career paths, ranging from practicing as a lawyer in courts to working in corporate law, academia, or even politics. The versatility and respect that come with this profession make it an excellent choice for ICS students in Pakistan.

4.Software Engineering

Software Engineering is one of the most sought-after fields of study in Pakistan, especially after completing an Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS). This field offers a myriad of opportunities for innovation and problem solving in the ever-evolving tech industry. Software Engineers are needed in virtually every industry, making this a versatile and in-demand career path. Crucial areas of focus in this discipline include system design, application development, data management, and cybersecurity.

Graduates in Software Engineering can look forward to roles such as Software Developer, Systems Analyst, IT Consultant, Database Administrator, and many more. The potential for growth and the chance to be part of the digital evolution make Software Engineering a top choice for ICS students in Pakistan.


In Pakistan, after completing your Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS), a promising field of study is the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This degree offers a comprehensive understanding of business operations, management principles, and entrepreneurial skills. It has several specializations such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Supply Chain Management. Each specialization presents its unique career opportunities in thriving sectors.

For instance, a BBA in Finance can lead to roles in banking, corporate finance, or investment firms. Similarly, a Marketing specialization could pave the way for careers in advertising, brand management, or digital marketing. Therefore, BBA stands as a versatile and rewarding field of study after ICS in Pakistan.

6.BS Computational Physics

After completing your Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) in Pakistan, pursuing a BS degree in Computational Physics can lead to a promising career in various fields. You can work in cutting-edge technology firms, engaging in the development and implementation of high-tech solutions.

Opportunities also abound in academic institutions and research organizations, where you can contribute to the advancement of physics and its applications. Furthermore, the energy sector in Pakistan presents lucrative prospects, requiring professionals with a deep understanding of computational physics to optimize processes and improve efficiency. In the end, the choice of fields after a BS degree in Computational Physics depends on your personal interests and career goals.

7.BS Space Sciences

One of the best fields to pursue after completing the Intermediate of Computer Science (ICS) in Pakistan is the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Space Sciences. This unique discipline provides an in-depth understanding of the universe beyond the boundaries of Earth. Students gain knowledge on various aspects including space exploration, astronautics, cosmology, and astrophysics. Not only does this field offer fascinating subject matter, but it also opens up a wide array of career opportunities in Pakistan’s growing space industry, research institutions, and academia.

8.Robotics, Embedded Systems & Control Engineering

Robotics, Embedded Systems, and Control Engineering are rapidly emerging as some of the most promising fields for students in Pakistan after completing their Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS). Robotics, with its potential to revolutionize various sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture, offers exciting career paths for tech-savvy individuals. Embedded Systems, on the other hand, are omnipresent in our daily lives, functioning as the brains of many electronic devices we rely on, from smartphones to home appliances.

As a field, it allows students to gain a deep understanding of both hardware and software aspects of electronic systems. Lastly, Control Engineering, which uses automated control to design systems with desired behaviors, is becoming increasingly important in industries such as automation and process control. These fields not only provide a strong foundation for further advanced studies but also open up a range of lucrative job opportunities in both local and international markets.

9.BS Artificial Intelligence

After completing your Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) in Pakistan, pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can open up a multitude of promising career avenues. AI, a rapidly growing and highly in-demand field, involves developing systems or machines that mimic human intelligence. A degree in AI can lead to lucrative roles in areas such as data analysis, machine learning engineering, robotics, and software development. Moreover, key sectors such as healthcare, finance, and telecommunication in Pakistan are increasingly adopting AI, further amplifying the demand for AI professionals. Thus, a BS in AI presents a robust pathway for career growth and advancement post-ICS.

10.Architecture B.Arch

Pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) is a viable option for students in Pakistan after completing their Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS). This degree offers a comprehensive understanding of design, theory, and project management related to building structures. While ICS equips students with problem-solving and logical thinking skills, these can be effectively applied in architecture, which demands a blend of creativity and technical knowledge.

Moreover, the architectural field in Pakistan is ripe with opportunities, especially with the ongoing infrastructural developments and urban planning projects. Other viable fields for ICS students include Software Engineering, Data Science, and Cybersecurity, each offering a distinct career trajectory and ample growth opportunities.

11.Electrical Engineering

One of the best fields to pursue after completing Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) in Pakistan is Electrical Engineering. This discipline is highly sought-after due to its wide scope in the job market and strong foundational learning in various areas of technology. Electrical Engineering provides comprehensive knowledge about electrical systems, machinery, electrical control systems, power generation, transmission, and distribution. Graduates can find promising careers in public sector organizations like WAPDA, K-Electric, and PTCL, or in private sector firms that deal with power systems and telecommunication. It’s also a stepping stone for specializations in Electronics Engineering or Telecommunication Engineering.


Through a comprehensive review of all the best fields after ICS in Pakistan, we can conclude that there are many promising and exciting occupations for individuals who have completed an ICS degree. Whether you want to pursue a job in technology, teaching, finance, legal services, or any other industry, there are ample opportunities available. All these career paths offer incredible potential for individuals who possess the right mix of initiative and knowledge. With enough dedication, perseverance, and hard work, you can make it big in your chosen field or industry.

So don’t wait any longer now is the perfect time to start building your career in one of the top industries after ICS in Pakistan! If you want to explore more options or need assistance with choosing a good field or profession for yourself, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our counselors who can provide valuable advice and guidance. Together we will help you find success!