Are you looking to improve your skills and get certified without investing huge amounts of money? Well, then rejoice as there are many free online courses in Pakistan now available that offer certification too! Nowadays, learning from a world-class instructor has become affordable with such high quality courses being made available for free. So say goodbye to hefty tuition fees and embrace the self-paced learning journeys this new digital era has enabled. With these online courses gaining credibility, consider taking advantage of them today and reap the rewards for yourself!

Best Free Online Courses In Pakistan With Certification

Accessing quality education has become easier than ever in Pakistan thanks to the availability of free online courses with certification. This is a great opportunity for students who want to enhance their skill set and acquire knowledge in a variety of fields. Online courses are perfect for individuals who have busy schedules and are unable to attend traditional classes. Not only do online courses provide flexibility, but they also offer the chance to learn at your own pace.

The certification that comes along with these courses is a valuable asset to your resume and can help boost your career prospects. With a wide range of options available, including courses in computer science, business, and digital marketing, finding a course that aligns with your interests and career goals has never been easier. So why not take advantage of the online courses available to you and expand your knowledge today?


Digiskills, an extensive online learning platform developed by the Government of Pakistan, has been an instrumental force in empowering individuals with digital skills and fostering self-employment. Since its inception in 2018, it has gained recognition as one of Pakistan’s most popular educational platforms, offering a multitude of courses to students free of cost.

The platform offers a wide range of courses in both technical and non-technical domains, providing comprehensive training from basic to advanced levels, and upon completion, students are provided with certificates. The diverse catalogue of Digiskills includes courses on freelancing, e-commerce, digital marketing, graphic designing, WordPress, SEO, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, digital literacy, and creative writing. It stands out for its inclusivity, offering knowledge without imposing any age restrictions or strict educational prerequisites. For more information, visit Digiskills.

2.Pakistan Institute of Computer Science

The Pakistan Institute of Computer Science (PICS), an esteemed educational platform, is revolutionizing learning by providing the latest technical knowledge right at your doorstep. PICS is committed to offering quality education and honing skills to meet the demands of online marketplaces. At present, they are offering as many as 2165 technical and non-technical courses spanning various fields such as business, management, IT, medical science, engineering, communication, and languages.

One of the best aspects of PICS is that several of their diplomas and certifications are available at no cost, making quality education accessible to all. For more information, please visit their website at


Udemy, a popular online learning platform, has made significant inroads in Pakistan, offering a multitude of free online courses accompanied by certifications. These courses cater to a diversity of interests and skill levels, encompassing everything from coding and design to marketing and entrepreneurship.

It is a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in an evolving technological landscape. The courses are thoughtfully constructed and delivered, staying true to Udemy’s commitment to high-quality education. Visit Udemy’s website here to explore free courses that could be the perfect fit for your learning journey. offers a wealth of free online courses with certifications in Pakistan, empowering individuals to broaden their skill sets and fuel their passions. Our platform is designed for those who are driven by a desire to learn, grow, and make an impact in the world. course catalog includes a wide range of topics such as Fiverr, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing, Google Ads Basics, Video Editing with Techkor, Content Writing, SEO, Python, Amazon FBA Wholesale, CSS3, and much more.

Each course is delivered by a dedicated instructor from across Pakistan, bringing their unique insights and expertise to provide a rich, collaborative learning experience. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, start a new hobby, or enhance your business skills, is your gateway to knowledge.

5.Online Courses at Harvard

Harvard University’s online learning platform offers a unique opportunity for learners in Pakistan and around the globe. With a robust portfolio of courses, students can gain critical skills and acquire certifications in numerous fields. As one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, a certificate from Harvard certainly adds significant value to the professional profile of any individual.

The courses, taught by renowned faculty, range from business and IT to science, health, and medicine. While some of these courses do carry a cost, a fair number of them are absolutely free, making Harvard’s world-class education accessible to learners regardless of their financial situation. Visit their website here to explore the extensive course catalog.

The Teaching English Free Online Course in Pakistan is a remarkable opportunity for teachers to enhance their English language skills and teaching methodologies. This course is not only designed for those who struggle with English proficiency but also for well-qualified teachers who aspire to broaden their horizons. It aims to equip educators with the necessary skills to teach English effectively, thereby improving their ability to serve their students.

Upon completion of this course, educators are expected to convey their knowledge more effectively, thereby enriching the learning experience for their students.


In Pakistan, Coursera offers an exceptional opportunity for learners to access a vast library of online courses for free, along with certification. Catering to a vast learning community, Coursera extends its reach to Pakistan, empowering students and professionals alike to enhance their skills and credentials.

The platform provides a rich spectrum of course categories, including but not limited to science, marketing, business, and engineering. With approximately 2,000 online programs, students can choose from a wide range of topics that align with their academic and professional objectives. The certificates earned upon course completion are widely recognized, significantly contributing to individual skill sets and knowledge.

Moreover, Coursera’s expansive digital library provides a wealth of resources to supplement the learning process. It’s noteworthy to mention that Coursera offers both accredited and non-accredited courses, catering to diverse learning needs and preferences. Visit Coursera to start your learning journey. stands as a premier online education portal, offering a diverse array of free online courses with certification in Pakistan. Committed to promoting accessible and quality education, this unique platform provides an extensive range of online tuitions from grade 7 up to the bachelor’s level, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for students of varying capacities.

Additionally, it also offers rigorous entrance test preparation, helping students to gain the upper hand in their academic pursuits. The free online courses and training programs available on are crafted by industry experts and educators, designed to foster critical thinking and enhance subject knowledge. By leveraging these resources, learners can not only solidify their understanding of core concepts but also gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving global market.

9.MDi Pakistan Online Training

MDi Pakistan is a pioneering platform offering free online courses to learners in Pakistan, with a commitment to fostering educational and training opportunities in a range of critical sectors. The platform specializes in technical and business disciplines, offering high-quality, comprehensive course materials at no cost. The mission at MDi Pakistan is not only to empower individuals with enhanced skills but also to contribute to stabilizing the country’s economy.

The courses span a broad spectrum, encompassing business, entrepreneurship, IT, marketing, writing, and communication skills. As an authorized education platform, MDi Pakistan is an excellent resource for individuals in Pakistan looking to further their knowledge and skills without financial constraints.

10.Omni Academy

Omni Academy, a versatile online portal in Pakistan, is a game-changer in the realm of online learning, offering more than 1000 free courses both online and on-campus. It strives to empower individuals by providing a plethora of courses that include certificates and diplomas, serving as powerful tools in boosting their professional growth.

Omni Academy specializes in an array of subjects such as Science, Digital Marketing, Information Security, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Machine Learning and AI, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, and SAP ERPFREE. To ensure hands-on experience and practical application of the acquired knowledge, Omni Academy also conducts free training and workshops. To explore more about the exciting learning opportunities at Omni Academy, please visit their official website:

11.Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy, a prominent e-learning platform in Pakistan, is committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible educational environment. Their aim is to equip individuals with valuable, employable skills through their online courses. The platform provides access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced mentors, offering guidance and support throughout your learning journey.

Virtual Academy’s course offerings are diverse, ranging from freelancing and blogging to WordPress and basic computer skills, catering to the varying interests and career goals of learners. They even delve into programming, offering a gateway into the exciting world of coding. The courses are free and come with certifications, making them an excellent resource for those seeking to boost their skills and competitiveness in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

12.Live training lab

Live Training Lab invites you to join our free online courses with certification in Pakistan. Live Training Lab courses are designed to accommodate learners at various stages of skill and expertise. Among the many options, you can learn SEO, Web Development, Social Media strategies, or even delve into Graphic Design. If technology is your passion.

Live Training Lab offer courses in Android App Development and Android Game Development. For creative minds, we have Video Animation, AutoCAD, 3D Animation & Designing (3D Max), Interior Designing, and Architecture. Finally, for those looking to enhance their language and communication skills, we provide Spoken English and IELTS preparation courses. Step into a world of learning with our comprehensive suite of online courses.

13.Skills success 

Skills Success offers a wide range of free online courses in Pakistan, providing opportunities for individuals to enhance their skills and improve their career prospects. These courses span a variety of fields, including management, information technology, arts, and sciences.

The notable aspect of these courses is that upon successful completion, participants are awarded a certificate. This certification not only validates the skills acquired but also bolsters the individual’s professional profile, opening doors to better career opportunities.

14.Allama Iqbal Open university (AIOU)

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), a pioneer in distance learning, has launched a series of free online courses for the residents of Pakistan. These courses, available to anyone with internet access, cover a wide variety of subjects and cater to diverse academic interests.

From arts and sciences to technology and management, the curriculum is designed to provide holistic education, thereby preparing students for the competitive global job market. The best part? Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a certificate, making it a noteworthy addition to their professional portfolio.

15.Glowand Lovely Careers For Womens

Glowand Lovely Careers offer a plethora of free online courses for women in Pakistan, providing invaluable skills and certifications across a wide array of fields. With categories ranging from English Language Learning, comprising 6 course offerings, to Media and Entertainment, which boasts 5 distinct courses, the program ensures a diverse range of learning opportunities. It also includes a comprehensive Healthcare sector with 10 unique courses.

Other sectors include Information Technology, Management, Marketing & Sales, Entrance Exams, Natural Resources and Food Processing, Education & Training, and Finance and Accounts, offering 1, 2, 1, 5, 4, and 5 courses respectively. Visit their website to explore these opportunities and enroll in a course that suits your interest and career aspirations.


In conclusion, the expansion of free online courses in Pakistan opens pathways for individuals to acquire world-class education without dealing with extravagant costs. A multitude of platforms offer a comprehensive range of courses, enabling learners to pick based on their interests, needs, and future aspirations.

The best part is that these courses come with certifications, adding substantial value to your resume and significantly boosting your career prospects. Be it Digiskills, Udemy, Coursera, or the esteemed Allama Iqbal Open University, each one brings unique learning opportunities to your doorstep.

Embrace this self-paced, flexible learning method and enhance your skills without having to worry about hefty tuition fees. Now is the time to make the most of these incredible resources and step into a brighter, knowledge-filled future! Don’t wait start your learning journey today.