Are you looking for the best restaurants in Johar Town Lahore? Well, look no further! From Asian fusion to Italian cuisine and everything in between, this lively area offers a variety of culinary experiences. Whether you’re visiting with your family or on business, there’s something for everyone here and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Here is our list of the top 10 restaurants in Johar Town Lahore that will tantalize your palate and leave lasting delicious memories. So read on to know more about them and find out where to go next time when dining out!

Restaurants in Johar Town Lahore

Johar Town in Lahore is a hub of delectable and mind-blowing restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines and flavors. These restaurants attract a huge crowd of foodies every day with their scrumptious dishes and comfortable ambiance. If you are a fan of fast food, then you can grab a sandwich or burger at Subway or Pizza Hut. If you are craving a desi meal, then Al-Dewan Restaurant and Yasir Broast are the places to be. For those who love biryani, Biryani Hut has got it right with its flavorful biryanis.

Cheezious is a delightful place to munch on spicy and cheesy bites, while Saffron Restaurant offers a range of Pakistani and Continental dishes. Gourmet Restaurant and Hen N’ Bun are two other popular options that never disappoint with their mouth-watering menu. With such amazing options to choose from, Johar Town is indeed a foodie’s paradise.

1.Johnny & Jugnu

Situated in the heart of Johar Town, Lahore, Johnny & Jugnu stands as a beacon for takeaway lovers, constantly delivering flavorsome and mouth-watering meals. This compact eatery specializes in wraps and burgers, boasting a delightful selection of five unique sauces to choose from, adding a personalized touch to each dish.

The taste of their offerings justifies every penny you spend, making it an irresistible spot for food enthusiasts. Notably, their Fillet Burger, Wrap with Chipotle, and Wehshi Burger are crowd favorites, each dish promising an explosion of flavors. The environment encourages a fun-filled car dine-in experience, perfect for a casual hangout with friends. You can find Johnny & Jugnu hiding behind Mian Plaza in the Civic Centre, a treasure worth discovering. To place an order, simply dial 0311 1333363 and get ready for a culinary adventure!

2.Saffron Restaurant

The Saffron Restaurant not only offers a diverse menu to cater to all taste buds, but it also provides a comfortable, smoke-free environment that suits all age groups. While children can relish an array of delicious meals like noodles, Paratha Rolls, and burgers, adults can savor the unique flavors of Sheesha. Although the prices can be a bit steep, the serene ambiance and top-notch service make it well worth it. The restaurant has positioned itself as a preferred choice among the higher socio-economic class, a testament to its premium quality. It’s conveniently located in M.A Johar Town Scheme, Lahore, Pakistan, and can be reached at +92-42 5203549.

3.Kudo’s Caff

Kudo’s Caff, nestled in the heart of Johar Town in Lahore, offers a unique blend of comfort, entertainment, and delectable cuisine. The restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere is complemented by a trendy interior design that is perfect for capturing Instagrammable moments or for group photographs that capture the joy of good company. The menu is a delectable journey of flavors with a special emphasis on steaks, burgers, and pasta each dish promising a culinary adventure you won’t forget.

Among their signature dishes, the GOAT cheeseburger, Zlatan Dynamite, Lotus cake, and their crispy Fries stand out for their distinct taste and presentation. For those wanting to experience this culinary gem, Kudo’s Caff is located at Block Q, Phase 2, Johar Town Rd, Johar Town, Lahore. To make reservations or to order your favorite meal, contact them at their hotline 042 38930582.

4.Al-Dewan Restaurant Johar Town

In addition to its varied culinary offerings, Al-Dewan Restaurant in Johar Town, Lahore, is renowned for its warm hospitality and inviting ambiance. The establishment prides itself on serving top-quality food in a comfortable setting, making it an excellent choice for casual dinners, family gatherings, or important celebrations.

The menu highlights include Arabian, Pakistani, and Continental cuisine, all priced reasonably to cater to a broad clientele. Among the must-try items is the white karahi, a dish that has won the hearts of both locals and visitors. Situated conveniently at the Main Boulevard, Khokar Chowk, in Johar Town Phase 2, this restaurant is easily accessible and promises a memorable dining experience. To reserve your table, call 042-35290204 today.

5.Buqayvia Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Johar Town, Buqayvia Restaurant is a gastronomical delight for food enthusiasts. The restaurant boasts a comfortable, welcoming ambiance that perfectly complements their top-quality meals, served by an extremely courteous staff. The delicacies offered range from the iconic Monster Burger to the delectable Sole Fish and the exotic Three Leaf Thai Chicken, each dish presented with an artistic touch that makes choosing a single meal a tough decision. Located at Main Canal Road, Buqayvia Restaurant invites you to enjoy a memorable dining experience. For reservations and inquiries, please contact 0300 1780808.

6.BFC Restaurant Lahore

BFC Restaurant in Lahore, situated in Johar Town, has quickly risen to become one of the top dining destinations in the area. The restaurant is best known for its authentic Arabic cuisine, featuring mouthwatering dishes such as the fish burger, Shwarma, and Chicken Burger. Yet, it’s not just the food that has made BFC a local favorite.

The warm and inviting atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience, making it a place where patrons feel truly welcomed. BFC Restaurant is conveniently located on the Main Boulevard, making it easily accessible for food enthusiasts throughout the city. For inquiries and reservations, you may reach them at 042-35290203. Whether it’s for a casual meal or a special occasion, BFC Restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience.

7.Krados Restaurant

At Krados, the ambiance is as delightful as the food. With a warm, inviting interior that mirrors the hospitable culture of Pakistan, dining in Krados is truly an experience. The menu is extensive, with options catering to every palate, ranging from BBQ Shawarma to Tawa Karahi and Tawa Chicken. Each dish is masterfully crafted, with an authentic burst of flavors that transport you to the heart of Pakistani cuisine. The restaurant’s location at Johar Town, Khayaban-e-Firdousi in Lahore, makes it easily accessible for both locals and tourists. To experience this culinary delight, call 042 35181066 to make a reservation or place an order for takeaway.

8.Biryani Hut Lahore

When it comes to biryani in Lahore, Biryani Hut is a true gem tucked away in Johar Town. Their biryani offers an explosion of flavors that I, a seasoned biryani connoisseur, find irresistibly delightful. The biryani here maintains a perfect balance of spices that titillates the taste buds without overpowering them. But their culinary prowess doesn’t end with biryani. Their barbecue is simply sublime, a must-try for any meat lover. Whether it’s a family dinner or a get-together with friends, Biryani Hut should be on top of your list for group meals in Lahore. You can find this culinary paradise at Main Blvd, Block G, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan. For inquiries or reservations, feel free to contact them at 03018400667.

9.Bundu Khan Restaurant

Bundu Khan, one of the best restaurants in Johar Town, Lahore, is celebrated for its superb Pakistani cuisine. The restaurant has won the hearts of food lovers over the years with its high-quality food. The ambiance of Bundu Khan sets it apart, offering a comfortable seating area and tasteful decor that make it an ideal destination for family gatherings. Their specialties include BBQ, Karahi, Soups, and Shashlik, making every meal a gastronomic adventure. Conveniently located on the Main Blvd, Phase 2, Block N, Johar Town, Lahore, you can reach out to them at 042 35316012 for reservations or inquiries.

10.Subway Johar Town

Subway Johar Town is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Johar Town, Lahore. This branch of the world-renowned chain continues to uphold its reputation for serving mouth-watering, nutritious meals in a calm, soothing ambiance. Not only is the food prepared to perfection, but also the transparency in their service is commendable. Their commitment to cleanliness is evident as they perform cleaning operations right in front of the customers, ensuring that everything is impeccably clean. Conveniently located at Block H-2, Johar Town Lahore, it is easily accessible and is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality dining experience.

11.Baithak Khaas

Baithak Khaas, located in Johar Town Lahore, is a unique culinary experience that fuses traditional Qawwali performances with an exquisite menu of desi food. The rooftop setting provides a refreshing atmosphere where guests can enjoy live Qawwali while savoring some delectable BBQ and Karahi. Specializing in dishes like Chicken Karahi and BBQ Tawa Chicken, Baithak Khaas continues to impress food enthusiasts with its exceptional cuisine and ambiance. The restaurant is situated in Phase 2 Johar Town, on Khayaban-e-Firdousi, Lahore. For reservations and further information, contact them at 0321 2248425.

12.Yasir Broast in Johar Town

Yasir Broast in Johar Town stands as one of the top choices when pondering over the best eateries in Johar Town, Lahore. The restaurant has etched its mark in the hearts of locals and tourists alike, gaining popularity for its top-notch food and serene ambiance. Catering to a varied demographic, Yasir Broast Johar Town is the perfect spot for any age group.

The staff at Yasir Broast, Johar Town, is noted for their exceptional kindness and proficiency, ensuring a delightful dining experience for their guests. The most frequently ordered takeaways include Chicken Malai Piece, Chicken Kabab, Chicken cheese Kabab, Beef Kabab, Chicken Reshmi Kabab, Mutton Seekh Kabab, and more. Located on the Main Boulevard in Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan, it conveniently sits next to Shaukat Khanam Hospital. For any queries or reservations, Yasir Broast Johar Town can be contacted at 042-35312350-54.

13. Zakir Tikka 

When it comes to affordable, flavorful dining in Johar Town, Lahore, Zakir Tikka unquestionably stands out. The laid-back atmosphere perfectly complements the mouthwatering BBQ items that are the restaurant’s specialty. Despite its somewhat cramped seating area, which might not be ideal for families, Zakir Tikka shines as a takeaway option. Its signature dishes, such as the Reshmi Kabab and Taka Tak Karahi, are beloved by regular patrons for their rich, authentic flavors. Zakir Tikka, conveniently located at Khokhar Chowk in Johar Town, can be reached at 0300 0724446 for orders and inquiries.


Howdy, a renowned fast-food chain in Pakistan, boasts an impressive presence with branches spread across the nation. The one in Johar Town, Lahore, is particularly noted for its tantalizing burger offerings. The menu here includes mouth-watering choices like the Chicken Texas Steak, Yay Cheeseburger, Grilled Beef Burger, and the unforgettably delicious, Extra Cheesy Beef Burger.

The delectable meat options, whether it’s beef, chicken or mutton, are sure to satiate your hunger pangs. Conveniently located near Shaukat Khanum Hospital Rd, in Phase 2 of Johar Town, Lahore, Howdy promises a dining experience worth revisiting. For further queries, or to place your order, feel free to contact them at 042 111 146 939.

15. Hen N’ Bun Johar Town

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Hen N’ Bun is a standout location in Johar Town, Lahore, renowned for its exceptional culinary offerings. This restaurant is a paradise for food enthusiasts, offering an immersive experience that combines tantalizing flavors and an appealing ambiance. If you’re a fan of Al-Baik’s Arabian Broast, Nuggets, Dips, and Fries, you’ll find that Hen N’ Bun delivers a remarkable homage that does not disappoint.

But what truly sets Hen N’ Bun apart is its Broast Chicken, a dish that, despite the many culinary options in Lahore, remains unrivaled in its savory delight. Consider this an open invitation to visit Hen N’ Bun at 18, R2, Block R 2 Phase 2, Johar Town, Lahore, or to call at +92 304 1110405 to experience firsthand why it ranks among the best restaurants in Johar Town, Lahore.


Cheezious in Johar Town, Lahore, is undeniably one of the finest dining establishments in the area. The extensive menu is a gastronomic adventure offering a variety of dishes to kick-start your party. From tantalizing appetizers, delectable pizzas, hearty sandwiches, to creamy pastas and succulent burgers, Cheezious caters to all taste palettes.

Whether you prefer sticking to familiar flavors or exploring new and exciting culinary experiences, Cheezious is the place to be. Their commitment to quality is evident in each dish they serve, with the use of only the finest and freshest ingredients, resulting in flavors that burst with every bite. Dining at Cheezious, you can expect a wonderful meal that offers value for money. The restaurant’s popularity among locals is a testament to its outstanding offerings. To experience this culinary delight, call at 111 44 66 99 9 (remember to add the city code) or visit them at 446, Block G3, Phase 2, Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab.

17.Pizza Hut in Johar Town

Pizza Hut, located in the heart of Johar Town, Lahore, is arguably one of the best restaurants in the area. With over a hundred branches in Pakistan, this particular one stands out for its delicious variety and excellent service. The menu is diverse, spanning from scrumptious appetizers, pastas, soups and salads, to thirst-quenching beverages, mouth-watering desserts, and delightful sandwiches. However, the major attraction is their wide array of pizzas, priced competitively for all.

The line-up includes unique flavors such as Bihari Chicken Pizza, Chicken Tandoori Pizza, Karahi Chicken Pizza, Chicken Tikka Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and Chapli Kabab Pizza, among others. For those who love a good blend of flavors, there’s the Meat and Veggie Lovers Pizza, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Chicken Fajita Pizza, and Chicken Fajita Sicilian Pizza. Not to mention, the Hot and Spicy Pizza for those who enjoy a bit of a kick in their meal. Find them at Plot 15, N-Block, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan or call them at 111-241241 for a memorable dining experience.


In conclusion, there are many fantastic restaurants available in Johar Town Lahore to choose from. From traditional cuisines, healthy yet delicious options to international dishes, these restaurants have you covered. Each restaurant offers unique flavors and atmosphere of its own.

So next time when you plan your visit to Johar Town Lahore, keep this list in your back pocket and surprise your taste buds with some tantalizing culinary experiences! If you still haven’t had the chance to give these wonderful restaurants a try before then head out at the earliest and treat yourself or your loved ones with some amazing food!