30 Best Schools In Islamabad 2024

Are you searching for the best schools in Islamabad? Finding a school that suits your family’s needs can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and resources, you can identify an institution that provides quality education and meets your budget. Within this post, we’ll explore some of the top educational institutions to consider when looking for schools in Islamabad. We’ll compare scores from each establishment’s entrance exam as well as other features such as curriculum staffing levels, building facilities, and extracurricular activities available on-site.

All these factors are important considerations when choosing where to send your child to school. With our guide at hand throughout this process, you’re sure to make an educated decision about which institution is most suited to meet your expectations. Read on to discover which schools offer the very best in education that Islamabad has to offer!

Schools In Islamabad

Islamabad is home to some of the best schools in Pakistan, providing quality education to students of all age groups. With an impressive lineup of schools to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the options. From Beacon House School System to Allied School Islamabad, the variety is vast and ensures that every student’s needs are met. Frobel’s International School, Schola Nova Islamabad, and Head Start School are some other popular names that offer an excellent curriculum and top-notch facilities. Root Millennium School, The City School, and Army Public School & College System are also widely known for their academic excellence and extracurricular activities. Whether you’re looking for a Montessori program or a well-rounded high school experience, Islamabad has it all.

List of Best schools in Islamabad

Here are some of the top-rated schools in Islamabad:

1.Frobel’s International School

Frobel’s International School has always been a pioneer in creating innovative educational experiences for its students, setting itself apart as the best school in Islamabad. From its humble beginnings with just 10 students and four teachers, the school has grown exponentially over the years. Today, it boasts of eight sprawling campuses across Pakistan, each one echoing the ethos of the institution: dedication, professionalism, and excellence.

The school prides itself on its comprehensive educational system that provides equal emphasis on academics, sports, extracurricular activities, and social programs. Its inclusive environment ensures that every student, from the tender age of six weeks in daycare to young adults of 18 years, feels appreciated and empowered. It promotes an understanding and respect of diversity in all its forms – be it gender, physical or mental abilities, culture, or origin.

The success of Frobel’s International School is attributed to its hardworking students, dedicated teaching staff, supportive parents, and loyal school staff. The school believes in a balanced approach to education, providing just the right mix of freedom and control to guide students smoothly towards higher education and adulthood.

Frobel’s International School has multiple branches in Islamabad, and you can contact them at the following addresses:

  • Frobel’s F7: Phone: +92 512 652164, +92 512 652165; Address: 10 Street 13, F-7/2 F 7/2 F-7.
  • Frobel’s F11: Phone: +92 518 318336, +92 518 318337; Address: 51 St 59, F-11/4 F 11/4 F-11.

2.Roots Millennium School

Roots Millennium School, with its inception in 1988 by Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq, has blossomed into a vast network of 20 campuses across Pakistan. The institution stands at the forefront of delivering exceptional educational programs, underpinned by globally recognized qualifications, fostering diversity, academic excellence, and creativity within its student body.

Anchored in the mission to confront global challenges, the school nurtures the perspectives, skills, and values of students, thus unlocking their potential in psychological, intellectual, academic, physical, and cultural dimensions. It is a vibrant hub of learning where the innate interests and curiosities of students are kindled and encouraged by a dedicated faculty and a collaborative peer environment. Located in JVX2+HVF, Block H D-18 Engineering Co-Operative, Islamabad, Roots Millennium can be reached at +92 3315060561 & +92 51 111 111 193. The fee structure is variable across different grades and branches, comprehensive details of which can be obtained through their official website or by visiting the nearest Roots Millennium branch.

3.Army Public School & College System

The Army Public School & College System (APSACS) in Islamabad is a premier educational institution, renowned for its exceptional track record in student performance. The reputation APSACS has established within its first year is a testament to the commitment and ambition of its staff. The institution aims to empower students with robust integrity and practical knowledge, creating an environment that isn’t just challenging but also nurturing.

APSACS has successfully set up various branches across Pakistan, with each one thriving in Islamabad. Catering to both girls and boys, it offers comprehensive education from nursery to intermediate level (FSC), on separate campuses. The school’s stellar matriculation results have further solidified its esteemed status. To contact APSACS, you can reach them at the following address: J683+4FC, Block D Islamabad or through these phone numbers: 051-5122870, 051-5122872. The fee structure for the Army Public School varies between sections, ranging from Rs. 16,000 to 40,000 per month.

4.Preparatory School Islamabad

Established in 1990, the Preparatory School Islamabad is a private co-educational institution known for its commitment to academic excellence. With more than 500 students hailing predominantly from affluent backgrounds, the school has carved out a reputation as one of Pakistan’s finest. Offering Primary, Elementary, and O-Level programs, the school provides a robust academic platform, catering to the diverse needs of its learners. Beyond academics, the school places significant emphasis on students’ holistic development, organizing a slew of extracurricular activities aimed at nurturing well-rounded individuals. Contact them at 92-51-2822348, 2600880 or admin@psi.edu.pk for more information.

5.Beacon House School System

In the heart of Islamabad lies the finest educational institution in the country, the Beaconhouse School System. Since its humble beginnings in 1975 as Les Anges Montessori Academy, Beaconhouse has grown exponentially, earning the reputation of being one of the most prestigious schools not just in Pakistan, but across the globe. It boasts a robust network of branches spreading from the UK to Malaysia, the Philippines, the UAE, Oman, Belgium, and Thailand. Within Pakistan, Beaconhouse’s reach extends to over 30 cities, with a staggering 50,000 students enrolled in its Islamabad branches alone. This educational powerhouse offers an array of programs catering to each stage of a child’s development: Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Matriculation, IGCSE and O/A levels.

Committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment, Beaconhouse enforces strict child protection policies. Furthermore, the school’s unwavering dedication to fostering academic excellence has seen countless students secure scholarships in distinguished universities worldwide. Truly, the Beaconhouse School System stands as a beacon of quality education in Islamabad and beyond.

6.Islamabad Convent School

Established as a paragon of education in Islamabad, Islamabad Convent School (ICS) is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and character building. Catering to both boys and girls, ICS provides classes from pre-school to O-level, adhering to the British curriculum. The school prides itself on its highly qualified faculty, dedicated to imparting a balanced and holistic education. Beyond academics, ICS encourages its students to be responsible individuals with a strong moral compass. The school offers a variety of co-curricular activities including sports, music, and arts, promoting a well-rounded development for its students. Located at Jaffer Khan Jamali Rd, H-8/4 H 8/4 H-8, ICS stands as the leading choice for quality education in Islamabad.

7.Sheikh Zayed International Academy

The Sheikh Zayed International Academy in Islamabad, renowned for its exceptional educational standards, is deeply committed to shaping well-rounded students. Affiliated with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, the academy leverages advanced teaching methodologies and a team of highly qualified educators to ensure a holistic learning experience.

The primary aim of the IB curriculum at the academy is not just academic excellence, but also the overall personal development of students. The curriculum encourages students to grow mentally, physically, socially, and intellectually, thus equipping them with the essential skills for a successful future. Moreover, the academy fosters an empowering environment that emboldens students to confront real-world challenges with confidence and resilience. It is this comprehensive approach to education that sets Sheikh Zayed International Academy apart as one of the finest institutions in Islamabad.

8.The City School

The City School in Islamabad, first established in 1978, prides itself as one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan. With a network stretching across approximately 160 campuses nationwide, the school caters to over 150,000 students, eight of those campuses being located within Islamabad itself. The campuses are well-equipped and organized, offering all the essential amenities to facilitate an optimal learning environment.

The school is continuously expanding to meet the rising demand for high-quality education. Its students are among the top achievers, both nationally and globally. The City School offers education to all age groups, from elementary to A-levels, embodying the commitment to educational excellence. The school is dedicated to exploring innovative teaching methods that set their students apart. Aiming to foster a highly competitive environment, the learning at The City School helps students to make informed choices for their future. Address: Near Shifa, Pitras Bukhari Rd, H-8/1 H 8/1 H-8, Islamabad.

9.Head Start School

Founded in 1965, Head Start School in Islamabad has earned a reputation as one of the premiere educational institutions in the region. With its authentic Pakistani curriculum, the school seeks to showcase the incredible diversity of the world to its students. The mission of Head Start is to provide an education founded on the principles of humanism, ethical courage, and all the competencies needed for effective local citizenship and global fluency in the 21st century.

The school’s educational approach focuses on teaching students to actively engage with and learn about their environment. From the beginning, the school supports students in understanding their potential and finding their optimal path according to their abilities and interests. The ultimate goal of Head Start is to equip students with the essential skills and proficiencies to help them excel in their chosen field. Head Start School is conveniently located at Street Number 1-A, Kuri, Road, Islamabad.

10.OPF School

OPF School, established by the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) in 1985, is renowned as one of the best educational institutions in Islamabad. Initially set up as a not-for-profit girls’ school, it expanded in 2001, establishing a separate campus for boys. The girls’ campus sprawls over 100 kanals of land and currently caters to 4800 students with a team of 450 highly qualified educators. On the other hand, the boys’ campus covers 56 kanals of land, accommodating 1400 students under the guidance of 121 dedicated teachers.

The school curriculum spans from pre-nursery to higher secondary education, alongside offering O/A Levels. It provides an assurance of 100% admission for children of overseas Pakistanis, coupled with a 50% concession on tuition fees. The boys’ campus is located on Street 9, H-8/4, while the girls’ campus is situated at IBC-II, IBC-1، Lalak Jan Rd, F-8/2, in Islamabad.

11.Allied School Islamabad

Allied School Islamabad, often hailed as the best school in Islamabad, stands as a testament to commitment towards integrating academic prowess with a holistic development approach. The curriculum at Allied School is meticulously designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and character building, setting a platform for quality education.

faculty, experienced and dedicated, ensure every student receives individual attention and guidance, thereby nurturing their academic and personal growth. The school also offers a wide array of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and clubs, allowing students to explore their interests beyond the classroom. With its inclusive and nurturing environment, Allied School Islamabad doesn’t just prepare its students for tomorrow’s challenges, but equips them with the necessary skills for a successful future. Visit us at House 747, Street 23, Service Rd W, G-9/1 G 9/1 G-9, Islamabad.

12.Islamabad Grammar School

Established as one of the leading educational institutions in the city, Islamabad Grammar School stands out as the best school in Islamabad. As a private institution, it offers both pre- and O-level education, adhering to the high standards of the British curriculum. The school takes pride in its highly qualified faculty, who are deeply committed to providing top-notch education to all students. Apart from academic excellence, the Islamabad Grammar School believes in the holistic development of its students.

Emphasis is placed on co-curricular activities, offering a wide range of options such as sports, music, and arts. Further enhancing the student experience, the school also provides a variety of extra-curricular activities, including enriching field trips and opportunities for community service. The curriculum is comprehensive, with core subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science forming the backbone of the educational program. Complementing these are various elective subjects such as Art and Design, Business Studies, and ICT, allowing students to explore their interests and talents further.Address: 16-H Luqman Hakeem Rd, G-6/3 G 6/3 G-6, Islamabad.

13.Dar-e-Arqam School Islamabad

Established as one of the top educational institutions in Islamabad, Dar-e-Arqam Schools stand out owing to their unique blend of traditional Islamic values and contemporary academic principles. The institution aims to foster a balanced educational environment, where modern subjects are taught in conjunction with religious teachings. This way, students can grow intellectually while also developing a robust moral compass.

A dedicated and professional faculty ensures that the quality of education provided is top-tier, with a keen focus on individual student needs. Furthermore, Dar-e-Arqam Schools understand that holistic development extends beyond the classroom. For this reason, an array of extracurricular activities is offered to encourage students to cultivate diverse interests and talents. This relentless commitment to comprehensive education, combining academic excellence with strong Islamic values, is why Dar-e-Arqam Schools remain the top choice for parents in Islamabad. Please reach out to us at our IFCOS, D-17, Islamabad address for more information.

14.International Grammar School and College

International Grammar School and College, located in Islamabad, is an esteemed institution offering a British educational curriculum from pre-school up to O-levels. The school takes pride in its highly qualified faculty who are dedicated to delivering quality education and fostering a conducive learning environment. With a strong focus on character development, the institution motivates students to be responsible members of society.

Beyond academics, International Grammar School and College also provides a plethora of co-curricular activities in the realms of sports, music, and arts. The curriculum is diverse, offering a variety of subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and electives like Art and Design, Business Studies, and ICT. You can find us at MXJW+V39, Street 58, F-11/4 F 11/4 F-11, Islamabad.

15.Lahore Grammar School

Lahore Grammar School (LGS) holds a distinguished position among educational institutions in Islamabad. Lauded as the best private preschool across the cities in Pakistan, LGS caters to students from pre-school right through to secondary school education, providing them with a robust foundation for lifelong learning. Established in 1979, the school proudly carries the affiliation of the Cambridge board of international examinations. It is devoted to fostering a rigorous academic environment, specifically for O-Level and A-Level students.

Not limited to Lahore, the school has spread its wings with several branches across Pakistan, each echoing the commitment to educational excellence that LGS stands for. The school’s towering reputation is a testament to its unwavering commitment to maintaining high educational standards and a carefully curated curriculum divided between sub-sections including juniors, middle, senior, O-Level, and A-Level. For further details, you may visit LGS at 16-H Luqman Hakeem Rd, G-6/3 G 6/3 G-6, Islamabad.

16.Super Nova School

Super Nova School, located at 16 Nazim-ud-din Rd, F-8/1 F 8/1 F-8, Islamabad, has proven itself to be among the premiere educational institutions in the city. Providing comprehensive education, from elementary level to A-Level, the institution prides itself on its reputation built over the years since its establishment. Recognized for its quality education, the school stands out in the competitive educational scene in Islamabad. Not only does it provide an unbeatable academic curriculum, but it is also a symbol of scholarly excellence, offering a wealth of world-class opportunities for young minds.

The school’s mission is not just limited to traditional education, but extends to character building and grooming of students, thereby ensuring their all-round development. By keeping students actively involved in a host of co-curricular activities, it fosters an environment conducive to intellectual growth. In a city adorned with numerous prestigious schools, Super Nova School remains a leading light in education.

17.SLS Montessori and High School

SLS Montessori and High School, situated in Islamabad, is renowned as one of the region’s premier educational institutions. With a curriculum modeled after the British system of education, the school caters to students from pre-school all the way through to O-levels. The school’s educators are not only highly qualified but deeply dedicated to inspiring a love of learning in every student.

This institution’s philosophy goes beyond academics; it emphasizes the importance of character building and encourages students to become responsible and active contributors to their community. A broad spectrum of co-curricular activities complements the academic curriculum, offering students opportunities to explore sports, music, and arts, and contributing to the school’s ranking among the best Montessori schools in Islamabad.

The faculty’s commitment to delivering a top-quality education is unwavering. SLS Montessori and High School is located at M294+3FP, Street 124, G-11/4 G 11/4 G-11, and always welcomes inquiries.

18.Roots International School

Roots International School sets itself apart as the premier educational institution in Islamabad, and indeed across Pakistan, through its unique and innovative approach to teaching. With branches spread throughout the country, the school takes pride in offering courses that go above and beyond the traditional curriculum. Its comprehensive range of subjects spans not only core areas of study but also extends to languages such as German, Spanish, French, and Chinese, as well as STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The teaching methods at Roots International School are anything but ordinary, reflecting international standards and fostering a nurturing learning environment. All this makes it an ideal choice for students aiming for a well-rounded education.

19.Bloomfield International School

Bloomfield International School, a beacon of educational excellence in Islamabad, is a perfect blend of modern pedagogy and Islamic values. Recognized by the ICT Regulatory Authority, this institution ensures adherence to high academic standards while fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment. The school stands as an ideal choice for parents who wish to equip their children with contemporary competencies without compromising their religious beliefs. Besides standard academic curriculum, Bloomfield broadens the learning scope by offering English language proficiency and swimming courses – a testament to its commitment towards holistic development. The school takes pride in its competent and affable faculty and management, who strive relentlessly to create a conducive and engaging learning atmosphere.

20.Bright Model School

Bright Model School, dubbed as the best school in Islamabad, takes pride in its comprehensive educational approach that caters to a wide age group, offering classes from playgroup up to 8th grade. The school, established in 1995, boasts an illustrious history of producing well-rounded and competent students, demonstrating its commitment to not only academic excellence but also holistic development. The fee structure is affordable, with the school offering a range of facilities to support the educational journey of its students.

Despite having an average locality, the school’s reputation more than compensates for it. In addition to a strong academic curriculum, Bright Model School puts great emphasis on extracurricular activities, organizing regular events like sports day and water day, among others. This balance of academics and extracurriculars cultivates an enriching environment that fosters students’ growth in all aspects, making Bright Model School an ideal choice for quality education in Islamabad.

21.EMS High School, Islamabad

EMS High School in Islamabad is renowned for its comprehensive approach to education. Established in 1990, the school has consistently provided quality education to its pupils, fostering a robust foundation for their future. The campus, conveniently located and architecturally stunning, adds to the overall appeal of the institution. Beyond academics, EMS High School actively promotes extracurricular activities, presenting a holistic environment for students. Notably, our students recently participated in the FIRST World Festival in St. Louis, Missouri, demonstrating the school’s commitment to international exposure. The consistent, commendable ICGCSE results are a testament to the caliber of education imparted at EMS. The school’s dedication to offering an all-round education makes it the best choice for students in Islamabad.

22.CDA Model School

Furthermore, the CDA Model School prides itself on its distinctive curriculum that blends traditional pedagogical methods with modern educational techniques. The school’s teaching staff is highly qualified, dedicated, and remains updated with current teaching methodologies. This allows them to deliver lessons in a way that makes learning enjoyable and effective for the students. For extracurricular activities, the school boasts excellent sports facilities and encourages students to participate in various sports to ensure their holistic development. The school’s strong emphasis on academic excellence, combined with the importance it places on extra-curricular activities, makes it the best school in Islamabad, providing a well-rounded education to its students.

23.Westminster School

Westminster School, founded in 2003, has solidified its position as the premier British International school in Islamabad, Pakistan. Known for its comprehensive educational offerings, it’s the only private institution in the city that provides education right from the early years up to the University of Cambridge IGCSE Ordinary & Advanced Level. The school’s curriculum spans Early Years, Primary School, Middle School, IGCSE, and A-Levels programs, ensuring a well-rounded approach to education.

Beyond the standard curriculum, Westminster School places a significant emphasis on extracurricular activities. The school hosts a plethora of clubs and societies, including the Debating Society, MUN Society, Sports Society, Welfare Society, Dramatics Society, Adventure Club, Music Society, Film & Media Club, and Environment Club. These groups provide an essential platform for students to explore their interests, develop diverse skills, and engage with their peers outside the traditional classroom setting. Further enhancing its commitment to holistic student development, the school also offers summer school and internship opportunities. This comprehensive educational and developmental approach is what sets Westminster School apart as the best school in Islamabad.

24.Sadeeqa’s Learning System Montessori and High School

Sadeeqa’s Learning System Montessori and High School is not just an educational institution, but a nurturing environment where students are groomed to become proactive members of the society. Founded in 1982 by the illustrious educationist, Asiya Talha, it’s grown into one of Islamabad’s most prestigious schools. With 11 campuses across the twin cities, it currently holds a strong student body of around 10,000.

The Islamabad branch, nestled in the serene Zartaj Housing Society near DHA II, sprawls across 9 kanals and boasts of state-of-the-art facilities including libraries, labs, sports grounds and a swimming pool. In order to foster social awareness and empathy among its students, the school observes a variety of observance days such as Kindness Day, Labor Day, and Book Reading Day. These dedicated days serve to create an environment of understanding, compassion, and lifelong learning.

25.Global System of Integrated Studies

In addition to its remarkable curriculum, the Global System of Integrated Studies (GSIS) stands out for its outstanding faculty. The staff is committed not only to delivering quality education but also to nurturing the holistic development of each student. GSIS believes in fostering an environment where students can grow intellectually and personally, preparing them for the challenges of the future. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide students with the best learning environment. With a rich history spanning nearly three decades, GSIS continues to hold its position as one of the finest educational institutions in Islamabad.

26.The Smart Schools

Smart Schools, located in the heart of Islamabad, are recognized for their exceptional teaching approach that seamlessly combines traditional learning with e-learning. This innovative methodology allows students the flexibility to learn at their own pace, fostering an environment of self-guided education. Classrooms are outfitted with advanced audio-visual aids, enabling teachers to create an enriched learning atmosphere that effectively captures and maintains students’ attention.

The school also fosters a balanced education by encouraging student participation in various clubs and societies such as the art & craft club, drama society, and karate club. These extracurricular activities play a crucial role in promoting the holistic development of students, contributing significantly to their physical wellbeing and mental resilience. This unique blend of academic and extracurricular excellence sets Smart Schools apart, making them one of the best educational institutes in the twin cities.

27.International School of Islamabad

ISOI, or the International School of Islamabad, not only leads the way in academic excellence but also emphasizes holistic development of students through comprehensive physical education and mental health programs. A wide range of state-of-the-art facilities are available, ensuring that every student has the resources they need to succeed. This includes air purifiers in every classroom, a well-equipped gymnasium, multiple playgrounds and sporting fields, two music rooms, three advanced technology centers, a comprehensive science lab, and a halal cafeteria.

The school’s expansive campus, spanning over 23 acres, provides ample space for academic, sporting, and recreational activities. With an inherent commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals, ISOI truly stands as a beacon of exemplary education in Islamabad.

28.Imperial International School & College Islamabad

The academic programme at Imperial International School & College in Islamabad is designed to foster a thirst for knowledge, a love for learning, and a strong foundation of skills. Offering a range of qualifications including Pre-Nursery, A levels, F.SC, and Kindergarten, the institution caters to the diverse academic needs of its students. Renowned in the vicinity of Islamabad, the school has also established international links with schools in England, Scotland, and the USA, enabling a global exchange of educational practices and ideas. Central to Imperial International’s ethos are leadership, universal values, and global citizenship. These values underpin the learning experience, giving every student the opportunity to excel and broaden their horizons.

29.Schola Nova

Schola Nova, a leading educational institution in Islamabad, has been committed to shaping young minds since 1998. Upholding the motto “Learn to Lead,” the school offers an extensive range of qualifications from preschool to higher secondary level, inclusive of O/A levels. This wide spectrum of education equips students with a holistic and enriched learning experience. Additionally, Schola Nova’s active debate and social work society play a vital role in fostering the students’ social and interpersonal skills. These opportunities encourage students to engage with their community, fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership, and demonstrating why Schola Nova has earned its reputation as one of Islamabad’s best schools.

30.Foundation Public School

Foundation Public School, hailed as the best school in Islamabad, offers an extensive range of qualifications including Elementary, Junior School, and Senior School education. Established in 1981, the school now boasts a sprawling network of 12 campuses and a vibrant community of over 7500 students. Renowned for its innovative and effective teaching methodologies, the school provides a fostering environment for learning. It is committed to fostering and polishing the innate skills of its students through a broad spectrum of around 17 sports clubs and other extracurricular societies. Moreover, a particular emphasis is placed on nurturing leadership qualities among students, further enhancing their personal and professional growth.


Islamabad is a city of education and opportunities. With a variety of schools and universities, it offers something for everyone looking to continue their learning journey. Out of all the schools the city has to offer, the 30 best ones have been rounded up on this list.

These top schools in Islamabad are not only prestigious but also forward-thinking with excellent teaching faculty and modern infrastructure. They strive to create a safe learning atmosphere which encourages students to improve their knowledge and become better informed citizens of Pakistan. For anyone looking into further education in Islamabad, this list should help them make an informed decision about which institution they wish to join. In conclusion, education is the key to unlocking our potential; finding the right school for yourself can help you reach your true potential!