Are you tired of getting surprised by the sudden change in weather conditions and not being able to itinerate your plans accordingly? We all know how the unpredictable climate of Pakistan can play havoc with our daily lives, especially during the monsoon season.

No matter where you live in Pakistan, finding out and keeping up to date with the latest weather forecast is now easier than ever before. With a wide variety of highly advanced apps at our disposal, we no longer have to blindly battle with mother nature. In this blog post, we will be exploring some of the best weather applications for monitoring accurate forecasts specifically designed for Pakistan. So if you’re looking for an app that gives you live updates on rainfall, temperature or simply help plan your long-awaited vacation stay tuned!

Understanding Weather Apps In Pakistan

The first app that comes to mind when talking about weather forecasting in Pakistan is “Pakistan Weather Weather Online”. This app is renowned for its accurate and real-time updates about weather conditions. Its user-friendly interface provides a detailed forecast for up to 10 days, making it an excellent choice for both short-term and long-term planning.

Another notable app is “Met Office Weather Forecast”. This is a UK-based weather app but its comprehensive global coverage includes Pakistan as well. In addition to real-time weather updates, it also provides severe weather warnings which is crucial during the monsoon season in Pakistan.

“AccuWeather” is a globally popular app known for its ‘RealFeel’ feature. It offers a minute-by-minute weather forecast which can be incredibly useful for planning outdoor activities. All these apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms and have good user reviews, validating their reliability.

These are just a few of the many weather apps available in Pakistan. Knowing the current and future weather conditions can help us plan our activities accordingly. Armed with this knowledge, we can make informed decisions about when to go outside or postpone an outdoor event. Whether you’re looking for a quick update on the weather or long-term forecasts, these apps can provide you with the information you need. Accurate weather forecasts are essential to ensure a safe and pleasant outdoor experience!

List of Top Best Weather Apps In Pakistan

The weather in Pakistan can be unpredictable and very diverse. From the scorching heat of the summer to the icy temperatures of winter, it’s important to stay prepared for whatever Mother Nature may have in store. This is why having a reliable weather app on your smartphone can make all the difference between an enjoyable day out and an unpleasant surprise.

With so many apps available, picking the right one for your needs can be a tricky task. To help you choose, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 best weather apps in Pakistan:


Even with its minor shortcomings, AccuWeather stands tall among its competitors. Its global reach and localized forecasts make it an excellent tool for the people in Pakistan. Being available across Android and Apple iOS ensures it caters to a broad user base.

The highlight of the app, the MinuteCast feature, is appreciated for providing highly localized, minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts, essential during the monsoon season. Despite criticisms such as the presence of ads and occasional inaccuracies, the app’s benefits, like its comprehensive 15-day forecast, make it a preferred choice for many. As a result, AccuWeather continues to be a reliable and convenient option for weather forecasts in Pakistan.

2.Foreca Weather

In terms of availability, Foreca Weather caters to a wide audience with its compatibility for both Android and iOS platforms. The app’s ability to provide a comprehensive 10-day forecast is one of its most appealing aspects, giving users the ability to plan their schedules with a long-term weather perspective. In addition to the forecast, the detailed weather radar and engaging weather animations contribute to a more enriched user experience, delivering information in an easy-to-understand and visually pleasing format.

Despite its many advantages, Foreca Weather has room for improvement. Users have mentioned that the user interface could be more intuitive, which would make it easier to navigate the app’s numerous features. Additionally, the radar feature has been criticized for its occasional inaccuracies.

User experience is a significant factor in the overall rating of the app. Many users have expressed their appreciation for the detailed weather data provided and the fewer ads, which leads to a less distracting user experience. However, the recurring suggestions for improved user interface design and more accurate radar functionality indicate areas where the app could improve to better serve its users.

3.The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app, available on both Android and Apple iOS, is a highly esteemed weather application globally. Known for its wide-ranging weather data and user-friendly interface, it offers a comprehensive 15-day forecast. Users are also alerted in real-time about rain, and access to a weather radar is provided. The app is uniquely designed to help plan activities via its lifestyle forecast feature, giving specialized weather predictions for various activities such as running and accounting for allergies, amongst other factors.

On the positive side, users benefit from a broad spectrum of weather information, including an extended 15-day forecast. The lifestyle forecast feature is particularly appreciated for providing weather predictions tailored to specific activities. However, it’s not without its cons. Users have complained about the intrusive advertisements and occasional lagging and slow load times.

Despite these setbacks, the user experience, on the whole, is predominantly positive. Users value the detailed and comprehensive weather data. The lifestyle forecasts that provide activity-specific weather information are a favorite amongst users. Nonetheless, the presence of ads and sporadic performance issues have been a downside as noted by some users.

4.Met Office Weather Forecast

The Met Office Weather Forecast app is a highly rated and reliable choice for weather updates in Pakistan. Available on both Android and Apple iOS platforms, it has a reputation for delivering some of the most precise weather predictions on a global scale. The app provides a host of features including a seven-day forecast, real-time weather updates, severe weather alerts, and for those suffering from allergies, pollen alerts. Users appreciate the high accuracy in forecasting and its user-friendly interface with simple to understand information.

However, like all apps, it does have a few downsides. Some of its features, like extended forecasts, are only available with a premium subscription. Furthermore, for some specific regions within Pakistan, the forecast details are not as localized as some users would prefer. Overall, the user experience is largely positive, with users valuing the app’s accuracy and clean design. The primary request from users is for more localized forecasts without the necessity for a premium subscription.

5.BBC Weather

Despite some minor drawbacks, the BBC Weather app has established itself as a leading weather forecasting tool in Pakistan. Available for both Android and Apple iOS devices, it provides precise weather forecasts for various locations across the country.

The key features of the app include detailed weather analysis, predictions for high and low temperatures, and a unique ‘chance of precipitation’ feature. The user interface is straightforward and features clear, simple graphics that users appreciate for their simplicity and ease of understanding.

However, the app falls short in providing detailed radar images which some users may find useful. Additionally, occasional inaccuracies in the forecasts have been reported, highlighting a potential area for improvement. Despite these minor cons, the ‘chance of precipitation’ feature remains popular among users, aligning the BBC Weather app as a go-to weather resource in Pakistan.

6.Pakistan Weather Live

Pakistan Weather Live is one of the best weather apps available for Android and iOS users in Pakistan. Its design specifically caters to Pakistan’s unique weather conditions, offering real-time updates across different locations within the country. Among the key features are a 7-day forecast, heat index, and UV index, providing detailed and localized weather reports.

The app has been met with positive reception due to its localized focus and the inclusion of a heat index and UV index, information vital for a country like Pakistan known for its generally hot and sunny climate. However, it’s not without its drawbacks. A notable downside is the intrusive ads that come with the app, which some users find distracting. There have also been reports of occasional app crashes, adding to the technical issues experienced by some users.

Overall, while the user experience is predominantly positive, the presence of ads and sporadic technical issues detract somewhat from the app’s otherwise robust and useful set of features. Despite these, Pakistan Weather Live remains a leading choice for up-to-date and comprehensive weather information in Pakistan.


Windy is recognized as the best weather app in Pakistan, accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. The app distinguishes itself by offering exceptionally detailed weather updates, including wind forecasts that prove highly advantageous for outdoor enthusiasts, sailors, fishermen, and even paragliders. It doesn’t stop at wind forecasts, as the app also provides valuable features such as weather radar, satellite images, and wave forecasts.

The pros of this application are its ability to provide incredibly detailed weather updates, including wind and wave forecasts, and offering weather radar and satellite images. However, there are some cons to be aware of; the sheer amount of detailed information presented can be formidable for casual users. Additionally, the user interface may be viewed as somewhat complex by certain users.

As for the user experience, it’s clear that Windy is adored by users who need detailed weather information for their outdoor activities. But, the experience isn’t always positive for everyone. Some users have found the extensive information provided by the app to be overwhelming and the app’s user interface slightly complicated.

8.Weatherbug – Weather Forecast

WeatherBug, available on both Android and Apple iOS, is considered one of the best weather apps in Pakistan due to its in-depth and accurate weather forecasting. The app stands apart with its unique lightning detection feature, a boon during the frequent thunderstorms, making it a popular choice for those mindful of safety. Its offering extends to 18 diverse weather maps, lending users a multi-dimensional view of the current and anticipated weather conditions. Alongside, WeatherBug also alerts users about dangerous weather events and provides real-time traffic updates, aiding in commute planning.

However, there are certain drawbacks to the app worth noting. It does display ads, which may interrupt the user experience, and some users have mentioned higher battery consumption compared to other weather apps.

Despite these cons, the user experience is generally positive. Users frequently commend the app for its various weather maps and the timely alerts, a testament to its comprehensive coverage of weather updates.

9.Weather Underground

Weather Underground stands out as a top weather app in Pakistan, available for both Android and iOS platforms. Its strength lies in its hyper-local weather forecasts, interactive radar, and customizable alerts. The data-driven nature of the app, utilizing personal weather stations spread across the country, ensures highly precise weather information.

However, its wealth of features and data can make the interface seem overwhelming to new users, and the need for a premium subscription to access some features like extended forecasts might discourage some from fully utilizing the app. Despite these minor drawbacks, user feedback highlights the app’s merits, especially its localized weather reports and customizable alerts that provide timely updates.

10.Yandex Weather Online Forecast

Yandex Weather is an efficient and user-friendly app providing detailed weather forecasts in Pakistan. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who need precise and comprehensive weather information at their fingertips. The app’s interface allows for easy navigation, making it highly accessible to users.

Although there have been some reports of minor inaccuracies, especially in remote areas and ‘feels like’ temperatures during extreme weather, the overall user experience remains positive. The app’s benefits, such as its detailed 10-day forecast and regular weather news updates, far outweigh these minor drawbacks, making it a top-rated weather app in Pakistan. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring a wide reach to all smartphone users.

11.Pakistan Weather Forecast Live

Weather Pakistan offers a user-friendly interface, delivering real-time weather updates right at your fingertips. From temperatures to humidity levels and wind speeds, this application provides a comprehensive weather analysis to help you plan your day better. Get notified with weather alerts and stay ahead of weather surprises with our hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts. Additionally, the built-in function to select from Pakistani cities eliminates the need for manual search, making the process seamless and hassle-free. Stay prepared, stay updated with Weather Pakistan, your personal weather assistant.

12.Weather: Live radar & widgets

“Weather Live Radar & Widgets is renowned as the best weather app in Pakistan. It ensures that you stay one step ahead of the weather, no matter where you are. Equipped with accurate and detailed weather forecasts, the app brings you hourly, daily, and weekly updates right at your fingertips. Not only does it cover local weather scenarios in Pakistan, but it also provides comprehensive global weather reports. Whether you’re planning your day or preparing for the week, this app ensures you’re never caught off guard by the weather.”

13.Google Weather

In the face of volatile weather conditions in Pakistan, Google Weather proves to be the ultimate companion. With its precise hourly and weekly forecasts, it gives you the confidence to plan your day effectively. Notably, the app provides daily temperature fluctuations, UV index information, and precipitation conditions specifically tailored to your geographical location. What sets Google Weather apart is its ease of access – it allows you to quickly check the weather conditions through convenient tiles, and even set up Weather app complications on your watch face for real-time updates. This app is compatible with all watches running on Wear OS 3.0+, thus ensuring a wide range of accessibility for all users.

14.Weather & Radar – Storm radar

Weather & Radar Storm radar stands as the best weather app in Pakistan due to its innovative features. The app provides accurate weather forecasts, ensuring you are always abreast with climatic conditions. It features an all-in-one weather map, a comprehensive tool showing real-time weather patterns, ensuring seamless planning and preparations.

As a new feature, the app is now compatible with Android Auto, enhancing usability and convenience for drivers. Furthermore, with the weather alerts feature, users are promptly notified about impending rains and thunderstorms, aiding them to take necessary precautions in time. This comprehensive, user-friendly weather app seeks to make weather forecasting a simple and intuitive process for everyone. Weather Forecast

Whether you’re in Karachi, Lahore islamabad , or anywhere else in Pakistan, ensures you’re never caught off guard by the weather. Its comprehensive real-time updates provide precise information about temperature variations, humidity levels, and precipitation predictions. What sets apart is its application across various sectors, making it an essential tool not only for individuals but also for businesses in aviation, logistics, event planning, and more. Never make a bad weather-related decision again with, the best weather app in Pakistan.

Weather Check in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the weather varies significantly across different regions due to its geographical diversity. From the coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan, where temperatures often soar, to the moderate weather in Punjab’s plains, and the chilly winters in the northern areas, the climate exhibits a rich variety. Visitors are advised to check local weather forecasts prior to their visit, for an appropriate and comfortable experience.

When it comes to using weather apps in Pakistan, you must understand that “one size doesn’t fit all.” The choice of the app largely depends on your individual needs and preferences. For those seeking detailed meteorological data, apps like AccuWeather or Weather Underground might be the best fit. These apps provide in-depth information ranging from temperature and humidity to wind speed and precipitation forecasts.

Nevertheless, if you prefer a more straightforward, easy-to-understand weather forecast, simpler apps like BBC Weather or Foreca Weather could be your go-to. These apps offer basic weather information with fewer ads, ensuring an uncluttered, distraction-free experience.

Keep in mind, some apps may consume more data due to their detailed graphics and frequent updates. This is an important consideration if you’re on a limited data plan. Lastly, don’t forget to optimize your app settings. Enable severe weather alerts and notifications a crucial feature during the monsoon and cyclone seasons in Pakistan. This way, you’ll always be prepared to face any weather conditions.


To summarize, the best weather apps for Pakistan include AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, CWG Pakistan Weather Forecast, and ClimaCell. These apps can be relied upon to provide accurate information on current temperatures, weather conditions and forecasts.

Additionally, they are highly user friendly and come with features like in-app purchases for extra options or user accounts for personalized advice. No matter what your needs may be regarding a reliable weather app, these four are sure to get the job done! So why not download all of them today and see which one works best for you? Get ready to have access to real-time information so you can make educated decisions about the best time possible for outdoor activities!