The Bise Lahore Matric 9th 10th Date Sheet for 2024 is officially released, signaling a critical juncture for countless students preparing to complete their matriculation. This concise yet comprehensive schedule meticulously outlines the subjects and corresponding exam dates, providing a clear roadmap for both students and educators as they gear up for this pivotal phase. The exams begin with English, setting a tone of scholarly perseverance, and advance through key areas of science, religion, and national studies. Attention to this timeline is imperative for effective preparation, allowing students to strategize their studies and optimize their performance in each subject.

Bise Lahore Matric 10th Date Sheet 2024 Download

01-03-2024FRICivics/N.E.WHistory of Pakistan/ N.E.W
04-03-2024MONEnglish (Compulsory) First GroupEnglish (Compulsory) Second Group
06-03-2024WED1. Chemistry First Group 2. General Science First Group1. Chemistry Second Group 2. General Science Second Group
07-03-2024THUElements of Home EconomicsN.E.W
08-03-2024FRI1. Physics First Group 2-Islamic Studies First GroupPhysics Second Group 2. Islamic Studies Second Group
09-03-2024SATIslamiyat (Compulsory) Old/New course First Group1-Islamiyat (Compulsory) Old/New course Second Group 2-Religious Education for Non-Muslims
11-03-2024MON1.Mathematics (Science Group) First Group 2.Mathematics (Arts Group) First Group1. Mathematics (Science Group) Second Group 2. Mathematics (Arts Group) Second Group
12-03-2024TUEPakistan Studies (Comp.) First GroupPakistan Studies (Comp.) Second Group
13-03-2024WEDEducation/N.E.WPersian/ NEW
14-03-2024THU1. Biology First Group 2. Computer Science First Group1. Biology Second Group 2. Computer Science Second Group
15-03-2024FRITranslation of Holy Quran (Compulsory) First Group1-Translation of Holy Quran (Compulsory) Second Group 2-ikhlaqiat (Ethics for Non-Muslims) Old/New course
18-03-2024MONUrdu (Comp) First GroupUrdu (Comp) Second Group

As a student, the Matric 10th examination holds great significance for your academic journey. The Bise Lahore Board is responsible for conducting these examinations, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation process. Understanding the Matric 10th Date Sheet is essential for effective planning and preparation.

Understanding the Matric 10th Date Sheet

The Matric 10th Date Sheet follows a specific format, providing a detailed overview of the examination schedule. It includes the date, day, and subjects for each exam. Familiarizing yourself with this format will enable you to plan your study schedule effectively and allocate sufficient time to each subject.

Preparing for the Exams

To excel in your Matric 10th examinations, it is crucial to adopt effective study techniques and time management strategies. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the exams:

Navigating the Date Sheet

The Matric 10th Date Sheet provides subject-wise examination dates, allowing you to streamline your preparation accordingly. It also includes practical exams and their schedule, ensuring you are aware of all assessment components. Pay close attention to any important instructions mentioned in the date sheet, such as reporting times or specific examination guidelines.

Impact on Students

The period leading up to the exams can be challenging and stressful for students. It is essential to manage stress effectively, maintain a healthy balance between academics and other activities, and seek support from teachers and parents when needed. Remember, your mental and emotional well-being is just as important as your academic performance.

Bise Lahore Matric 9th Date Sheet 2024 Download

19-03-2024TUEEconomics / N.E.WHistory of Pakistan/N.E.W
20-03-2024WEDEnglish (Compulsory)First GroupEnglish (Compulsory) Second Group
21-03-2024THUArabic /N.E.WN.E.W.
22-03-2024FRI1- Biology 2- Computer ScienceFirst Group First Group1 Biology Second Group 2- Computer Science Second Group
25-03-2024MON1 Chemistry 2- General ScienceFirst Group First Group1- Chemistry Second Group 2. General Science Second Group
26-3-2024TUEEducationN.E. W.
27-03-2024WED1 Physics 2- Islamic StudiesFirst Group First Group1-Physics Second Group 2-Islamic Studies Second Group
28-03-2024THUTranslation of Holy Quran (Compulsory)First Group1-Translation of Holy Quran (Compulsory) Second Group 2-Ikhlaqiat (Ethics for Non-Muslims) Old/New course
30-03-2024SATIslamiyat (Compulsory) Old/Newcourse First Group1-Islamiyat (Compulsory) Old/New course Second Group 2-Religious Education for Non-Muslims
01-04-2024MON1. Mathematics (Science Group) 2. Mathematics (Arts Group)First Group First Group1.Mathematics (Science Group) Second Group 2.Mathematics (Arts Group) Second Group
02-04-2024TUEPunjabi IN.E.W.Punjabi/N.E.W
03-04-2024WEDUrdu (Comp)First GroupUrdu (Comp) Second Group
04-04-2024THUElements Of Home EconomicsN.E.W
05-04-2024FRIPakistan StudiesFirst GroupPakistan Studies Second Group

When will the BISE Lahore Matric 9th & 10th exams begin in 2024?

The exams are scheduled to begin on the 1st of March 2024, starting with Civics/N.E.W for Matric 10th.

How can I download the BISE Lahore Matric 10th Date Sheet for 2024?

The Date Sheet can be downloaded from the BISE Lahore Board’s official website or through the link provided in your school’s or educational institution’s communication channels.

Are the exam dates the same for both the first and second groups in Matric 10th?

No, the exam dates differ for the first and second groups. It’s important to check the Date Sheet carefully to know the specific dates for each group.

What are some effective strategies for exam preparation?

To prepare effectively for the exams, create a balanced study schedule, focus on understanding concepts rather than memorization, tackle difficult subjects first, and regularly practice past paper questions.

What should I do if I find conflicts in the exam dates or have any concerns about the Date Sheet?

If you discover any conflicts or have questions regarding the Date Sheet, contact the BISE Lahore Board directly or consult with your school administration for clarification and guidance.

How crucial is the Date Sheet for my exam preparations?

The Date Sheet is extremely important as it provides a clear schedule for your exams. It helps in planning your study regimen, distributing your revision time, and preparing for each subject systematically.

Are there any special instructions that I need to be aware of for the exams?

Yes, pay attention to any special instructions provided on the Date Sheet, such as exam timings, mandatory materials to bring, and guidelines to follow on the exam day.

How can I manage stress during the exam period?

Manage stress by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including sufficient sleep, a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and relaxation techniques. It’s also beneficial to discuss any concerns with teachers, friends, or family.


The Bise Lahore Matric 9th 10th Date Sheet 2024 is a significant milestone for students, marking the beginning of their exam preparation journey. It provides valuable information about the examination schedule, helping students plan and organize their study routines effectively. By understanding the importance of the Date Sheet, following a disciplined study plan, and seeking guidance when needed, students can approach their exams with confidence and achieve the academic success they deserve. Good luck to all the students embarking on this exciting journey!