Are you looking for a tractor that is powerful, hard-wearing and flexible enough to tackle different tasks? If so, the Bull Power Tractor IMT from Pakistan may be the ideal solution. Not only does it offer top-of-the-line power and performance, but it also boasts incredible affordability through its competitive price points. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Bull Power Tractor IMT Price in Pakistan what comes with it for your money, where to find bargains on cheaper models and how you can make sure yours isn’t just a piece of agricultural history! Keep reading to learn more about this amazing tractor option today.

IMT Tractor Price In Pakistan 2024

ModelHPPrice in Pakistan
Bull Power 58585 HPRs. 2,300,000
Bull Power 54950 HPRs. 1,475,000
Bull Power 56560 HPRs. 1,705,000
Bull Power 549 S50 HPRs. N/A
Bull Power-565-S Power60 HPRs. N/A
Bull Power-57776 HPRs. N/A
Bull Power-577 D (Tyre Size: 18)76 HPRs. N/A
IMT-577 Special Edition76 HPRs. N/A

List Best IMT Tractors Models With Price

IMT Tractors are the perfect choice for any farmer or landscaping operation. Their models feature durable and reliable designs that provide power, performance, and efficiency while still keeping costs affordable. From small residential tractors to large-scale agricultural machines, IMT has a model to fit your needs.

Bull Power IMT Tractors are available in 3 models with different HP. The price for each of the models is mentioned and all prices are in Pakistani Rupees. These tractors are perfect for small to medium farms and can help increase productivity.

1.Bull Power Tractor 585

The Bull Power Tractor 585 is powered by an IMR-S44 A/T engine with 85 HP (BS) power at 2200 rpm and 300 Nm torque at 1400 E/G rpm. It has 70 HP PTO power at rated E/G speed and 65 HP PTO power at 540 rpm for efficient operation. The compression ratio of the engine is 15.3 :1 and it has a direct injection system. It comes with 4 cylinders with 101 mm bore and 127 mm stroke along with a capacity of 4.068 liters. The tractor has natural aspiration for better performance, as well as thermostart for easy starting in cold weather conditions. It also features foot and hand throttle control for precision operation.

Cooling is provided by a water-cooled system, while air cleaning is done with an oil bath type filter and over bonnet pre cleaner. To keep the engine clean, it also features duel high capacity fuel filters. The exhaust system of the tractor is vertical in order to ensure efficient performance. Additionally, the tractor is equipped with a water cooled oil cooler for efficient heat management.

The Bull Power Tractor 585 comes at an affordable price of Rs. 2,300,000 that makes it a great value for money proposition. It offers high-end features and reliable performance which makes it suitable for use in different types of agricultural applications.

2.Bull Power 549

The Bull Power 549 tractor is a powerhouse of agricultural performance. This 50HP (BS) engine features a 16.5 1 compression ratio, direct injection and 3 cylinders; all powered by just 2.5 liters! Natural aspiration makes for easy starting with the help of the thermostart, while throttle control can be operated via foot or hand. Cooling is provided via water, and the air cleaner type is a wet, oil bath, with an over bonnet air precleaner. The fuel filter is a duel, high capacity one for added efficiency. All this power fits in just a vertical exhaust system making it perfect for use on smaller farms or acreages where space is of the essence. With unbeatable performance and a competitive price tag of Rs. 1,475,000 the Bull Power 549 tractor is an ideal choice for agricultural needs.

3.Bull Power 565

The Bull Power 565 tractor is powered by a 60 Horsepower (BS) IMR-DM34T engine, with a 15.5 : 1 compression ratio and direct injection. This three cylinder engine has 91.5mm bore and 127mm stroke with a capacity of 2.5 litres and turbo charged aspiration for increased power output.

The engine is aided with Thermostart starting aid, and uses both foot and hand throttle control mechanisms. The engine is cooled using water cooling, while the air cleaner type used is oil bath to ensure clean air intake which is further enhanced by the over bonnet air pre cleaner. Fuel filtration is taken care of by a duel, high capacity filter, while the exhaust is vertical. The oil cooler uses air-cooled fins for increased efficiency. All this technology comes at a price of Rs. 1,705,000.

For farmers who demand reliability and quality in their equipment, the Bull Power 565 tractor is an ideal choice to fulfil their needs.


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