Cement is a major part of the construction sector in Pakistan, and the cost of cement is an important factor for buyers. While there are multiple brands of cement available in the market, here we will look at the current price list of four popular brands: DG Cement, Lucky Cement, Maple Leaf Cement and Bestway Cement.

Pakistan is currently facing a major issue with the price of cement. The cost of a metric ton of cement has risen to Rs.1,350 from Rs.1,250 in just two months. This is due to the increase in the price of coal and oil, which are both used in the production of cement. The government is currently trying to find a way to lower the cost of cement so that it is more affordable for citizens and businesses alike. Stay tuned for updates on cement latest rates in pakistan!

Pakistan is a country full of choices when it comes to cement brands. You can choose from Askari Cement, Attock Cement, Pioneer, Power Cement, Pakland Cement Price, Maple Leaf Cement, DG Cement, Lucky Cement, Bestway Cement, Kohat Cement, Fauji Cement, Flying Cement, and PakCem. Each of these brands offer a variety of different products with varying prices, so it can be difficult to determine which is the best brand for your project.

Cement Rate in Pakistan Today

Cement is an important construction material used in many different applications. In Pakistan, cement is produced by a number of different companies. As of 2024, the average price of cement in Pakistan was around 1,050 rupees per 50 kilograms (approximately 2.2 pounds). This price can vary depending on the type of cement and the brand, as well as other factors such as transportation costs. Generally speaking, however, cement is relatively affordable in Pakistan. As the country continues to develop, the demand for cement is likely to increase, which could lead to higher prices in the future.

Cement Price List In Pakistan 2024

Cement CompanyQuantityMin PriceMax Price
Askari Cement50KG BagRs. 1250Rs. 1300
Attock Cement50KG BagRs. 1,030Rs. 1250
Pioneer50KG BagRs. 1,040Rs. 1250
Power cement50KG BagRs. 1,045Rs. 1250
Pakland cement price50KG BagRs.  1,035Rs.1200
Maple Leaf Cement50KG BagRs. 1,700Rs.1900
DG Cement50KG BagRs. 1,045Rs.1230
Lucky Cement50KG BagRs. 1,035Rs. 1200
Bestway Cement50KG BagRs.1,045Rs. 1250
Kohat Cement50KG BagRs. 1,035Rs. 1250
Fauji Cement50KG BagRs. 1,030Rs. 1250
Flying Cement50KG BagRs. 1,015Rs. 1250
PakCem50KG BagRs. 1,045Rs. 1230
Maple Leaf White Cement50KG BagRs. 1,555Rs.1665
FALCON CEMENT(OPC)50KG BagRs. 1,030Rs. 1220
FALCON CEMENT(SRC)50KG BagRs. 1100Rs. 1300
Maple Leaf White Cement 40KGRs. 1,700Rs. 1,900
Cherat cement50KG BagRs.1,030Rs.1200
Dewan cement50KG BagRs. 1,033Rs.1280
Raj cement products50KG BagRs.1100Rs.1230

White Cement Price in Pakistan

White CementRates
Maple Leaf White CementRs. 2,000 to 2,400
Kohat WhiteRs.1,900 to 2,200

Cement is an essential component in the construction industry of Pakistan. It is used for building homes, bridges and other structures. The price of cement can vary greatly depending on the brand, quantity and type of cement you need. Here we have compiled a list of some popular brands of cement used in Pakistan along with their minimum and maximum prices per 50kg bag.

It is important to compare different brands of cement before making a purchase in order to get the best deal. Prices can vary from season to season so it is always a good idea to check with suppliers for the current market rate before making a purchase. Additionally, make sure you are aware of the type of cement that works best for your construction project and buy accordingly.

We hope this price list will help you in selecting the right brand of cement for your next construction project. Be sure to do your research and shop around for the best deal before you commit to a purchase.

Best cement brand in Pakistan

Pakistani cement is known for its quality and strength, with many people opting to use it for their construction and renovation projects. The major brands of cement available in Pakistan are Askari Cement, Attock Cement, Pioneer, Power Cement, Pakland Cement Price, Maple Leaf Cement, DG Cement, Lucky Cement, Bestway Cement, Kohat Cement, Fauji Cement, Flying Cement, and PakCem.

These brands offer different types of cement such as ordinary Portland cement (OPC), sulfate-resistant Portland cement (SRPC) and white cement. OPC is the most widely used type in Pakistan due to its superior performance, strength and durability. SRPC is also popular as it offers enhanced protection against sulfate erosion caused by seawater or ground water contamination. White cement is known for its aesthetically pleasing white color which makes it perfect to be used in projects that require a more polished look. Depending on the application, customers can choose from different strengths of cement ranging from 21 to 53 grade, with 53 being the strongest.

Whatever project you may be working on, having the right type and quality of cement is essential. All major brands in Pakistan offer high-grade cements that meet international standards and provide greater strength and durability to any structure. It is important to understand your needs before making a purchase to ensure that the right type of cement is used. This will help you build a strong and long-lasting structure that can withstand any weather conditions. With so many different brands to choose from, one can be sure to find the right cement for their project.


Price of cement is expected to increase in Pakistan by 2024. This is due to the current account deficit and other economic factors. The government has announced a number of measures to try and control the increasing price of cement, but it is likely that prices will continue to rise. Cement buyers should factor this into their plans and budget for future projects.