Are you searching for an affordable car? You’ve come to the right place. Pakistan is home to some of the most reliable and inexpensive vehicles around. In today’s blog post, we’ll cover the top 15 cheapest cars available in Pakistan. We’ll discuss their features, prices, pros and cons so that you can find the perfect vehicle to meet your needs without breaking your budget. So keep on reading if you’re looking for a great point of entry into owning a car in Pakistan!

Top 15 Best Cheapest Cars in Pakistan to Buy in 2024

CarsPrice in Pakistan
Suzuki AltoPKR. 1,798,000 to PKR. 2,333,000
United AlphaPKR. 1,849,000
Suzuki MehranPKR 850,000 to PKR 997,500
ZTOYE Z100PKR. 2,351,000
Toyota PremioPKR. 1,250,000 to PKR. 17,000,000
United BravoPKR 1,519,000
Subaru StellaPKR. 950,000 to PKR 2,370,000
Suzuki CultusPKR. 4,366,000
Prince PearlPKR. 1,990,000
Sigma QS H4 EVS StandardPKR.18,95000
Suzuki JimnyPKR. 3,990,000
Daihatsu MovePKR. 2,320,000 to PKR 4,250,000
Mitsubishi MiragePKR.20,10,000
Suzuki BolanPKR. 1,944,000
Honda Fit 1.5 Hybrid Base GradePKR 3,620,000
Toyota Pixis EpochPKR.22,10,000
Nissan MocoPKR.1930000.

If you’re looking for an affordable set of wheels in Pakistan, then you might want to check out the cheapest cars you can buy by 2024. Topping the list is the Suzuki Alto, which is priced between PKR 1,798,000 to PKR 2,333,000, making it an attractive pick for its price point and reliability.

Other options include the United Alpha, ZTOYE Z100, Subaru Stella, Prince Pearl, and Daihatsu Move, all of which come in under the PKR 5,000,000 mark. While these vehicles may not be the flashiest or most luxurious, they offer practicality and comfort at a fraction of the price of more expensive models. So if you’re looking to save some cash without sacrificing quality, then these affordable models are definitely worth considering.

1.Suzuki Alto VX

The Suzuki Alto VX is an amazing car that offers a great value for money. It’s equipped with many features and amenities that make it stand out from other cars in its class. Its 660 cc engine allows for smooth acceleration, while its automatic and manual transmission choices provide convenience to the driver.

In Pakistan, the Suzuki Alto VX is currently priced in the range of PKR. 1,798,000 to PKR. 2,333,000. The pricing can vary depending on optional features, dealer location, timing, and other factors. Suzuki Alto VX, known for its affordability and fuel efficiency, is a popular choice among consumers in Pakistan. The price reflects its demand in the automotive market, coupled with the value it offers in terms of durability, performance, and maintenance cost.

The exterior has a modern look with bold grille options, and the interior is comfortable and stylish with a spacious cabin. Its fuel efficiency of 18-20 km/L makes it economical to drive and its various color options make it visually appealing. Furthermore, the safety features such as airbags, ABS, power door locks, and keyless entry provide assurance for passengers. All in all, the Suzuki Alto VX is an excellent car that offers great performance and value.

The Suzuki Alto VX is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the joys of driving in style and comfort. It’s packed with features that are sure to keep you safe, comfortable and stylish on the road.

Its affordability makes it a great option for budget-minded drivers without compromising on performance or features. With its 660 cc engine and great fuel efficiency, you will be able to go wherever your heart desires while saving on fuel costs. Whether you’re looking for a practical car with modern features or luxury at a great price, the Suzuki Alto VX is the perfect choice.

The Suzuki Alto VX is the perfect combination of style, performance and affordability. It’s packed with features that make it stand out from other cars in its class, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable car without sacrificing luxury or budget. With great fuel efficiency and modern amenities, the Suzuki Alto VX makes you feel secure and comfortable on the road. So if you’re looking for a great value car that offers performance, safety, comfort and style, the Suzuki Alto VX is the perfect choice.

2.Suzuki Mehran

The Suzuki Alto, a hatchback model from one of the most well-known automakers in Pakistan, is known for its affordability and fuel efficiency. It’s powered by an 800cc engine that produces 39 hp along with 59 Nm of torque, giving it enough power to have a top speed of up to 140 km/h. The Alto features a spacious interior with 5 seats and a boot space of 254 L, making it an ideal car for small families. It also has 145/70/R12 tires that optimize ride comfort and stability. Plus, its fuel tank capacity is 30L, with an average mileage of 13-18 KM/L.

The Suzuki Alto is quite reasonably priced in Pakistan at PKR 1,798,000 to PKR 2,333,000. It boasts of excellent fuel economy and a great driving experience with advanced components such as independent suspension and high-quality brakes. The Alto’s exterior design is also quite striking, featuring a stylish grille and sleek headlights that make it stand out from the crowd. All in all, the Suzuki Alto is an ideal car for those looking for an affordable, reliable hatchback that delivers great value for money.

3.Toyota Premio

The Toyota Premio, with its affordable price tag, is a standout option among the economically priced vehicles in Pakistan. The pricing ranges from PKR. 1,250,000 to PKR. 17,000,000/-, making it an attractive choice for a wide range of budgets. As part of the 2nd generation lineage, the car features a 1.5L engine and comes in three different trims, each with its unique cylinder configuration.

It houses an automatic transmission system fortified with SUPER CVT-I, contributing to its fuel efficiency a commendable 15 to 17 Km/L. The distinctive interior and exterior designs are packed with features that exude luxury, enhancing the ride quality and offering a truly unique driving experience.

4.Prince Pearl

The Prince Pearl, with its affordable price tag of PKR. 1,990,000, stands as one of the most economical car options in Pakistan, set to make a splash in the market in the coming year. A buzz also surrounds the anticipated release of its computerized version. With a 796 cc engine, the Prince Pearl is capable of delivering 40 hp at 5500 rpm, ensuring a smooth and robust performance.

The car is also impressive in terms of fuel efficiency, averaging around 20 Km/L in city conditions, and increasing to 22 Km/L on highways. The Prince Pearl is available in a variety of attractive colors such as Cairo Gold, Brown, Pure White, and Red Pearl, appealing to a wide range of personal preferences. In the competitive automotive market, the Prince Pearl’s main rivals include the United Bravo and Suzuki Alto.

5.United Bravo

The United Bravo, one of the cheapest cars in Pakistan, boasts several impressive features for its cost of just 15.2 lacs. This hatchback model measures 3350 mm in length, 1590 mm in width, and 1530 mm in height, making it the perfect compact option for city drivers. With a ground clearance of 150 mm and a displacement of 800 cc, this manual transmission vehicle offers a horsepower of 40 hp and a torque of 60 Nm.

While the Bravo doesn’t provide any boot space, it makes up for this with its lightweight kerb weight of just 700 KG. Running on petrol, the United Bravo showcases a respectable mileage of between 12 and 15 KM/L, a fuel tank capacity of 30 L, and a top speed of 140 KM/H. Its seating capacity comfortably accommodates 5 persons, and the tyre size is 155/65/R13, suitable for smooth and efficient driving.The Price is PKR 1,519,000.

6.ZOTYE Z100

The ZOTYE Z100 is one of the most economical cars available in Pakistan, with a competitive price tag of 23.5 lacs. This hatchback car boasts dimensions of 3559 x 1630 x 1473 mm, offering ample interior space despite its compact exterior. The vehicle has a ground clearance of 156 mm and is powered by a 998 cc engine. The manual transmission coupled with a horsepower of 68 hp and a torque of 90 Nm ensures a smooth and responsive driving experience.

It has a kerb weight of 898 KG and a boot space of 129 L, making it a convenient choice for small families or individuals who need room for extra cargo. With its petrol fuel type, the ZOTYE Z100 offers an impressive mileage of 16 – 18 KM/L and has a fuel tank capacity of 35 L. It can comfortably seat up to 5 persons. The car can reach a top speed of 180 KM/H, and it comes with 165/60/R14 size tyres.

7.Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny stands out as one of the most budget-friendly vehicles in Pakistan, boasting a multitude of commendable features despite its competitive pricing. The 2022 model is equipped with a robust 1462 cc petrol engine, capable of producing a power output of 80.40 hp.

It is designed to comfortably accommodate four passengers and comes with a transmission system that ensures smooth and effortless driving. To enhance the driving experience, it is fitted with a power steering system and an accessory power outlet kit. The affordability of this car is quite remarkable, with prices ranging from PKR. 2,140,000/- to PKR. 2,290,000/-.

With regard to interior amenities, the Suzuki Jimny doesn’t disappoint. The car features a multifunction steering wheel and power windows at the front, providing ease and convenience for the driver.

In addition, it has a host of other impressive features like foldable rear seats for additional cargo space, rear seat headrests for passenger comfort, and a low fuel warning system to avoid unexpected fuel run-outs. All these features combined make the Suzuki Jimny an attractive option among the cheapest cars available in Pakistan.

8.Sigma QS H4 EVS Standard

The Sigma QS H4 EVS, one of the cheapest cars in Pakistan, blends affordability with a suite of impressive features. Priced at a standard rate of RS. 18,95000/- PKR, it boasts a maximum speed of 100 Kmph and comes equipped with optional air conditioning, an LCD and radio system, a rear camera, power windows, power steering, a brake booster, alloy rims, an LED headlamp and fog lights, and central + power locking.

For those seeking additional features, the car also comes in a Solar Variant priced at RS. 19,95000/- and a more luxurious Premium Variant priced at RS. 21,25000/-. Whether for a standard, solar, or premium ride experience, the Sigma QS H4 EVS provides a cost-effective solution for comfortable, feature-rich transportation in Pakistan.

9.Suzuki Wagon R

The Suzuki Wagon R, an economical and versatile hatchback, stands as one of the cheapest cars in Pakistan. Priced between 32.1 to 37.4 lacs, it provides a compact yet spacious drive experience with dimensions of 3600 x 1475 x 1670 mm.

The ground clearance is a commendable 170 mm, paired with a displacement of 998 cc. The car comes in both manual and automatic transmissions, with a horsepower of 67 hp and a torque of 90 Nm. Its boot space ranges from 0 to 180 L and kerb weight between 820 to 835 KG. Being a petrol car, it manages to offer a mileage of 14 – 18 KM/L with a fuel tank capacity of 35 L. This 5-seater hatchback promises a top speed of 180 KM/H and is fitted with 145/80/R13 tyres.

10.United Alpha

The United Alpha Car is one of the most affordable cars available in Pakistan, with a price of 18.5 lacs. The vehicle’s body type is a hatchback, measuring 3550 mm in length, 1495 mm in width, and 1485 mm in height. It offers a considerable ground clearance of 152 mm and a displacement of 1000 cc.

The car is equipped with a manual transmission system, a horsepower of 68 hp, and a torque of 93 Nm. It does not feature any boot space but compensates with a kerb weight of 890 KG and uses petrol as its primary fuel. The car’s fuel efficiency is commendable with a mileage of 12 – 15 KM/L and a fuel tank capacity of 35 L. The United Alpha Car can comfortably accommodate up to 5 persons and can reach a top speed of 140 KM/H. It is fitted with tyres of size 155/65/R13.

11.Daihatsu Move

The Daihatsu Move car holds the distinction of being one of the cheapest vehicles available in Pakistan, with a price range from 20.0 to 28.8 lacs. This hatchback car measures 3395mm in length, 1475mm in width, and 1630mm in height, offering a ground clearance of between 150 and 160mm.

The vehicle boasts an automatic transmission and a displacement of 658cc. With a horsepower range of 51-63 hp and a torque range of 60-92 Nm, the Daihatsu Move provides ample power for the urban commuter. The boot space varies from 0 – 225 L, and the kerb weight lies between 820 – 870 KG. The car runs on petrol with a remarkable mileage of 15 – 31 KM/L and a fuel tank capacity of 30L. It comfortably seats 4-5 persons and can reach a top speed of 140 – 180 KM/H. The car also uses a tyre size of 155/65/R14, ensuring a steady and smooth ride.

12.Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the cheapest cars available in Pakistan, with prices ranging from 16.0 – 20.1 lacs. Perfect for city driving, this hatchback boasts dimensions of 3710 mm in length, 1665 mm in width, and 1505 mm in height. Despite the compact size, it maintains a ground clearance of up to 150 mm. The car is powered by a 998 to 1192 cc engine, with an automatic transmission system.

It produces a horsepower of 65 – 76 hp and a torque of 86 – 100 Nm. The kerb weight is between 870 – 900 KG, fueled by petrol. Offering an efficient mileage of 16 – 23 KM/L, the fuel tank can hold up to 35 L. The move comfortably accommodates 5 persons, and can reach a top speed of 200 KM/H. The tyres measure 175/55/R15, providing a smooth and steady drive.

13.Toyota Pixis Epoch

The Toyota Pixis Epoch is one of the most affordable cars available in Pakistan, with a price range of 16.0 – 22.0 lacs. This hatchback model boasts dimensions of 3395 x 1475 x 1500 mm, providing compact yet comfortable space for up to five persons. It’s powered by a 658 cc engine that generates 48 horsepower and 57 Nm of torque, offering a balance of performance and economy with a fuel consumption rate of 18 – 20 KM/L.

The Pixis Epoch has an automatic transmission, runs on petrol, and can reach a top speed of 140 KM/H. Despite its ground clearance of 0 mm, it maintains a kerb weight of 650 KG. The vehicle is fitted with 155/70/R13 tyres and features a fuel tank capacity of 28 L. Please note, the boot space is currently unspecified for this model.

14.Honda Fit 1.5 Hybrid Base Grade

The Honda Fit 1.5 Hybrid Base Grade Car offers an excellent balance of performance and affordability, making it one of the cheapest cars in Pakistan. This car boasts an overall length of 3600 mm, an overall width of 1600 mm, and an overall height of 1540 mm. Despite its compact size, it provides ample room for 5 passengers and a boot space of 254 L.

Built with a 3-cylinder, In-Line petrol engine, the Honda Fit allows for a displacement of 998 cc, and a horsepower of 67 HP at 6000 RPM. This potent engine, coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox, can achieve a maximum speed of 180 KM/H.

Equipped with a Rack & Pinion steering type with Electronic Power Assistance, the car ensures smooth handling with a minimum turning radius of 4.7 m. The car model is priced at PKR 3,620,000.

The Honda Fit features a McPherson Strut Coil Springs front suspension and a Torsion Beam with Coil Springs rear suspension, ensuring comfortable rides.

The car comes with steel wheels adorned with Full-Wheel Caps, and the wheel size is 14 in. The tyre size is 165/65/R14, and the spare tyre size is also 14 in.

Lastly, the Honda Fit 1.5 Hybrid Base Grade Car delivers excellent fuel economy with a mileage of 16 KM/L in the city and 18 KM/L on the highway. With a fuel tank capacity of 35 L, it ensures extended driving without frequent refills.

15.Nissan Moco

The Nissan Moco, one of the cheapest cars in Pakistan, is an economical choice for car buyers with a price ranging from 14.0 to 19.3 lacs. This hatchback stands at dimensions of 3395 mm in length, 1475 mm in width, and 1625 mm in height. With a ground clearance of 150 – 155 mm, it is designed to handle various road conditions.

The car comes with a 658 cc displacement and an automatic transmission, delivering a horse power of 52 hp and a torque of 63 Nm. Despite its compact size, the Moco offers a seating capacity for 5 persons. It guarantees an impressive mileage of 26 – 30 KM/L, thanks to its fuel-efficient petrol engine. Additionally, this vehicle is designed with a fuel tank capacity of 27 L. It has a kerb weight of 820 KG, and can achieve a top speed of 140 KM/H. The car rides on tyre size of 145/80/R13, providing a firm grip on the road.

All these features add together to make the Nissan Moco one of the most reliable and affordable cars in Pakistan.


So, whether you’re looking for a cheap and reliable car to get around, or a luxury model for the occasional special occasions in life, Pakistan is home to some excellent car models from an array of manufacturers. From Suzuki Alto to Honda Fit 1.5 Hybrid Base Grade and Nissan Moco, there’s a car available at every budget across Pakistan. Do also check out their spareparts cost before making your purchase, as cars with expensive spareparts can end up costing more in total upkeep than initially thought.

Remember the basics of car maintenance while buying used cars; have it thoroughly examined by an expert if the car has more than one owner before you or if you’re not sure about its condition. At the end of the day however, be sure that whichever car you decide to get, it should be the right fit for your family and lifestyle demands as safety and performance should always remain top priority when purchasing any vehicle.