The federal government has recently announced a new package for eligible individuals under the 5566 Ehsaas Ration Program 15000. The program will provide daily benefits, including 10 kg flour, 1 kg sugar, and 1 kg ghee at affordable prices. In order to receive the code to avail these facilities, BISP beneficiaries must send their CNIC ID card number to 5566. This initiative aims to provide assistance to those in need, ensuring that they have access to basic necessities. So, if you or someone you know is eligible for this program, head over to your nearest utility store to find the code and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

5566 online registration Check 5566 Utility Store Ehsaas Rashan Program CNIC Online Check

The utility store owners need to fill up their CNIC number and other required information. Upon successful submission of the online registration form, a verification SMS will be sent to the user’s mobile phone. The users can then get confirmation of their registration along with details about their utility stores by accessing the USC website or through application. Once registered, these stores will be given rights to manage the PLMN (Public-Private Collaboration) and can start providing services related to utility store management.

This program is beneficial for all parties involved, as the investment required is relatively low but the returns are big. The Ehsaas Ration Program started by the government of Pakistan helps all citizens in need of ration services by providing them with the necessary items. This program helps decrease inflation, as well as making sure citizens have access to the essential food items they need.

With this program, utility store owners are able to easily register their stores online and manage them efficiently. With proper management of resources and timely updates on prices and other details, this program will help the citizens of Pakistan get access to essential items at affordable prices.

Therefore, users are encouraged to take advantage of this new initiative and register their stores online in order to benefit from the opportunities offered by Ehsaas Ration Program. In addition, they should regularly update their accounts on USC website and provide customers with accurate information about the availability of different items. This will help in improving the overall efficiency of their stores and make sure everyone gets access to essential commodities at reasonable prices.

By following these steps, citizens of Pakistan can benefit from this program and enjoy a healthy lifestyle by having access to essential items at affordable prices. With proper management and registration process, utility store owners can easily provide a high quality service for all citizens of Pakistan.

Utility Store Code Subsidy Registration

The Utility Store Code (USC) is offering franchise registration for eligible stores with monthly sales of Rs 300,000 or more. Even if you’re located in a metropolitan area and sell goods valued at Rs 200,000, you too can obtain a USC franchise license. For those aiming to branch out into rural areas, the USC is looking for shops with monthly sales of 100,000. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Apply now by visiting the official USC website and filling out online form 5566.

Get Rashan Subsidy From Utility Stores

As the Utility Stores Corporation continues to offer subsidies for essential products, convenience is key in ensuring that the process is easy and accessible for all. That’s why the Corporation’s latest initiative of allowing customers to text their ID number and receive a one-time password prior to purchase is a game-changer. No longer will customers have to wait in long lines or carry cash, as the entire process can be done from the palm of their hand. This effort not only ensures that citizens have access to affordable products, but also reflects the Corporation’s commitment to continuously finding innovative ways to serve the needs of the nation.

Utility Store 5566 Online Registration Application Form 2024

Are you interested in joining the Utility Stores Corporation team? Look no further than their convenient online application process! With just a few clicks, you can fill out the 5566 Online Registration Application

Form for 2024. Simply visit, click on the ‘Careers’ tab, and select the ‘Apply Online’ option. The application form is quick and easy to complete, requiring only your personal and educational information, as well as a recent passport-sized photograph upload.

Don’t wait any longer to kickstart your career with Utility Stores Corporation complete your online application today!

Ehsaas Rashan Program Check Karne Ka Tarika

To check the status of your application on Ehsaas Rashan Program, you can simply send an SMS to 5566 with the details of your application. The SMS should include your name and CNIC number along with any other relevant information such as applicant’s district etc. Once you have sent the SMS, you will receive a confirmation Message with the status of your application. This message will tell you whether or not you have been accepted for the program and how much funds have been sent to you for your assistance.

For those who are unable to check their status on Ehsaas Rashan Program, they can contact the local Utility Stores Corporation office or call the customer service helpline at 0800-05590 for guidance. The customer service team will be available to help you with any queries or concerns that you might have about your application.

Ehsaas Rashan Program is an initiative by the Government of Pakistan to ensure that the vulnerable sections of society are able to access equitable resources and services. It is important for those who have applied for the program to remain informed about their status and avail timely assistance. The SMS service provides an easy way for applicants to check their application status quickly and conveniently.


The Ehsaas 5566 Rashan Program from the Government of Pakistan is undoubtedly a blessing for those in lower-income brackets who need relief during these trying times. With its Online Registration 2024, it has become significantly easier to apply through an Utility Store. It is hoped that this invaluable program will assist all deserving citizens in generating access to essential supplies and markets for groceries with the aim of improving their standard of living.

All of us should take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and appreciation towards our government authorities and indeed the divine being, who have made such provisions available to us. Let us remember that communal well-being relies on each of us working together as one family no matter which economic circumstances we come from it is only by united effort that we can strive towards making a better tomorrow!