Chicken meat (murghi ka gosht) prices in Rawalpindi have increased by 100% in the past two years, according to a recent study conducted by the Department of Agricultural Economics at  Arid Agriculture University.

Chicken1 KgRs.810 to 850
Live Chicken1 KgRs.500
Skinless Chicken1 KgRs.780
Boneless Chicken1 KgRs.850
Chicken Liver1 KgRs.730
Country Chicken1 KgRs.1460

The average price of chicken meat per kilogram is now Rs. 810 to 850, compared to Rs. 95 in 2015. This increase is likely due to several factors, including a decrease in production and an increase in demand from expatriates and tourists. Chicken meat is one of the most popular meats in Pakistan, and it is consumed by people of all ages and religions. Although the price increase may be a burden for some consumers, it is still affordable when compared to other meats such as beef or Chicken.

The rising cost of chicken meat has put a strain on low-income families in Rawalpindi, as they are unable to afford the current prices.

The Department of Agricultural Economics at Arid Agriculture University recommends that households purchase their chicken from local farmers who offer discounts for bulk purchases. In addition, they also advise consumers to opt for organic or free range chickens, as these come with fewer health risks. Furthermore, cooking chicken at home can also help reduce the cost of meals significantly.

Chicken Rate Today in Rawalpindi 2024

NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Chicken Meat (Kg)Rs. 810Rs. 850

prices of chicken in Rawalpindi malls and grocery stores today price list. Prices of chicken have seen a redoubled demand in recent years due to the bird flu pandemic. Poultry farmers have had to increase production to meet this demand, leading to an increase in the price of chicken. However, the prices of chicken are still reasonable compared to other meat products.

In addition, chicken is a healthy source of protein and provides many vitamins and minerals. As a result, chicken is a popular choice for many families. Rawalpindi residents can find chicken at any number of local markets and stores. The prices of chicken vary depending on the retailer, but most stores offer competitive rates. So, whether you are looking for whole chickens or just chicken breasts, you can be sure to find what you need in Rawalpindi.

The rates of chicken are as follows:

Poultry farmers in Rawalpindi are offering a competitive rate for chicken meat. The minimum price for one kilogram of chicken meat is Rs. 810 and the maximum price is Rs. 850. This makes buying fresh, locally produced chicken meat in Rawalpindi an affordable option for households and businesses alike.

The current market trend shows that the demand for chicken meat is on the rise, with more and more consumers looking to purchase locally produced poultry products. This steady increase in demand has encouraged local farmers to improve their techniques and offer a wide variety of quality poultry products at competitive rates.

As a result, shoppers can find an array of poultry options in Rawalpindi ranging from fresh, farm-raised chicken to processed poultry products. Consumers can also find a range of frozen and canned foods that are made from locally produced poultry.

Rawalpindi is also home to several successful small-scale poultry businesses which specialize in producing high-quality fresh chicken meat at competitive rates. These businesses provide consumers with fresh, locally sourced poultry options and they also offer a variety of processed poultry products.

All in all, the current chicken rate in Rawalpindi is quite reasonable and allows households and businesses to purchase quality locally produced poultry at an affordable price. This makes purchasing poultry in Rawalpindi a great option for those looking to save money without compromising on quality or taste.

With the steady rise in demand for poultry products, local farmers in Rawalpindi are expected to continue offering competitive rates for chicken meat and other poultry options. This will ensure that consumers can purchase quality, locally produced poultry at an affordable price. Furthermore, it will also help support the local economy by providing employment opportunities to small-scale poultry businesses and farmers. This will help to ensure that Rawalpindi remains a great place to buy quality poultry products at an affordable price for years to come.

Chicken Price Today in Rawalpindi 2024

As of today, the average price for chicken in Rawalpindi is Rs. 464 per kg. This price is based on various factors such as the quality of chicken, the demand and supply in the market, etc. However, this price may vary from day to day and even from hour to hour, depending on these factors.


Chicken Prices in Rawalpindi are increasing on a daily basis. The price of a kilogram of chicken has increased to Rs. 390 from Rs. 750 within the last month. This is due to several reasons, including the increase in prices of feed and fodder for chickens, and the high cost of transportation. The government should take steps to stabilize the prices of this staple food item.