Do you love watching movies? Are you looking for the best cinemas in Lahore, Pakistan to spend an awesome movie night with your friends and family? Well, if yes, then look no further! In this blog post, we are here to help you find the best destination for a cinematic experience. We’ll take into account all factors that must be taken into consideration such as price range, seating options, projection/audio quality and customer service before giving our ultimate verdict on who wins out of the many cinemas available in Lahore. So sit tight and enjoy reading through our guide perfect for those movie-lovers looking for their next big cinema adventure!

Cinemas In Lahore

If you’re a movie enthusiast looking for the best cinemas in Lahore, you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re on a budget or willing to splurge, Lahore has something for everyone. One of the top picks is Universal Cinema in Johar Town, which offers standard tickets for PKR 700 and gold tickets for PKR 550. Alternatively, you could head to Cue Cinema in Gulberg, where ticket prices start from just PKR 500. For a grander cinematic experience, check out the Cinepax Packages Mall, which offers tickets starting from PKR 800 onwards. No matter which cinema you choose, be sure to arrive on time so you don’t miss a moment of the show.

Cinemas in Lahore Ticket Price List

Cinema NamePrices (PKR)
Cinepax Lake CitySilver: 500, Gold 650
Universal CinemaStandard: 750, Ultra 850, Super-Ultra 1000, Gold 1500
Cue CinemaRs.550
Amanah Mall CinemaRs.550 to 900
Cinegold Bahria TownRs.700, Gold 1300, Platinum 1400
Fortress CinemaStudent Rs.550, Silver 650, Gold 900
Imax CinemaRs. 800 to 900
Cinepax Packages MallRs. 800 to 900
Sozo World CinemaRs. 700 to 900
Drive-In CinemaRs. 1000 to 1900
Imperial CinemasRs. 800 to 1000
PAF CinemaRs. 800 to 1000

Cinemas in Lahore Timings Address

Name of CinemaTimingsAddress
Cinepax Lake City9.00 AM to 9.00 PMRaiwind Road, Block M 1, Lake City
Universal Cinema9.00 AM to 9.00 PMAbdul Haque Road, Phase 2 Johar Town
Cue Cinema9.00 AM to 9.00 PMMain Boulevard Gulberg, Main Gulberg
Amanah Mall Cinema9.00 AM to 9.00 PMAmanah Mall, Model Town Link Road
Cinegold Bahria Town9.00 AM to 9.00 PMTakbeer Block, Sector B Bahria Town
Fortress Cinema9.00 AM to 9.00 PMFortress Square Shopping Mall, Saddar Town
Imax Cinema9.00 AM to 9.00 PMAli Road, Township Commercial Area
Cinepax Packages Mall9.00 AM to 9.00 PMPackages Mall, Main Walton Road
Sozo World Cinema9.00 AM to 9.00 PMFortress Stadium, Saddar Town
Drive-In Cinema9.00 AM to 9.00 PMAmjad Chauhdry Road, Cantt

List of 10 Best Cinemas in Lahore

If you are looking for the best cinemas in Lahore, then look no further! Here is a list of the top 10 best cinemas that will provide you with an outstanding experience.

1.Super Cinema

Super Cinema at the Vogue Towers is another gem in the crown of Lahore’s robust cinema scene. Located on MM Alam Road, this cinema offers a world-class movie experience with incredible audio-visual technology that rivals international standards. The spacious and luxurious seating arrangement ensures a comfortable viewing experience for all, enhancing the overall cinematic adventure. The snack bar is stocked with an array of delicious treats including popcorn, beverages, and a variety of snacks to munch on while you enjoy your favorite blockbusters.

The pricing ranges from a reasonable 600 PKR to a premium 2000 PKR, catering to a wide range of preferences. The cinema operates from 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM, offering flexibility for cinephiles from all walks of life. Whether you’re a movie buff or someone who enjoys an occasional flick, Super Cinema has got you covered!

2.Cinepax Lake City Lahore

Cinepax Lake City Lahore, positioned on Raiwind Road, Block M 1, Lake City, offers two ticket options to cater to varying budgets: Silver for PKR 400 and Gold for PKR 550. Situated within the Lake City Mall, this cinema is a part of the extensive Cinepax chain, renowned for its exceptional service and facilities. On arrival, guests are met with an impressive facade which sets the tone for the quality of the experience within. The cinema is equipped with high-definition screens and a phenomenal surround sound system, factors that ensure viewers keep returning. As a provider of top-notch entertainment, it’s a beloved staple among residents of Lake City and neighboring communities.

3.Cue Cinema

Situated at the heart of Main Boulevard Gulberg, Cue Cinema is renowned as one of the finest cinemas in Lahore. The viewing experience is enhanced by stellar visuals and unparalleled sound quality, courtesy of cutting-edge audio equipment. VIP customers are treated to exclusive services, further elevating their cinema experience. The RGB laser projector, a highlight of Cue Cinema, ensures the highest-quality movie viewing with its bright and robust features. To complement the entertainment, Cue Cinema offers a range of delectable snacks including popcorn, fries, burgers, and a selection of refreshing beverages. The cinema experience starts at a reasonable price of Rs.600, making Cue Cinema the perfect combination of affordability and luxury.

4.Universal Cinema Lahore

Beyond the unparalleled movie experience, Universal Cinemas in Lahore offers a diverse range of seating options to suit different preferences and budget. From the economical yet comfortable seats at the Standard Screen to the premium experience of the Gold Hall, moviegoers can choose a screening room based on their needs. The Ultra Screen offers a more intimate atmosphere with fewer, spacious seats and top-notch overhead sound system.

The Gold Hall, available for private or corporate events, redefines luxury with its leather recliner chairs, personal butler service, and Gold Concierge to streamline ticketing. For those seeking a unique experience, the cinema offers Private Suites equipped with luxury leather seats and an exclusive gourmet menu. For a slightly enhanced comfort within budget, the Premium Seats in Standard or Ultra Screen cinemas are a perfect choice with their comfy gliding seats. The entire cinema can also be booked, with prices starting from Rs. 9000.


In addition to offering an unmatched viewing experience, Cinepax cinemas also focus on providing excellent customer service. The staff members are well-versed with the cinema’s operations and are always ready to assist the patrons with any concerns. The cleanliness and hygiene of the cinema halls, as well as the availability of a variety of food and drink options, further enhance the movie-watching experience. Whether you enjoy blockbusters, art-house films, or family-friendly animations, the wide range of movies screened at Cinepax cinemas ensures that there’s something for everyone. Truly, Cinepax cinemas, situated in Packages Mall, Fortress Mall, Lake City, and Amanah Mall, are the go-to destination for movie lovers in Lahore.


Cinestar, known for pioneering Imax cinemas in Pakistan, is renowned for its contribution to enhancing the cinematic experience for film enthusiasts. With locations at Township, Xinhua Mall, and DHA Phase 6, it provides not just accessibility but also a touch of luxury to the local cinema-goers. The experience is elevated with top-tier 3D screens utilizing the latest IMAX technology, a feature that sets Cinestar apart in the industry. Furthermore, their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their well-stocked snack bar and opulent décor. Priced at PKR 700 onwards, Cinestar remains a popular choice among the residents of Lahore looking for an immersive movie-watching experience.

7.Arena cinema

Another popular cinema destination in Lahore is Bahria Orchard. The Arena Cinema in Lahore is renowned for its top-tier viewing experience, replete with state of the art seating arrangements that ensure maximum comfort for movie-goers. Patrons can immerse themselves in films with the choice of 2D or 3D experiences, enhanced by the cinema’s high-quality sound equipment that faithfully reproduces every note and nuance of the soundtrack. But the Arena’s offerings extend beyond the screen viewers can delight in an extensive menu of food and beverages, ranging from traditional popcorn and tea, to a more diverse array of snacks like nachos, and popular drinks such as Pepsi. Truly, the Arena Cinema stands out as one of the best cinematic experiences in Lahore.

8.Raiha CineGold Plex, Bahria Town

The Raiha CineGold Plex in Bahria Town, Lahore, is indeed a cinema lover’s paradise. This location stands as Pakistan’s pioneer in luxury movie theatres, providing patrons with a unique dine-in facility. Not limited to Lahore, Raiha CineGold Plex extends its remarkable services to Islamabad and Karachi. The cinema boasts luxury leather seating recliners for ultimate comfort, accompanied by world-class sound and projection technologies.

It stands equipped with cutting-edge 2D and 3D screens, ready to deliver an immersive movie experience. With convenient online booking through their website and app, and a membership card offering attractive discounts and benefits, this cinema complex sets a high standard in customer service. For those visiting Lahore, famously known as the City of Gardens, these cinemas can certainly enrich your visit.

They offer an incredible experience in a family-friendly environment, priding themselves on catering to the modest families of Pakistan. With the best audio and screen technologies, including Dolby Atmos, on offer, your movie-watching experience is guaranteed to enhance by 100%.

9. Fortress Cinema Lahore

Fortress Cinema, located on the second floor of Fortress Mall in Lahore, ranks among the best cinemas in the city. It houses both Silver and Gold Screens, catering to varied audience preferences. Its ideal location, coupled with superior screen quality and immersive surround sound systems, sets it apart from the rest and makes it a favorite destination for many. Pricing is competitive and cost-effective, with tickets priced at PKR 500 for students, PKR 600 for Silver, and PKR 800 for Gold, providing great value for the unmatched cinematic experience it offers.

10.Amanah Mall Cinema Lahore

The Amanah Mall Cinema, a venture by Cinepax, has positioned itself as a top choice for moviegoers in Lahore. Outfitted with cutting-edge 2D and 3D screens, the cinema offers an immersive viewing experience that is further enhanced by its high-quality surround sound system. The cinema’s commitment to providing a world-class cinematic experience is evident in its high-tech amenities and comfortable seating. The convenience of online ticket booking via their website adds to the overall exceptional customer experience, making Amanah Mall Cinema one of the best cinemas in Lahore.

11.Sozo World Cinema Lahore

Sozo World Cinema, nestled in the heart of Fortress Stadium, Saddar Town, Lahore, stands as a testament to the city’s love for film and entertainment. Starting as a traditional cinema hall, the establishment has undergone significant enhancements over the years, including updating its projection screens and sound systems. This modernization has propelled it right back into the limelight and solidified its position as one of the best cinemas in Lahore. Sozo World Cinema is not just a place to catch a movie; it’s a place where all segments of society can enjoy quality family entertainment in a contemporary setting.

12.Imperial Cinemas

Imperial Cinemas, one of the best cinemas in Lahore, offers a remarkable entertainment experience. Known for its captivating ambiance and top-tier facilities, this theater guarantees an ultra-comfortable visit. The theaters are spacious, with a cozy seating area and complete air conditioning perfect for those sweltering Lahore summers. Families seeking an affordable movie destination will find Imperial Cinemas a perfect choice. Tickets are conveniently available both online and at the counter. Schedules and pricing can be easily accessed online for pre-booking. Located in Imperial Mall, Barki Rd, Paragon City, it is easily accessible for city dwellers and visitors alike.

13.PAF Cinema

Located on Sarfaraz Rafiqui Rd in Lahore Cantt, PAF Cinema is an epitome of quality movie viewing. This cinema, recognized as one of the top cinemas in Lahore, goes beyond the traditional movie-going experience. It incorporates the latest digital technologies and innovative seating arrangements, offering a unique cinematic journey for its visitors. With the availability of both 2D and 3D formats, PAF Cinema is the perfect destination for family movie nights, ensuring an unmatched viewing experience for every movie enthusiast.


In conclusion, the above-mentioned cinemas are surely the best in Lahore, and also surely lived up to their names in terms of providing the best entertainment and movie viewing experience. All these cinemas offer a unique experience with their air-conditioned auditoriums, splendid projectors, spacious seating arrangements and various other facilities to match everyone’s needs. So don’t waste your time on watching movies on small screens.

Experience the plethora of animated films or favorite classics at any one of these places today! And if you’re what’s new at these cinemas you can subscribe for cinema memberships to get regular updates on the latest films being released, upcoming movie trailers, helpful information guides and advice for planning a visit to these lovely venues. So go ahead and explore your options by visiting any of these 10 best cinemas available in Lahore to make all your movie memories count!