Are you looking for the most competitive prices on consumer goods in Pakistan? Do you want to be sure that you are getting quality products at the best possible rates? CSD Pakistan price list provides a comprehensive list of consumer items and their respective pricing. In this post, we will explore how these prices are determined and how it affects consumers’ purchasing power. We’ll also look into how CSD’s extensive network can help one find the right product at a bargain price!

CSD Pakistan Price List 2024

Consumers have been finding lots of convenience in the CSD Pakistan Price List. With a great range of products available ranging from bike cars, fridges and fish to household items, personal care items, linen, fruits and veg, stationery and garments there really is something for everyone. Plus with around 55% or CSD’s total business attributable to this sector it’s clear that its customers are not disappointed with the price list.

CSD Refregirators Price List

CSD Refrigerators Price List 2024 Pakistan provides a comprehensive list of the latest models and prices of refrigerators available in Pakistan. All major refrigerator brands such as Gree, Haier, Dawlance, Orient, Kenwood, Homage, PEL, Sigma and Singer have their latest models listed here with their respective prices. Customers can easily compare the prices and features of refrigerators from all these brands to find the best option that suits their needs. Customers can also find deals and discounts being offered by different stores for buying a refrigerator. This price list provides customers with an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of all the refrigerator options available in Pakistan.

CSD RefregiratorsPrice List
Refrigerator Pel Prgd-2350 10 CftRs 64,800
Refrigerator Pel Prl-6350 13 CftRs 66,400
Pel Inverter Prinvovcm-2550Rs 66,800
Pel Prgd-2550 12 CftRs 67,800
Pel Ref Prcgd-2550 (Curved Glass Door)Rs 68,400
Pel Inverter Prinvogd-2350 10 CftRs 68,400
Pel Prl-6450 14 CftRs 69,400
Ref Pel Prlvs 6450 Rs 70,400
Pel Inverter Prinvogd-2550 12 CftRs 71,400
Pel Inverter Prinvovcm-6350Rs 71,800
Pel Prgd-6350 13 CftRs 73,800
Refrigerator Pel Inverter Prinvovcm-6450 Rs 74,800
Refrigerator Pel Inverter Prinvovcm-6450Rs 74,800
Pel Ref Prcgd-6350 (Curved Glass Door)Rs 74,800
Refrigerator Pel Prgd-6450 14 CftRs 76,800
Pel Ref Prl-22250Rs 77,400
Pel Ref Prcgd-21850 (Curved Glass Door)Rs 81,400
Pel Ref Prcgd-21950 (Curved Glass Door)Rs 84,400
Pel Ref Prinvogd-21850 Invertor Rs 85,800
Pel Ref Prinvogd-22250 InvertorRs 91,800
Dawlance Ref 9191 Wb Avante+Gd Inv 15.5 CftRs 95,500
Dawlance Ref 9178 Lf Avante + 13 CftRs 82,400
Dawlance Ref 9191 Wb Avante 15.5 CftRs 85,000
Dawlance Ref 9193 Lf Avante 16.5 CftRs 90,700
Kenwood Krf-24457/K320 Gd New Persona Plus Series Black 13 CftRs 77,000
Kenwood Krf-25557/400 Gd 15 CftRs 68,000
Haier Ref Hrf-336 Ifga/Ra/Pa (Digital Inverter) 12.5 CftRs 80,100
Ref Haier Hrf-398idbRs 85,400
Haier Ref Hrf-306tpr/Tpb (Turbo) 11 CFTRs 67,000
Gree Ref Everest Digital Series Gr-E8768g Cb3/Cr3/Cw3/Cp3 Gree 14 CFTRs 87,900
Gree Ref Everest Flora Series Gr-E8890g Cb1/Cr1/Cw1/Cp1 Gree 16 CFTRs 90,900
Gree Ref Everest Digital Series Gr-E8890g Cb3/Cr3/Cw3/Cp3 Gree 16 CFTRs 93,900
Gree Ref Denali Series Gr-D7680g Cr2/Cp2 12 CFTRs 74,400
Electrolux Refrigerator Shine-X 97135 14 CftRs 70,900
Electrolux Refrigerator Shine-X 9716 16 CftRs 80,900

CSD Car Price List 2024 Pakistan:

This price list offers a wide range of cars that include hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Moreover, the buyers can choose from both petrol and diesel engines to get their desired car at an affordable CSD rate. Suzuki Bolan or carry daba is one of the most demanded cars that are offered in this CSD car price list 2024 Pakistan. This car has a fuel efficient and powerful engine, making it an ideal vehicle for families. It also comes with an impressive exterior design and comfortable interior that adds to the driving pleasure of its riders.

The FAW variants available in this price list include V2 hatchback, V2 sedan, X-PV pickup truck, and V2 SUV. The Suzuki lineup includes Cultus, Mehran, Swift hatchback and sedan, APV van, and Bolan cargo van. Honda offers City sedan, Civic sedan and hatchback, BR-V crossover SUV, and CR-V premium SUV. End Model of Toyota has Corolla XLI & GLI sedans and Fortuner SUV in its lineup.

All of these vehicles can be purchased at discounted CSD prices from authorized CSD stores. So, make sure to check out the CSD car price list 2024 Pakistan for all your car buying needs!

CSD Motorcycle Price List 2024 Pakistan

The CSD Motorcycle Price List 2024 Pakistan provides an extensive selection of motorcycles to meet the needs of every rider. Honda, Yamaha, DYL, Ravi, United and Union Star are some of the most popular brands in Pakistan. They offer a variety of powerful models that provide superior performance and comfort on the roads. For those who want to experience the thrill of racing, Honda, Yamaha and DYL are great choices. For riders looking for an economical ride, New Asia, Super Power and Hero offer great value. The durable and reliable Super Asia and Road Prince motorcycles offer a great combination of performance and affordability.

CSD MotorcyclePrice List
United Us-70 70 CCRs 81,000
United Us-100 100 CCRs 85,500
Yd-70 Dhoom Red/Black 70 CCRs 89,500
United Alloy Rim 100 CCRs 91,000
United Us-125 125 CcRs 122,500
Honda Cd 70 CcRs 121,300
Honda Cd Dream Motorcycle 70 CCRs 129,700
Motor Cycle Pridor Honda Cd 100 CcRs 161,700
Motor Cycle Cg 125 Honda 125 CcRs 185,700
Motor Cycle Honda Cg125 Self Start (Sp/ Edition) 125 CcRs 219,300
Motor Cycle Honda Cb125f Special EditionRs 283,700
Honda Cb-150f 150ccRs 353,700
Motor Cycle Yamaha Yb 125z 125 CCRs 305,400
Yamaha M/Cycle Yb-125z Dx 125 CCRs 326,900
Yamaha Ybr 125 CcRs 335,900
Yamaha Ybr 125g (Red/Black) 125 CcRs 349,400
Yahama Ybr-125g (Matt Dark Gray) 125 CcRs 352,400

CSD Hire Purchase List 2024

The CSD Hire Purchase List 2024 in Pakistan is a comprehensive list of vehicles and other items that are available for purchase through the Combined Services Directorate (CSD) in Pakistan. The list includes cars, motorcycles, boats, four-wheelers, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and more.

Customers can benefit from the CSD Hire Purchase List 2024 in Pakistan by getting access to a wide variety of products at competitive prices. The list also offers flexible payment plans for customers who cannot pay the full amount upfront. Customers who avail the CSD hire purchase facility can save money on interest payments, as well as enjoy other advantages such as better deals and discounts from suppliers.

CSD Laptop Price List 2024 Pakistan

The CSD Laptop Price List for 2024 in Pakistan is a great resource for tech-savvy shoppers. It includes options from some of the most popular and trusted laptop brands, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer. Prices are competitively low and customers can get good deals when buying in bulk. The list also includes an overview of features and specifications, allowing customers to easily compare laptops side-by-side. In addition, the CSD Laptop Price List also includes warranty information and customer service contact numbers for more comprehensive support. With this comprehensive list of products, customers can rest assured that they are getting the best deals on their new laptop.

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