Daewoo Cargo is a renowned logistics solution in Pakistan, providing transportation solutions for people and companies of all sizes. With its top-notch services, ranging from ocean freight to air freight services, Daewoo cargo offers fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet the requirements of customers around the country. In order to make sure their clients get excellent prices regardless of the quantity or distance they need shipped, Daewoo’s cargo rates per kg are one of the most competitive in the market. In this blog post we’ll look at how much it costs to ship different commodities with Daewoo Cargo using PKR (Pakistan Rupees).

We’ll also discuss some tips that you can use to reduce your shipping costs when working with Daewoo and give insights on how they compare against other competitors in Pakistan. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about transporting goods into or out of Pakistan!

Daewoo Fastex Cargo Rates Per KG 2024

Daewoo Cargo in Pakistan offers competitive rates when it comes to sending shipments across the country. Customers can send goods for as low as Rs.240 per kg. But, should a shipment require extra care such as cooling or special handling, there is an increase in cost to Rs.300 per kg. With delivery times of up to 48 hours depending on the location, Daewoo Cargo is one of the most preferred cargo services amongst those looking for reliability and affordability when sending packages in Pakistan.

Daewoo Fastex Cargo Rates List

Daewoo Parcel ServiceWeightRates
Lahore to Mainwali1 KgRs. 230
Lahore to Karachi1 KgRs. 250
Lahore to Hyderabad1 KgRs. 240
Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi1 KgRs. 230
Lahore to Multan1 KgRs. 230
Lahore to Jhang1 KgRs. 220
Lahore to Faisalabad1 KgRs. 220
Lahore to Peshawar1 KgRs. 230
Lahore to Jhelum1 KgRs. 220
Lahore to Quetta1 KgRs. 240
Lahore to Abbottabad1 KgRs. 230
Lahore to Sialkot1 KgRs. 220
Lahore to Gujranwala1 KgRs. 220
Lahore to Haripur1 KgRs. 230

Daewoo Parcel ServiceWeightRates
Lahore to Mainwali5 KgRs. 590
Lahore to Karachi5 KgRs. 680
Lahore to Hyderabad5 KgRs. 680
Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi5 KgRs. 590
Lahore to Multan5 KgRs. 540
Lahore to Jhang5 KgRs. 540
Lahore to Faisalabad5 KgRs. 540
Lahore to Peshawar5 KgRs. 590
Lahore to Jhelum5 KgRs. 540
Lahore to Quetta5 KgRs. 680
Lahore to Abbottabad5 KgRs. 590
Lahore to Sialkot5 KgRs. 540
Lahore to Gujranwala5 KgRs. 540
Lahore to Haripur5 KgRs. 590

Fastex Tariff

Daewoo Cargo offers competitively priced services to many locations in Pakistan. They provide a smooth and hassle-free delivery of goods throughout the country. Rates for each location vary depending on weight, but start at Rs. 220 per Kg for certain destinations. For example, the cost to send one kilogram from Lahore to Jhelum is Rs. 220, while the cost to send one kilogram from Lahore to Karachi is Rs. 240. Daewoo Cargo’s rates are highly competitive and they strive to provide customers with quality service at the most economical price possible. With an extensive network of agents, their services are accessible all over Pakistan, making them a great choice for those looking to ship goods.

Daewoo Cargo is a dependable and reliable option for sending packages and parcels anywhere in Pakistan. With their convenient rates per Kg, it’s easy to see why they are becoming increasingly popular with customers.

Daewoo Fastex Tarif Calculator

Daewoo Fastex Tarif Calculator provides a fast and easy way to get an estimate of the tariff associated with shipping your parcel. It takes only a few minutes to enter all the required information, such as the type of service, the destination, parcel type, and weight. Once you’ve entered this information, you’ll receive an estimated tariff that you can use when making your booking. Daewoo Fastex’s tariff calculator is designed to provide accurate rates, so you’ll have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips when shipping with Daewoo Fastex. With this tool, you can easily compare prices and maximize your savings!

Take advantage of Daewoo Fastex’s Tarif Calculator today and get the most out of your shipping investments. Start saving on your next shipment with Daewoo Fastex!

For more information, please visit http://fastex.pk/tariff-calculator.aspx


Overall, Daewoo cargo rates per kilogram in Pakistan appear to be quite reasonable. They are cost-efficient and reliable, providing an almost already guaranteed success to the sender of the cargo along with the expedited delivery times that come with it. The frequency of services and added amenities such as cargo tracking and value-added insurance are also attractive extras that accompany Daewoo’s services, meaning that customers can feel safe when sending their packages abroad.

Though customer reviews of their services raise concerns about timeliness and accuracy of delivery, improvements look to be made as customer service is dedicated to satisfying each client’s individual needs. Taking all these factors into consideration it’s clear that using Daewoo Cargo for sending packages abroad is a great choice for those looking for a reliable, affordable and trustworthy service. Ultimately, choosing Daewoo will see those using them sailing through a successful, hassle-free experience every time!