Driving licenses in Pakistan have become an integral part of daily life for inexperienced teenagers to experienced adults. It’s a legal requirement and with increasing traffic, the Pakistani government wants to ensure roads are safe. Due to this reason, the Driving Licence Issuance & Management System (DLIMS) was launched by Punjab in 2016 to make driving license management easier.

For drivers in Punjab specifically, DLIMS has dramatically changed the way they get their driving license or carry out any related activity without standing in long queues at TC offices or NADRA centers all day waiting anxiously. This blog post will look deeper into DLIMS and how it helps residents check their Documents Verification Status Online quickly and efficiently!

Driving Licence Check Online

Now that you have accessed your driving license details online, you need to cross-check the information displayed on the screen. Verify that the details such as the name, address, license type, issuing date, and expiry date are correct. If you find any discrepancies, it is essential that you contact the relevant traffic police department for rectifications. Remember, accurate information on your driving license is crucial as it serves as an official identity document and having incorrect details could lead to unnecessary complications in the future.

How to Check DLIMS Punjab Driving License Online?

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How to Check Driving License Status in Punjab?

Introducing DLIMS, the government department dedicated to overseeing and regulating driving licenses. Now, you can easily verify your driving license online with just a few simple steps.

Stay updated and ensure the validity of your driving license with DLIMS.

The importance of DLIMS Punjab License Verification cannot be overlooked, particularly if you’ve submitted an application for a driver’s license and are yet to receive it. Monitoring your application ID is more than just a standard procedure, it’s a crucial step that guarantees your license record in the DLIMS database is authenticated, ensuring its ownership is attributed to you and no other individual.

This process aids in averting any possibility of the license being dispatched to an incorrect address. Once your license is verified through DLIMS, it becomes legally valid for use. More compellingly, the verification process via DLIMS opens up eligibility for other essential procedures including license renewal and level advancements. If you haven’t proceeded with verification yet, it’s imperative to do so at your earliest, as the license remains illegitimate until then.

How to Verification Driving Licence Number Punjab Online?

Verify Your Punjab Driving License Number Online in Simple Steps
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Checking Driving License Status in Punjab

In Punjab, the regulation and administration of driving licenses are facilitated by the DLIMS. Once you’ve been issued a license, it’s straightforward to validate it online. By adhering to the provided instructions, you can use the DLIMS system to certify your license promptly, as long as your license information is recorded in their database. Conversely, if the database doesn’t recognize your license, a “License Data Not Found” message will appear. Subsequently, your next step would be to approach the nearest Traffic Police Office with your license card.

Importance of DLIMS Punjab License Verification

The importance of verifying your driving license through DLIMS in Punjab cannot be overstated. If you’ve submitted an application for a driving license but haven’t received it yet, it’s crucial to trace your application ID. Besides being a procedural requirement, it also serves to confirm within the DLIMS records that the license is assigned to the rightful owner, and not anyone else, preventing erroneous delivery. Following the successful verification via DLIMS, your license is legally valid for use.

Another advantage offered by DLIMS verification is that it makes you eligible for further procedures like license renewal and upgrading. If you have yet to have your license verified, make it a priority as your license is presently unlawful without this process.


What is the procedure to track my Driving License in Punjab?

To track your Driving License in Punjab, all you need to do is visit the official website and input your tracking number. You can also opt to visit the nearest traffic police station to inquire and obtain information about your Driving License.

How can I verify if my Driving License is ready for collection?

You can easily verify if your Driving License is ready by visiting the official website of the transport department. Once there, input your tracking number. If your Driving License is ready, the details will show up on your screen.

Is there a way to find my Driving License number online?

Yes, you can discover your Driving License number online. Simply enter your registration number on the official website, and your Driving License number will be displayed. Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest office, provide some primary information, and they will assist you in tracking your Driving License number.

How can I download my Driving License in Punjab?

To download your Driving License in Punjab, you need to visit the official website and enter your registration number. Once you have entered your number, the portal will provide you with your Driving License that you can download.


The DLIMS system has revolutionized the way residents of Punjab manage their driving licenses. However, it’s important to remember that the onus of ensuring the accuracy of the driving license information rests on you. Remember to regularly check the details listed on your driving license. The verification process is simple and can be done from the comfort of your home. The DLIMS verification process is not just a mandatory process, it provides reassurance that your driving license is valid and that you are legally authorized to drive. Furthermore, it ensures that you’re eligible for other important processes such as license renewal and level advancements. So, don’t delay, verify your driving license through DLIMS today for peace of mind and legal assurance.