Are you looking for something delicious to tantalize your taste buds? Look no further than Doctor Saucy in Gujranwala! Famous for its flavorful Punjabi cuisine, Doctor Saucy offers a wide variety of dishes that will satisfy all kinds of foodies. From traditional curries served with naan and other breads to sizzling kebabs and mouth-watering biryanis, there is something special here for everyone. Get ready to explore the diverse palette of flavors on offer at this beloved eatery dive into our delectable menu and discover an unforgettable culinary experience!

Doctor Saucy Menu Card with Price

Doctor Saucy Menu CardPrices
SAUCY BOX 1 with (Thunder Zinger, Fillet Burger, Kebab Dose, Chicken Grill Burger, Ranch Loaded Fries with 1.5ltr Drink).Rs. 2,700
SAUCY BOX 2 (Thunder Zinger, Fillet Burger, Chicken Grill Burger, Chicken Grill Wrap, Kebab Dose Burger, Chipotle Fries With 1.5ltr DrinkRs. 3,000
THE SAUCY PINE (Premium)Rs. 710
Kebab DoseRs. 430
Lotus ShakeRs. 450
Chicken Fillet BurgerRs. 590
Chicken Grilled BurgerRs. 590
Thunder Zinger BurgerRs. 560
Jumbo Chicken Patty BurgerRs. 480
Chicken Grilled WrapRs. 690
Tortilla WrapRs. 680
Creative LoadedRs. 690
The Rench LoadedRs. 690
Regular FriesRs. 220
Dip SauceRs.70
Deal Kebab Dose With mexican lime 12pm to 5pmRs.450


SAUCY BOX 1 – Rs. 2,700.00

Enjoy the party with Thunder Zinger, Fillet Burger, Kebab Dose, Chicken Grill Burger, Ranch Loaded Fries with 1.5ltr Drink.

SAUCY BOX 2 – Rs. 3,000.00

Celebrate with Thunder Zinger, Fillet Burger, Chicken Grill Burger, Chicken Grill Wrap, Kebab Dose Burger, Chipotle Fries with 1.5ltr Drink.

The Doctor Saucy menu card comes with a range of delectable offerings to cater to all kinds of culinary preferences. For those who love a combination of tastes, Saucy Box 1 priced at Rs. 2,700 includes Thunder Zinger, Fillet Burger, Kebab Dose, Chicken Grill Burger, and Ranch Loaded Fries served with a 1.5 litre drink.

On the other hand, Saucy Box 2 provides a slightly different mix with Thunder Zinger, Fillet Burger, Chicken Grill Burger, Chicken Grill Wrap, Kebab Dose Burger, and Chipotle Fries also accompanied by a 1.5 litre drink, all for Rs. 3,000. For individuals who prefer gourmet delights, Doctor Saucy have the newly launched Saucy Pine, a premium grilled chicken burger filled with secret ingredients that tantalise your taste buds with sweet and savoury flavours, all for just Rs. 710.

Newly Launched

THE SAUCY PINE (Premium) – Rs. 710.00

A Grilled Chicken Burger with a secret ingredient, loaded with sweet and savoury flavours!

Kebab Dose, which is a succulent, tender and saucy kebab that leaves you wanting more, is priced at Rs. 430. For beverage lovers, we have the Lotus Shake, a refreshing and indulgent summer iced drink perfect for Lotus Biscoff lovers and is available for Rs. 450.

Kebab Dose – Rs. 430.00

Juicy, tender and saucy Kebab.

Lotus Shake – Rs. 450.00


Burger category includes the Chicken Fillet Burger, Chicken Grilled Burger, Thunder Zinger Burger, and Jumbo Chicken Patty Burger, with prices ranging from Rs. 480 to Rs. 590. If you love wraps, you can choose from the Chicken Grilled Wrap and Tortilla Wrap priced at Rs. 690 and Rs. 680 respectively. And for those who love fries with a twist, we offer the Rench Loaded and Creative Loaded options starting from Rs. 690.

Chicken Fillet Burger – Rs. 590.00

Half Pound Of Fried Chicken Coated With Eggs, Milk And Bread Crumbs, Iceberg & Sauces.

Chicken Grilled Burger – Rs. 590.00

Thunder Zinger Burger – Rs. 560.00

Double Engine 160 – 180 Grams Of Spicy Chicken Thigh Coated With Fine Flour Mixed With Continental Spices, Iceberg & Served With Your Desired Sauce.

Jumbo Chicken Patty Burger – Rs. 480.00

Jumbo Sized 5 Inch Spicy Chicken Patty With Iceberg & Sauce.


Chicken Grilled Wrap – Rs. 690.00

The Juiciest Grilled Wrap Contains 200 Grams Of Grilled Chicken, Butter, Iceberg, Crispy Fries & Desired Sauce.

Tortilla Wrap – Rs. 680.00

Crispy Fried Chicken, Butter, Strips With Fries For More Crispy And Iceberg & Wrapped In Turkish Bread.

Loaded Fries

The Rench Loaded – Rs. 690.00

This Extravagant Twist On Classic Loaded Renchos Are Overflowing With Crispy Fries, Chicken, Delicious Sauces & Much More.

Creative Loaded – From Rs. 690.00

Top It off With Your Favorite extravagant twist of Sauces, fries and chicken of your choice.

Add Extra

If you’re looking for something more, we offer Regular Fries for Rs. 220, Dip Sauce for Rs. 70 and a range of drinks such as Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta, and Mineral Water priced from Rs. 60 to Rs. 90.

Regular Fries – Rs. 220.00

Dip Sauce – Rs. 70.00

Pepsi (500ml) – Rs. 90.00

Sprite (500ml) – Rs. 90.00

Fanta (500ml) – Rs. 90.00

Mineral Water (500ml) – Rs. 60.00

For the health conscious, we also provide a range of healthier options including salads and whole grain sandwiches. There is something for everyone at Doctor Saucy! Come visit us today to try out some delicious meals at our restaurant or take advantage of our awesome delivery options. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Doctor Saucy Gujranwala Timings

Doctor Saucy in Gujranwala operates on a consistent and convenient schedule, providing services every day of the week. From Monday to Sunday, you can reach out to them starting from 1pm until 1:01am. This consistency in timings ensures that you can plan your visits at a time that best suits your schedule, secure in the knowledge that their doors will be open to assist you.

Doctor SaucyGujranwala Timings
Monday to Sunday1pm–1:01am

Doctor Saucy Contact Number

For all inquiries, orders, and customer service needs, please contact Doctor Saucy at the following number: 0311 1110143. This number is available for both call and online ordering. We’re here to ensure your experience with Doctor Saucy is enjoyable and satisfactory.

Doctor Saucy Map & Address

Doctor Saucy is conveniently located in the heart of Gujranwala city. The address is Mumtaz Market, situated on the bustling Grand Trunk Road, directly opposite the popular Chase up Shopping Mall in the Civil Lines area. If you’re coming from the city center, you’ll find it easy to locate us, as we are a prominent feature in this vibrant cityscape. See you soon!


Overall, Doctor Saucy has come up with an unique and interesting menu card for their customers to enjoy. Their prices are extremely fair and reasonable meaning no matter your budget you can always find something special at Doctor Saucy.

The variety of food on offer is bound to cater to every taste bud and leave you wanting more, while the delicious flavours will tantalize your tongue. From Thunder Zinger’s to Chicken Grilled Burgers, from Kebab Dose’s to Fillet Burgers; No other restaurant offers such a mouth-watering selection of items. And if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Saucy also offers some great deals at specific times of the day meaning you can save money and time doing what you do best, eating! So don’t be shy and head down to Dr. Saucy for an extraordinary food experience!