If you’re planning to get yourself tested for any particular ailment or condition, it’s important to be aware of the various testing facilities and their respective prices in your region. In Pakistan, there are a range of laboratories that provide clinical tests at competitive rates, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding budgeting for health care expenditures.

Today, we’ll explore the Dow Lab test price list, detailing options available in each major city throughout the country. With this information in hand, patients can determine which lab offers the right combination of cost and quality for their needs!

Dow Lab Test Price List

Getting a lab test done can be daunting at times, especially when you are worried about the price. However, with the Dow Lab Test Price List in Pakistan, you have nothing to worry about. Offering a range of tests from as low as Rs.200 to Rs.14000, you can choose the test you need.

Whether it’s a routine blood test or a more specialized test, Dow Lab has you covered. With their experienced team of professionals and state of the art facilities, you can be assured of accurate results. So, book your appointment with Dow Lab and take one step closer to a healthy and happy life.

Dow Laboratory Test Prices 2024 Pdf

Dow Laboratory TestRates
Liver and Medium Lungs BiopsyRs.2,950
CBC & ESR Test Price in Dow LabRs. 550
ENA Profile TestRs.5,000
LACTIC Acid TestRs.1500
C Peptide TestRs.2,500
Many other type of BiopsiesRs.4,900
HSCRP TestRs.870
LFT Test Price in Dow LabRs. 850
CRP TestRs. 900
IMF Renal BiopsyRs.8,000
Semen Analysis TestRs. 500
Lipid Profile TestRs. 850
Thyroid Profile testRs.1,600
HBsAg TestRs. 900
Uric Acid TestRs. 250
Cholestrol TestRs. 180
Protein TestRs. 200
Urine C/S TestRs. 900
Fungus Culture TestRs. 2,000
HIV ICT TestRs. 500
Stool C/S TestRs. 900
Dengue PCR TestRs. 4,000
Covid-19 AntibodiesRs. 1,600
Medium Biopsy Heart ValvesRs. 2,950
Dengue Virus IGG/IGM TestRs. 930
Platelet Count TestRs. 250
Guided Ultrasound Procedure testRs.660
Anti HBC of the IGM CategoryRs.900

Dow Ultrasound Rates List in Pakistan

Dow UltrasoundPrices
Abdomen Lower Or Pelvis Ultrasound PriceRs. 750
Upper Abdomen Ultrasound RateRs. 750
Abdomen Whole UltrasoundRs. 1150
Ultrasound AxillaRs. 800
Brain Ultrasound ChargesRs. 900
Breast BilateralRs. 950
Breast UnilateralRs. 700
Chest Ultrasound ChargesRs. 700
Doppler Carotid BilateralRs. 3,050
Doppler ObstetricRs. 1,600

Dow Lab Test Report Online:

The option of Dow Lab Test Report Online is one of the most beneficial additions to their services, as it enables customers to check their test results from the comfort of their own home with just a given test number.

Since introducing online reports over a decade ago, Dow has continued to fine-tune their services to make it more efficient over the years. Additionally, with the control officials have on charges of Dow lab tests in the 2024 price list, customers can benefit from reasonable rates and excellent online report options.

With modern technologies like AI integrated into the systems, customers can easily access their reports with just a few clicks and check for any discrepancies if needed. The secure and user-friendly interface of the online portal also makes it easy for customers to view their reports in a safe and convenient manner.

Dow Lab Contact Number & Other Information

Dow Laboratory is a reputed healthcare facility that offers a range of diagnostic services to ensure that patients receive the best health care possible. The main laboratory collection center is located at Ojha campus, Gulzar-e- Hijri, Suparco Road Karchi making it convenient for locals to access the services provided. If you’re looking for the Dow Lab contact number, you can reach them at 021- 99261487-88 / 021 38771111.

The laboratory is equipped with state of the art technology and employs highly trained professionals to provide accurate results. With a focus on quality and patient care, Dow Laboratory is committed to delivering reliable health care services to the community.