Ducab Cable Price List in UAE 2024

Are you looking for a reliable cable supplier in UAE? Look no further! Ducab cables have been consistently providing customers with quality products since 1979. Their long-standing experience, coupled with their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, has made them one of the leading companies in the region. In this blog post, we will discuss Ducab’s wide range of cables along with their pricing structure so that you can make an informed decision while selecting your choice of cable. So keep reading and discover the best prices on high quality electrical supplies!

Ducab Cable Wires Price in UAE 2024

The latest price list for Ducab cables in the United Arab Emirates has been recently released and it offers a comprehensive range of options. Customers can choose from a variety of cables with prices ranging from AED 50 to AED 500, allowing everyone to find an affordable option that fits their budget. Highlighting its special features, Ducab cables not only provide strong protection but also guarantee fast, reliable operation across all applications. This makes them an ideal choice if you are looking for quality cables at competitive prices in the UAE.

Ducab Cable Wires Price List in UAE

Ducab Cables Sizes TypesLengthPrices
Ducab Flexible Cable (2.5mm X 3 Core)5mAED 50
Ducab 1.5mm x 1 Core Wire Single Core Cable100mAED 108
4mm Single Core Ducab Cable Complete Roll, (Black)100mAED 194
2.5mm x 1 Core Wire Single Core Cable DIY Cable Pvc Wire Copper Conductor Pvc Insulated Cable Building Wire100mAED 157
DU CAB 4mm Single Core Cable Complete Roll Green Yellow100 x 100 x 50 cmAED 160
3 Core 1.5mm DUCAB  Cable Price100mAED 215
Ducab 4mm x 1 Core Wire Single Core Cable100mAED 258
Greenish Yellow  Ducab Single Core Cable 4mm100mAED 245
Ducab 6mm x 1 Core Wire Single Black100mAED 350

Ducab cables are an essential part of any electrical wiring project. With a comprehensive selection of sizes and lengths, Ducab Cables has the perfect cable to suit your needs. The Ducab Cable Price List in UAE provides customers with competitive prices for their requirements and can be easily accessed on the official website.

The range of products available at Ducab Cables includes single core wires in sizes 6mm, 4mm, 2.5mm and 1.5mm; 3 core 1.5mm cables; and 5m of flexible 2.5 x 3 core cable. Prices range from AED 108 for 100m of 1.5mm x 1 Core Wire Single Core Cable to AED 350 for 100m of 6mm x 1 Core Wire Single (Black). The Green Yellow 4mm Single Core Cable Complete Roll is also available for AED.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional electrician, Ducab Cables offers quality products at the best prices in UAE. Make sure to access the price list online for all your electrical wiring needs.


Although Ducab offers a wide range of outlets for purchasing their cable wires in the UAE, it is important to remember that price should not be the only factor when making purchases. Quality should always be taken into consideration and choosing a reputable provider is key in order to get material that will last.

Additionally, it is helpful to read reviews on its performance and compatibility before purchase. It’s also important to note that customers may benefit from special discounts or offers available at certain vendors. Ultimately, finding the right vendor is an important step in ensuring you not only receive competitive pricing but top quality service as well. With Ducab’s comprehensive list of wires available, it’s safe to say they have an option for each and every one of their consumers.