Are you looking for the best Dulux paint price in Pakistan? When you’re planning to redecorate or renovate your home, it’s important to find quality paint that not only looks good, but also lasts a long time. With so many different types and brands of paints available these days, finding the right one can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide on Dulux paints their range of products, price points and more all designed to help you decide which is right for your home makeover needs! Read on to learn more about how to get the perfect finished look when using Dulux Paint in Pakistan.

Dulux Paint Price in Pakistan

There is no doubt that painting your home is one of the most important processes for giving it a newer, brighter look. Finding the right paint for the project is just as important as the work itself. Dulux paint, a popular brand in Pakistan, offers paints at a range of prices from ₨735 to ₨17,000 depending on customer preference and home size. Whether you are looking for bright colors to give your living space an edge or subtle shades for better illumination and harmony with décor, Dulux has something to offer every homeowner. Choose your favorite finish and surprise yourself with an impressive transformation!

ICI Dulux Paint Price List in Pakistan

Dulux PaintPrice in Pakistan
ICI Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx (Quarter size)₨.1,500
ICI Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx (Drum size)₨.21,200
ICI Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx (Gallon size)₨.5,440
ICI Dulux Paintex Putty 5Kg (Gallon size)₨.735
ICI Dulux Paintex Putty 20Kg (Drum size)₨.2,850
ICI Dulux Prime On 0.91 Liter (Quarter size)₨.660
ICI Dulux Prime On 3.64 Liter (Gallon size)₨.2,375
ICI Dulux Prime On 14.56 Liter (Drum size)₨.10,700
ICI DULUX PROMISE PRIMER (Gallon size)₨2,030
ICI Dulux Pentalite Emulsion (Quarter size)₨950
ICI Dulux Pentalite Emulsion (Drum size)₨13,605
ICI Dulux Pentalite Emulsion (Gallon size)₨3,430
ICI Dulux Paintex Interior Emulsion Star (Drum size)₨5,450
ICI Dulux Paintex Interior Emulsion Star (Gallon size)₨1,380
ICI DULUX PENTALITE CLASSIC Colors of the World (Drum size)₨15,050
ICI DULUX PENTALITE CLASSIC Colors of the World (Gallon size)₨3,800
ICI DULUX PENTALITE CLASSIC Colors of the World (Quarter size)₨1,050
ICI Dulux Gloss Enamel (Drum size₨14,920
ICI Dulux Gloss Enamel (Gallon size)₨3,740
ICI Dulux Gloss Enamel (Quarter size)₨1,045
ICI DULUX MATT ENAMEL (Quarter size)₨1,210
ICI DULUX MATT ENAMEL (Gallon size)₨4,300
ICI DULUX MATT ENAMEL (Drum size)₨17,000
ICI Dulux Promise Putty (Gallon size)₨835
ICI Dulux Promise Putty (Drum size)₨3,255
ICI DULUX WALL PUTTY (Drum size)₨4,500

Dulux Paint is an undisputed leader in the paint industry, offering a variety of paints to suit all kinds of needs. In Pakistan, Dulux has been providing homeowners with top-notch paint solutions for over three decades. The company produces a wide range of paints and coatings, from oil-based gloss paints to low VOC options and specialty paints. They also offer a variety of colors to choose from, so you can easily find the perfect shade for your project. With Dulux, customers are presented with high quality paint products that will last for years to come.

From providing superior coverage and finish to offering excellent durability and protection, Dulux paint is the perfect match for any home renovation project. Whether you’re looking to change the color of your walls or give a room a fresh look, Dulux paint is here to help! Get ready to transform your space with expert painting solutions from Dulux.

Dulux also offers a variety of services and products designed to make any painting job easier. Their high-end paints, such as Dulux Super Matt, provide excellent coverage and finish. To get the best results, Dulux recommends their exclusive range of brushes and rollers which are designed to make painting quicker and easier. They also offer a range of specialist tools and products for difficult projects like textured walls or ceilings. Whether you’re painting your entire house or just touching up a few walls, Dulux has all the tools you need to make your project a success.

When it comes to paint products, no one does it better than Dulux. With top-notch quality and unbeatable performance, their paint solutions are perfect for every home renovation job. Visit a local store today and explore their range of products and services to get your project off the ground. With Dulux, you can be sure that your walls will look great for years to come!

Dulux Paint is committed to providing customers with the best paint solutions in Pakistan. Their commitment to quality, innovation and customer service ensures that people have access to the best products and services when it comes to home painting projects. With Dulux Paint, you can rest assured that your walls will look great for years to come!

Visit a local store today and explore their range of products and services for all your home painting needs. Whether you’re looking for speciality paints or just need general painting advice, Dulux has you covered. Get ready to transform your space with expert painting solutions from Dulux the undisputed leader in the paint industry!


Overall, Dulux Paint has made its stance in Pakistan’s paint industry as one of the most reliable and long-lasting paints available around. With excellent features, colors and prices it comes at, there’s no doubt why many households prefer Dulux Paint over any other brand. Plus, a wide range of pre mixed colors and color samples make it so much easier to choose the right shade for your walls simplifying decor tasks significantly. From living room to bedrooms, bathrooms to kitchen walls Dulux Paint has got you covered with their breadth of product variation. So if you’re looking for an all inclusive paint solution that can meet all your home decor needs look no further than Dulux Paint!