Are you looking to buy high quality foam mattresses at the best price? Dura Foam is here with its 2024 Price List for Pakistan, offering exceptional products without sacrificing comfort. This comprehensive list will provide you with all the information you need to choose the right mattress for your home and enjoy uninterrupted sleep every night. Featuring a variety of sizes, firmness levels, and design elements, DuraFoam’s collection has something for everyone who wants comfortable yet affordable mattresses. Ready for a better night’s slumber?

Dura Foam Prices in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to a large variety of high quality building materials, including DuraFoam. This popular and sought-after material is appreciated for its superior insulation properties, making it an ideal choice for keeping the interior temperatures of buildings consistent. Whether you’re renovating your home or building something entirely new, DuraFoam can provide significant cost savings when compared with other types of insulation materials. With prices in Pakistan ranging from Rs. 7,200 to Rs. 30,000 on average, DuraFoam is an accessible option that won’t break the bank. Homeowners who are looking to boost their energy efficiency should certainly consider making an investment in this durable foam product.

Dura Foam 4 Inch Price in Pakistan

Mattress shopping doesn’t need to be intimidating! The wonderful people at Dura Luxury have made it easy to find a 4 inch mattress that not only fits your budget, but also promises to last for years with its 12-year warranty. No matter what size you’re looking for, they have some great options in their 4 Inch line. From the Single 78×42 inches, all the way up to the King 78×72 inches, there’s something just right for your needs! Plus, these mattresses aren’t going to break the bank; prices in Pakistan range from Rs. 9500 to Rs. 13500 depending on size, so you can get a good night’s sleep without emptying your wallet.

Foam NameSizeInchsPrices
Dura LuxurySingle 78×424 InchRs. 9,500
Dura LuxuryQueen1 78×604 InchRs. 13,500
Dura LuxuryQueen2 78×664 InchRs. 14,800
Dura LuxuryKing 78×724 InchRs. 16,000

Dura Foam 5 Inch Price in Pakistan

Foam NameSizeInchsPrice
Dura LuxurySingle 78×425 InchRs. 11,700
Dura LuxuryQueen1 78×605 InchRs. 16,700
Dura LuxuryQueen2 78×665 InchRs. 18,200
Dura LuxuryKing 78×725 InchRs. 19,800

Dura Foam 6 Inch Price in Pakistan

Foam NameSizeInchsPrice
Dura LuxurySingle 78×426 InchRs. 14000
Dura LuxuryQueen1 78×606 InchRs. 19,800
Dura LuxuryQueen2 78×666 InchRs. 22,000
Dura LuxuryKing 78×726 InchRs. 23,900

Dura Foam 8 Inch Price in Pakistan

Foam NameSizeInchesPrice
Dura LuxurySingle 78×428 InchRs. 18,600
Dura LuxuryQueen1 78×608 InchRs. 26,400
Dura LuxuryQueen2 78×668 InchRs. 29,900
Dura LuxuryKing 78×728 InchRs. 31,700

Dura Comfort Fold A Bed

The Dura Comfort Fold A Bed is a great way to quickly and easily add extra sleeping space in any room, without taking up too much room! This foldable bed features an impressive 72×36 size when fully extended, so it’s perfect for overnight guests. It comes with a thick 3 inch mattress that provides extra support and comfort all night long. The price tag of Rs.7,194 makes this an affordable option despite its generous size and thickness while because of its folding design it can be easily stored away after use making it incredibly convenient and versatile.

Foam NameSizeTHICKNESSPrice
Dura Comfort Fold A Bed72-363Rs.7,194

Dura Spring 9.5 (Inches) Mattress

The Dura Spring 9.5 inch mattress, you can rest easy in knowing that quality sleep is only ever a few hours away! The mattress is suitable for any size bed it comes in single, queen 1 and 2, as well as king sizes, allowing everyone from children to couples to find the perfect match for their needs. Not only does the Dura Spring provide a supportive sleep environment for its users but it does so at an affordable price. Starting at just Rs 18000 for the single size right up to Rs 25000 for the king size, this is certainly one of the best mattress options available on the market today!

Foam NameSizeInchesPrice
Dura SpringSingle 78×429.5 InchRs. 18,000
Dura SpringQueen1 78×609.5 InchRs. 22,5400
Dura SpringQueen2 78×669.5 InchRs. 24,000
Dura SpringKing 78×729.5 InchRs. 25,000

Dura Ultra Luxury Firm Price in Pakistan

Foam NameSizeInchesPrice
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmSingle 78×425 InchRs. 14,600
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmQueen1 78×605 InchRs. 20,900
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmQueen2 78×665 InchRs. 22,900
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmKing 78×725 InchRs. 24,900

Dura Ultra Luxury Firm 6 Inch Price in Pakistan

Foam NameSizeInchesPrice
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmSingle 78×426 InchRs. 17,600
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmQueen1 78×606 InchRs. 24,900
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmQueen2 78×666 InchRs. 27,900
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmKing 78×726 InchRs. 29,800

Dura Ultra Luxury Firm 8 Inch Price in Pakistan

Foam NameSizeInchesPrice
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmSingle 78×428 InchRs. 23,200
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmQueen1 78×608 InchRs. 33,100
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmQueen2 78×668 InchRs. 36,500
Dura Ultra Luxury FirmKing 78×728 InchRs. 39,700


Overall, it is evident that Pakistan offers a wide variety of affordable options when it comes to Dura Foam mattresses. Not only are the prices affordable compared to other hybrids or memory foam types, but they also come with superior features that make them so comfortable and able to provide good support for those who sleep on them. With their long lifespan and durable construction materials, they are a great choice for any family looking to invest in a quality mattress.

If you’re looking for more comfort and support, then why not consider purchasing one of these mattresses from Pakistan today? We hope that this article was informative and helpful in helping you make your decision about which Dura Foam mattress would best suit your needs.