Electric rickshaws have become increasingly popular in recent years as an efficient and affordable way to get around. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re also great for navigating city streets with ease and style. If you’re considering getting your own electric rickshaw, one of the most important aspects is understanding electric rickshaw price in Pakistan so you can budget accordingly. In this post we explore common questions surrounding the different types of electric rickshaws available on the market today and their prices across Pakistan giving you a better idea of what to expect when it comes time to purchase yours!

Electric Rickshaw Price in Pakistan

Electric RickshawPrice in Pakistan
Muva Electric RickshawRs.700,000
Basic Rickshaw PriceRs.720,000
ZAR Motors Electric RickshawRs. 280,000
9KV Electric Battery Rickshaw PriceRs.825,000
11.5 kV Electric Battery Rickshaw PriceRs.925,000

Electric rickshaws are the latest and most affordable form of transport in Pakistan. Not only are these vehicles environmentally friendly, but they also provide a safe way to get from point A to point B that is less expensive than traditional autos. Electric rickshaws have seen a marked increase in popularity in recent years, due to their low price range. In Pakistan, an electric rickshaw can cost anywhere from 7,00,000 to 120,000 Rupees depending on the model and quality of parts used. Despite their low price tag, these vehicles are well built and come with modern features such as Bluetooth connectivity, GPS tracking systems, and sturdy frames for longer life spans. For those looking for a transportation option that’ll both save money and reduce environmental impacts, electric rickshaws in Pakistan are definitely worth considering.

List of Best Electric Rickshaws in Pakistan

Electric rickshaws are gaining popularity in Pakistan as an alternative to traditional fuel-powered rickshaws. These vehicles have many advantages over traditional petrol-powered rickshaws, including being more cost-effective, having no direct emissions and less maintenance costs. Furthermore, they are powered by renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power, making them environmentally friendly options.

1.SAZGAR eVe Electric Rickshaw

The SAZGAR eVe Electric Rickshaw is the perfect solution for those who are looking for an eco-friendly and cost effective way of transportation. It has a powerful motor of 2Kw/h, 3Kw/h, or even 3.5Kw/h that enable it to reach speeds up to 210 kilometers per hour.

The battery is made of 72V, 90Ah, 6.5Kw/h, 125Ah, 9Kw/h or even 160Ah, 11.5Kw/h that can provide a range up to 210 kilometers per charge within a duration of 5 hours. Additionally, the SAZGAR eVe Electric Rickshaw is equipped with hydraulic shock absorption in the front suspension and leaf spring shock absorber in the rear suspension for a comfortable ride even on rough terrain. It also comes with disc brakes at both the front and rear for added safety. Furthermore, it has a gross weight of 370 kilograms which makes it light enough to maneuver conveniently. With all these features, the SAZGAR eVe Electric Rickshaw is sure to provide you with a comfortable, cost effective, and eco-friendly ride experience.

SAZGAR eVe Electric Rickshaw Price

SAZGAR eVe Electric Rickshaw is a revolutionary electric vehicle designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. It features advanced technology such as powerful lithium-ion batteries, regenerative braking, and an efficient powertrain that help reduce energy consumption. The rickshaw has been ergonomically designed to ensure optimal performance with minimal effort from the driver. The vehicle comes in three variants Economy, Standard and Premium prices ranging from Rs 5 lakh to 10 lakh.

Sazgar Electric RickshawPrice in Pakistan
Basic Rickshaw PriceRs.720,000
9KV Electric Battery Rickshaw PriceRs.825,000
11.5 kV Electric Battery Rickshaw PriceRs.925,000

2.Muva Electric Rickshaw

The Muva Electric Rickshaw is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to traditional petrol or diesel automobile transportation. It offers a unique combination of lightweight construction and superior performance that makes it well suited for urban commutes. With its 450 KG curb weight and maximum cargo capacity of 300 KG, the Muva Electric Rickshaw has the ability to transport cargo and passengers with ease. It can be charged in as little as 3 hours, providing it with a maximum output of 10.7 horsepower for longer journeys. Additionally, the Muva Electric Rickshaw is powered using a permanent magnet motor that offers reliable performance over time.

Further, the Muva Electric Rickshaw is designed to offer a comfortable ride and excellent maneuverability. It features a 12-inch wheel size, 20% grade ability, and 3.9m turning radius for tight corners or narrow streets. The vehicle is also equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery that is capable of providing up to 150km of range on a single charge. With its 2800mm length, 1400mm width, and 1500mm height, the Muva Electric Rickshaw is an ideal size for urban commutes.

Finally, the Muva Electric Rickshaw is available in two models the Passenger model with a driver plus three passengers seating capacity, and the Ultra Light Commercial Vehicle model. Prices range from Rs.5,00,000 to 7,00,000 depending on the model selected. The Muva Electric Rickshaw is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to petrol or diesel transportation. With its lightweight construction and superior performance, it offers an efficient way to get around town.

3.ZAR Motors Electric Rickshaw

The ZAR Motors Electric Rickshaw Mini Cab (Sunshine Z5) is a 3 wheeler passenger vehicle which offers enhanced driving experience for its passengers. This electric rickshaw is powered by Gel Batteries and can attain speeds of up to 45 km/h. It has a reverse gear, electric wiper, FM/AM radio and offers 130-150 km of mileage in one charging. To ensure a hassle free ride, it also comes with an 18 months battery guarantee/warranty, 12 months motor guarantee/warranty, 12 months charger warranty/warranty and 12 months controller warranty/warranty.

The ZAR Motors Electric Rickshaw Mini Cab (Sunshine Z5) also provides other benefits such as no noise, very low maintenance cost, environmental friendly, easy availability of spare parts, spacious and comfortable seats. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for those who are looking to experience a hassle-free ride with low costs and high quality performance.

In conclusion, the ZAR Motors Electric Rickshaw Mini Cab (Sunshine Z5) is an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable and eco-friendly ride. Its low maintenance cost, reverse gear, electric wiper, FM/AM radio and other benefits make it a great option at an affordable price is Rs. 280,000. So take your pick and enjoy the ride!

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Is electric rickshaw available in Pakistan?

There are several companies in Pakistan that manufacture electric rickshaws, including MUVA Electric Rickshaw, ZAR Motors Electric Rickshaw, and SAZGAR eVe Electric Rickshaw.

Which rickshaw is best?

In Pakistan, three of the most popular electric rickshaws include the MUVA electric rickshaw, ZAR Motors Electric Rickshaw and SAZGAR eVe Electric Rickshaw. Each of these rickshaws offer varying features that may be beneficial for different purposes.


In Pakistan, electric rickshaws are becoming more and more popular because they offer a number of advantages over traditional petrol or diesel-powered rickshaws. They are cheaper to operate and maintain, and they produce zero emissions, making them much better for the environment. Electric rickshaws are also quieter than their combustion engine-powered counterparts, which is a major selling point in densely populated urban areas where noise pollution is a serious problem. If you’re thinking of buying an electric rickshaw, be sure to check out our competitive prices!