Are you searching for a low-cost and fuel efficient ride. Have you heard of the Suzuki Every car in Pakistan? It’s an economical option that provides impressive performance without breaking your budget. If you’re looking for a reliable yet affordable ride, then this could be just the companion you need! In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything there is to know about the Suzuki Every car its price in Pakistan features; pros and cons; and more. So if you’re curious about owning one of these vehicles, read on to learn more it might be the perfect fit for your needs!

Every Car Price In Pakistan

Every CarPrice In Pakistan
Suzuki Every GA658 ccRs. 1,250,000
Suzuki Every Join658 ccRs. 1,396,000
Suzuki Every Join Turbo658 ccRs. 1,720,000
Suzuki Every PA658 ccRs. 1,345,000
Suzuki Every PC658 ccRs. 1,526,000
Suzuki Every PU658 ccRs. 1,372,000

While the Suzuki Every variants are remarkably similar in terms of engine size and features, there are significant differences in price that could influence a buyer’s decision. The base model, Suzuki Every GA, is priced at PKR 1,250,000 and boasts features such as power steering, power door locks, and keyless entry. The more expensive Suzuki Every Join Turbo, on the other hand, offers similar features but costs PKR 1,720,000 due to its turbocharged engine. These price differences offer consumers a range of options to suit their needs and budget.

Suzuki Every Overview

The Suzuki Every, with its small, compact design, has been a popular choice for those seeking a versatile utility vehicle. Its front engine and four-wheel drive make it a reliable choice for various road conditions, while its compact size allows for easy maneuverability in urban environments. The 2024 model of Suzuki Every, a five-door vehicle, showcases an updated design language, distinguishing it from its 10th-generation predecessor. In Pakistan, the Suzuki Every is widely recognized and searched under various names, including Every Daba, Every Dabba, Every Carry, Every Wagon, and Evri, highlighting its popularity and versatility in this region.

Suzuki Every Exterior

The 11th Generation Suzuki Every offers a unique blend of classic Kei car aesthetics and modern design elements. Its exterior is characterized by rectangular side swept headlights and a compact grille with dual and triple intakes adorning the front end. The sides of this vehicle are defined by practical sliding doors, adding to its utilitarian appeal.

At the rear, the design features small, low-mounted rectangular taillights and a standard case hatchback. The overall design of the 11th Generation Suzuki Every leans heavily towards a boxy and flat look, showcasing a series of contemporary and distinct styling elements. A noteworthy aspect of the Suzuki Every is the consistency in design across all its variants, maintaining identical styling features throughout.

Suzuki Every Interior

The 11th Generation Suzuki Every offers an interior that balances functionality and comfort, with a blend of black and beige plastic trim pieces embellishing its aesthetics. Both the front and the rear seats are draped in fabric, adding a cozy feel to daily commutes. In the GA model, standard features include an air conditioning stereo speaker system and a tachometer.

The upgraded PA model boasts power steering, enhancing the driving experience. For those seeking more, the PC variant provides power lock doors and keyless entry. The top-tier Join and Join Turbo variants feature power windows, reclining, and removable rear seats for added flexibility, and air conditioning for supreme comfort. . Despite its mini MPV exterior dimensions, the Suzuki Every delivers a surprising amount of space in both the front and rear. However, it falls short in offering the interior comfort and refinement found in more premium models.

Suzuki Every Engine

The Suzuki Every is powered by a compact yet robust 0.66 Liter SOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 engine. This engineering marvel offers a potent combination of performance and fuel efficiency, catering well to urban commuting needs. Paired with this engine is the option of a 5-Speed Manual gearbox or a CVT Automatic Transmission, providing smooth and seamless shifting for a comfortable and efficient driving experience.

Suzuki Every Mileage Fuel average

The Suzuki Every 11th Generation is renowned for its impressive fuel efficiency. This mini Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) can achieve an impressive average mileage of up to 24 kilometers per liter. This remarkable efficiency means that with its 40-liter fuel tank fully filled, the vehicle can potentially cover a distance of up to 960 kilometers before needing a refuel. This makes the Suzuki Every a perfect choice for those who prioritize fuel economy in their vehicles.

Suzuki Every Ride & Handling

The Suzuki Every delivers a stimulating ride with its top speed of 140 KM/H, powered by an engine that generates a horsepower between 48 to 63 hp and torque ranging from 62 to 95 Nm. The handling experience is accentuated by its lightweight structure, with a kerb weight of 860 to 910 KG, which contributes to the vehicle’s nimbleness and responsiveness on the road. The tyre size of 145/80/R12 provides a balanced grip and stability during the ride, ensuring a safe and controlled driving experience. However, it’s worth noting that the boot space is limited to 0L, which may impact the storage capacity for longer trips. All in all, the Suzuki Every offers a comfortable and efficient ride, making it a reliable choice for daily commuting.

Suzuki Every Specifications

Price12.5 – 17.2 lacs
Body TypeMicro Van
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)3395 x 1475 x 1830 mm
Ground Clearance150 – 160 mm
Displacement658 cc
Horse Power48 – 63 hp
Torque62 – 95 Nm
Boot Space0 L
Kerb Weight860 – 910 KG
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage10 – 21 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity37 – 40 L
Seating Capacity4 – 5 – Persons
Top Speed140 KM/H
Tyre Size145/80/R12

Suzuki Every: Pros & Cons

What We Like:

What We Don’t Like:

Overall, the Suzuki Every is an economical and compact car that provides a surprisingly spacious interior. While it can be difficult to find spare parts and expensive to maintain, its fuel efficiency makes up for these potential drawbacks. Additionally, with careful maintenance and repair, the Suzuki Every could be an excellent choice for long-term owners. With its combination of economy and convenience, the Suzuki Every is an attractive option for city drivers.

Safety Features:

In addition to its economical and space-saving features, the Suzuki Every comes with a variety of safety features. A few of these include driver and passenger airbags, antilock brakes, brake assist, stability control, traction control, and a rearview camera. These features provide an extra layer of protection, and can help to ensure a safe ride for passengers.


The Suzuki Every is a great choice for those looking for an economical and compact car with plenty of space for passengers and cargo. With its fuel efficiency, variety of safety features, and surprisingly spacious interior, the Suzuki Every offers an attractive combination of value and convenience. For anyone looking for an affordable car to get around the city, the Suzuki Every is worth considering.


The Suzuki Every is also known for its versatility. Its compact size makes it an ideal option for those looking to travel light while still having plenty of room for passengers and cargo. Additionally, its fuel efficiency allows it to be used for both short-distance commuting and long-distance travel with ease. With its combination of size, economy, and versatility, the Suzuki Every is a great pick for any driver.


What is the price of every car in Pakistan?

The price range of cars available in Pakistan can vary considerably, depending on the brand, model, and additional features. The average price of cars is typically within a bracket of PKR 12.5 – 17.2 lacs. However, it’s crucial to note that this is a ballpark figure and prices can go significantly higher for luxury or premium models.

What is the price of Suzuki 1000cc car in Pakistan 2024?

Considering the current economic trends and automotive market fluctuations, it is speculated that the price of the Suzuki Swift 1000cc model in Pakistan for the year 2024 may see a considerable increase from the 2021 model. While the exact price has not been officially confirmed, prospective buyers should anticipate a potential rise in the price bracket, possibly extending beyond the 19 to 21 lacs PKR range. It’s advisable to stay updated with Suzuki’s official announcements for the most accurate information.

How many cc is a Suzuki every?

The Suzuki Every, a kei truck and microvan produced by the Japanese automaker Suzuki, is equipped with a 658 cc engine. This compact yet efficient engine delivers the necessary power for the vehicle’s intended use, offering a balance of performance and fuel economy.

What is the top speed of Suzuki Every?

The Suzuki Every, lauded for its compact design and robust performance, boasts a top speed of 180 KM/H. This impressive velocity is testament to Suzuki’s unwavering commitment to engineering vehicles that deliver both on efficiency and speed.

What are the variants of Suzuki Every?

Suzuki Every, a keenly designed compact vehicle, comes in six distinct variants that cater to diverse consumer preferences. These include the GA, a model known for its basic but reliable performance; the Join, which offers a balance between comfort and functionality; the Join Turbo, boasting an extra power boost for those needing a bit more speed; and the PA, PC, and PU variants, each offering a unique set of features and specifications designed to meet a range of transport needs, from personal commute to light commercial use.

What is the mileage/fuel average of Suzuki Every ?

The Suzuki Every, a popular compact vehicle, boasts impressive fuel efficiency, a key concern for many drivers today. Empirically, the Suzuki Every delivers an average fuel consumption rate ranging between 19 to 21 kilometers per liter. This remarkable mileage makes it an economical choice for urban commuting and long-distance driving alike.


In conclusion, Pakistani drivers have a lot to consider when making their car purchase. It’s important to evaluate the performance of each vehicle and its affordability and that includes looking at the every car price in Pakistan. Thankfully, Suzuki has a broad range of vehicles that cater to all kinds of budgets, such as the Every GA for Rs. 1.25 million or Even Join for Rs. 1.4 million. There are also options like the Every Join Turbo for 1.72 million Rupees or even the lower-priced Every PA at Rs. 1.35 million. Regardless of budget or preferences, there’s something for everyone in this market and choosing between these models is ultimately up to you: just make sure that you keep quality and pricing in mind before making your decision!