Are you looking for an affordable, efficient bike with all the latest features. Are you confused about which model to go for? Look no further than Express Bike Model. This stylish and powerful bike has been becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan, offering riders a reliable and comfortable ride experience at reasonable prices. Not only is it strong and robust, but the numerous features make riding a joy! From fog lights to LED tail lamps, this bike offers convenience as well as performance read on to find out more what makes Express Bike such an attractive option this year!

Express Bike Model Price in Pakistan 2024

Express BikePrice in Pakistan
E-70 Regular 2024 PriceRs.98,000
Special Edition PriceRs.104,999
SE-70 Alloyrim 2024 PriceRs.115,999

The Express bike model of 2024 is sure to make an impression! Its E-70 Regular model is extremely economical at a price of just 92000. But for those consumers looking for something a bit more luxurious, Express’s Special Edition and SE-70 Alloyrim models are available at 95000 and 115,999  respectively. With cutting edge design and excellent performance, the new Express bike model of 2024 offers a reliable yet cost-friendly experience on the roads. Be sure to check out your nearest dealer to inquire more about these incredible bike models!

Express Bike E-70 Regular

The Express Bike E-70 is a powerful bike that has plenty of features to offer. With its 4 stroke engine and air cold single cylinder, it provides an impressive 78cm3 displacement. The bore and stroke measures 47.0×41.4mm with a compression of 8.8:1, while delivering 7.0ps/8500RPM of extreme horse power and 0.55lg-m/6500RPM of extreme torque. It comes with a 4 speed rarely mesh transmission and ignition system that has the CDI electronic control system for added reliability.

For smooth shifting, it is equipped with a wet plate type clutch. The frame is a back bone type strong body and the size measures 1885x760x990mm with a ground clearance of 35mm. It has a petrol tank capacity of 10.0 litre that gets you 1 litre for 70 km. It also has 2.25-174PR front wheel and back wheel for added stability when riding on different terrains. With its dry weight of 82kg, you can get the most out of your ride. The bike is now available in Pakistan for Rs.92,000.

Express Bike Fuel Average

The Express bike is a great commuting option for people who want to save money on fuel costs. It offers good fuel efficiency, with an average of 55-60 km per liter of petrol. Additionally, the bike is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for city riding. Thanks to its low cost of ownership and efficient fuel usage, the Express bike is an attractive option for commuters who want to save money while still getting around quickly. With its comfortable seating, reliable engine, and dependable performance, the Express bike is a great choice for anyone looking to get from point A to point B in style. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to get around town, consider investing in an Express bike and save money on fuel costs while still having a great ride.


To sum up, the Express bike model price in Pakistan is not only affordable but provides you with top of the line motorbike components and performance. This makes it the ideal option when searching for a motorcycle to take a leisurely ride or to traverse longer distances.

For overall quality and performance that won’t break your budget, the Express Bike Model is a great buy! Now that Pakistan offers a wide variety of motorcycles from renowned brands, consumers can pick and choose from among bikes suited for different trails, conditions and budgets. Express Bike Models can be purchased online, through authorized dealerships or directly from express bike showrooms all over Pakistan at competitive prices. What’s better than owning your own trusty steed? So go ahead and invest in an Express Bike Model that suits your needs best: reliable, safe and fast.