Are you planning on travelling from Islamabad to Karachi and looking for an affordable, comfortable and reliable way to get there? This trusted service offers top-notch transportation from Islamabad to Karachi at prices that won’t break your travel budget. Whether you are travelling alone or with the entire family, Faisal Movers Bus has options available that will make your journey a breeze. Learn more about their services and discover the convenient ticket price below so you can plan your perfect road trip today!

Faisal Movers Bus Islamabad to Karachi Ticket Price Fares

CityHi-RoofExecutiveBusiness Class
Islamabad to KarachiN/ARs.6100Rs.7200

Faisal Movers is the perfect choice. Offering two ticket options, Executive and Business Class, passengers can choose the level of luxury they prefer while traveling. With the Executive option starting at Rs.6100 and Business Class at Rs.7200, Faisal Movers is a great way to get from one city to another comfortably and safely. Plus, with their cutting-edge security systems for each bus and experienced drivers at the helm you won’t have to worry about your ride. So book your ticket today with Faisal Movers and enjoy top-notch road transportation between Islamabad and Karachi!

Faisal Movers Bus Islamabad to Karachi Time Distance

Covering a distance of 1137 kilometers, the journey from Islamabad to Karachi is one of the longest road trips in Pakistan. This route has its fair share of ups and downs as travelers pass through some of the most stunning landscapes in the country.

The journey usually takes 16 to 18 hours, depending on the route and traffic conditions. For those looking for an affordable way to get from Karachi to Islamabad, a bus ride may be the perfect option.

Faisal Movers is a renowned bus service in Pakistan, offering affordable and reliable transport solutions to travelers all over the country. With a fleet of modern buses, equipped with comfortable seating and air-conditioning, Faisal Movers ensure that their passengers arrive at their destinations safely and on time.

The fares charged by Faisal Movers are competitive and the buses are known to be well-maintained and reliable. Also, they offer special discounts to students, senior citizens and members of certain organizations. The buses make regular stops at designated rest points along the route where passengers can buy food or use restroom facilities.

Faisal Movers also offers a book-online facility, allowing customers to book their tickets conveniently from the comfort of their own homes. The company also has a mobile application that allows passengers to track the progress of their buses and plan their trips accordingly.

Faisal Movers is committed to providing an enjoyable and safe traveling experience for its customers. To this end, they have implemented several safety measures, such as assigning each bus a designated driver who is trained in defensive driving techniques and installing CCTV cameras on their buses so that they can monitor the activities of passengers. They also have a team of experienced staff at hand to assist with any issues or queries during the journey.


How much is the ticket price from Islamabad to Karachi?

The price for an executive class ticket from Islamabad to Karachi is Rs.6100 while the price for a business class ticket is Rs.7200.

How much time Faisal Movers takes from Islamabad to Karachi?

It takes approximately 18 hours and 30 minutes to travel from Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan, to Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city.

Which is best Daewoo or Faisal Movers?

When it comes to choosing the best service provider for your transportation needs, there is no better choice than Faisal Movers. Faisal Movers offers an unparalleled level of quality and reliability when it comes to getting you from one place to another.


If you are looking to travel from Islamabad to Karachi, the Faisal Movers bus is a great option with reasonable prices. The buses are comfortable and have all the amenities you need for a pleasant trip. Be sure to book your ticket in advance to ensure your seat!