Are you looking for an affordable and quality university to further your studies. Look no further than FAST University! With its impressive reputation for providing high-level education, the university stands as one of the top choices in Pakistan especially when it comes to affordability. For potential students who may be interested, we’ll provide a comprehensive look at FAST University’s fee structure so that you can more accurately judge whether this university is right for you. Read on to have all your questions answered about tuition rates, other fees & more!

FAST University Fee Structure 2024

Fee TypeAmount (in PKR)Details
Admission Fee20,000Payment is due in full at the time of admission.
Security Deposit20,000The refund will be provided upon completion of the degree or closure of the admission process.
Tuition Fee (per credit hour)Subject to annual review. For the academic year 2024:
BBA / BS:9,000 per credit hour
MBA / MS:9,000 per credit hour
PhD:9,000 per credit hour
Student Activities Fund2,000 (per semester)Contributions from students play a vital role in supporting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
Miscellaneous FeesNon-refundable fees
Additional Transcript Fee:200
Campus Transfer Fee:5,000
Degree Correction Fee:2,000
Semester Freeze Fee:10,000
Late Payment FineVariesFees outstanding will incur a charge of Re 1.00 per day for every thousand rupees. Registration will be suspended after a period of two months.
Withholding Tax5% (on annual fee > 200,000)Collection from non-active taxpayers. Adjustment at tax filing requires NTN or CNIC.
Fee Refund Policy
Admission Fee:Non-refundable.
Security Deposit:Refundable upon completion of the degree program or upon closure of the admission process.
Tuition Fee:Refunded based on HEC guidelines:
– Up to 7th day of classes: 100% refund
– 8th-15th day of classes: 50% refund
– 16th day and onward: No refund
Fee refund calculation includes working days and holidays.
Admission cancellation is determined based on the announcement date of the results if eligibility requirements are not met.

Fast University MBA per Semester Fee135,000 Rupees
Total Tuition Fee till Completion of MS and MBA540,000 Rupees

FAST University Fee Structure 2024 Semester & Annual

FAST University’s comprehensive fee structure for the 2024 academic year encapsulates several key components.

There are also additional miscellaneous charges to be aware of. These include an additional transcript fee of Rs 200, a campus transfer fee of Rs 5,000, a degree correction fee of Rs 2,000, and a semester freeze fee of Rs 10,000. These fees are non-refundable.

In addition to these, there are several miscellaneous fees for services such as transcript issuance, campus transfer, degree correction and semester freeze. Late payment is subject to a fine calculated on the entire outstanding fee. If fees are not paid two months after the due date, registration can be suspended.

A late payment fine is imposed on any outstanding fee (current and arrears). It is calculated at a rate of Re 1.00 per day for every thousand rupees. Registration is put on hold two months after the due date for fee payment.

The university is obligated to collect advance tax at 5% on the entire amount of fee paid from persons not appearing on the active taxpayers list (ATL), provided the annual fee paid exceeds Rs. 200,000. Parents or guardians will need to provide their NTN or CNIC number so that this can be adjusted at the time of filing their Income Tax return. A Tax Deduction Certificate will be issued by the university.

It’s important to note the university’s fee refund policy. While the admission fee is non-refundable, the security deposit can be refunded upon completion of the degree or termination of admission. Tuition fees are refunded in accordance with the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Up to the seventh day of the start of classes, a full refund is provided. From the eighth to the fifteenth day, a half refund is provided. After the sixteenth day, no refund is given.

Finally, fees can be paid via several methods, including direct deposit at any nearest Faysal bank branch or via bank account using the Kuickpay payment gateway. For additional details regarding the payment process, please visit:

What is the total fee of fast university?

The total fee for attending Fast University is computed by summing up various costs. Initially, there is an Admission Fee of Rs 20,000 and a Security Deposit of Rs 20,000, both payable at the time of admission. Tuition fees are charged on per credit basis, and for the academic year 2021-22, it is Rs 9,000 per credit hour for all programs (BBA / BS, MBA / MS, PhD). The actual total would therefore depend on the number of credits taken in a semester. Additionally, there is a contribution of Rs 2,000 per semester towards the Students Activities Fund.

There are also Miscellaneous Fees, which include an Additional Transcript Fee of Rs 200, a Campus Transfer Fee of Rs 5,000, a Degree Correction Fee of Rs 2,000, and a Semester Freeze Fee of Rs 10,000, all of which are non-refundable.

Late Payment Fine is levied if fees are not paid on time, which is calculated at the rate of Re 1.00 per day for every thousand rupees outstanding.

Finally, a withholding tax of 5% on the total fee is collected from those not appearing on the active taxpayers list (ATL), provided the annual fee paid exceeds Rs. 200,000.

What is the test fee for fast university?

The test fee for admission into the Fast University is Rs. 1,500. This fee applies to all applicants, including those who are seeking admission based on the NTS (NAT or GAT) test. Applicants who wish to take more than one Admission Test will be required to pay an additional fee of Rs. 500 for each extra Admission Test.

What are the Qualifications for fast admission 2024?

For fast-track admission in 2024, candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria to qualify:

  1. Applicants should have secured at least 60% marks in SSC (Matric) or an equivalent examination. This requirement serves as the basic academic threshold ensuring that the candidates have a solid foundation upon which to build their advanced studies.
  2. In addition, applicants must also attain a minimum of 60% marks in HSSC (Pre-Engineering) or an equivalent examination. This requirement ensures that the candidates have sufficient knowledge and skills in the relevant subjects, which are fundamental for the rigorous academic environment they will encounter.

These qualifications are crucial to ensure that the candidates are well-equipped to handle the academic rigor and can successfully complete their chosen program.


In conclusion, FAST University provides not only a high-quality education but also a clear and detailed fee structure to ensure prospective students can make an informed decision.

The fees cover various aspects of the university experience, from tuition and student activities to administrative and auxiliary services. The university also offers flexibility with a range of payment methods, ensuring convenience for all students. With the transparency of the fee structure and the inherent value in the quality of education provided, FAST University stands as a commendable choice for prospective students seeking affordability without compromising on the quality of their education.

The university’s commitment to providing an enriching, rigorous academic environment further cements its position as a top choice for individuals embarking on their higher education journey in 2024 and beyond.