Are you looking to buy a powerful and reliable agricultural machine for your farm or ranch. If so, then the Fiat 480 tractor is an excellent choice that you should consider. With its dependable diesel engine, impressive power output, and relatively affordable price in Pakistan, this trusted brand of tractor makes it easy to get the job done efficiently. Read on for more details about this impressive tool including its features, specs, benefits and Fiat 480 tractor price in Pakistan.

Fiat 480 Tractor Price in Pakistan

Fiat 480Rs.1,898,000
Fiat 480SRs.2,024,000
Fiat 480 SpecialRs.2,200,000
Fiat 480 Power SteeringRs.2,400,000

In Pakistan, farmers rely heavily on tractors to help them with their day to day tasks. The Fiat 480 tractor is a popular choice for many farmers due to its efficiency and reliability.

When considering purchasing one of these tractors, it’s important to look at the different models available and their associated costs. The Fiat 480 ranges in price depending on the model, with the base model starting at 1,898,000 and the most expensive model, the Fiat 480 Power Steering, costing 2,400,000. It’s important for farmers to weigh the costs and benefits of each model before making a decision on which one to purchase.

Overall, the Fiat 480 is a solid investment for those in the agricultural industry looking for a reliable tractor to help them get the job done.

Fiat 480 Features:

The Fiat 480 tractor is a robust and capable machine, powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 2.9 liters, and an output of 48 horsepower at 2250 RPM. It possesses impressive torque of 168 Nm at 1400 RPM.

The tractor uses a dry-type air cleaner and has a synchromesh transmission with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Its clutch is a dry-type, single plate, with an independent PTO running at 540 RPM. The mechanical differential lock, position and draft control hydraulics, and pump flow rate of 16 liters per minute make it versatile in various field conditions.

Its maximum lifting capacity is a substantial 1600 kg. For efficient maneuverability, it features power steering and a turning radius of 3.4 meters. Safety features include oil-immersed disc brakes and a hand-operated parking brake. The front tire size is 6.00 x 16, and the rear tire size is 14.9 x 28. The tractor measures 3.4 meters in length, 1.85 meters in width, and 2.3 meters in height. The wheelbase spans 2.1 meters and the ground clearance is 0.39 meters. Weighing in at 2220 kg, it is powered by a fuel tank with a capacity of 70 liters.

The Fiat 480 tractor is designed to deliver reliable performance and a smooth ride in various conditions, making it an ideal choice for farmers and hobbyists alike.

Its combination of features, power-output, size, maneuverability and robustness make it the perfect addition to any farm. With its impressive specifications and reliable build quality, the Fiat 480 tractor will provide many years of reliable service. Whether you’re plowing fields, mowing lawns, or just hauling around the farm, you can count on the Fiat 480 tractor to get the job done. Trust your work with a trusted name choose the Fiat 480 tractor today!

Fiat 480 Tractor Specifications

Engine type4-cylinder diesel
Engine displacement2.9 liters
Power output48 horsepower at 2250 RPM
Torque168 Nm at 1400 RPM
Air cleanerDry-type
Transmission typeSynchromesh, 8 forward and 2 reverse gears
Clutch typeDry-type, single plate
PTO typeIndependent, 540 RPM
Differential lockMechanical
Hydraulics typePosition and draft control
Pump flow rate16 liters/minute
Maximum lifting capacity1600 kg
Steering typePower steering
Turning radius3.4 meters
Brake typeOil-immersed disc brakes
Parking brake typeHand-operated
Front tire size6.00 x 16
Rear tire size14.9 x 28
Length3.4 meters
Width1.85 meters
Height2.3 meters
Wheelbase2.1 meters
Ground clearance0.39 meters
Weight2220 kg
Fuel tank capacity70 liters

The New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor is a versatile two-wheel drive machine that boasts a 48-horsepower engine. It’s renowned for its high fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, making it an economical choice for various farming tasks.

The tractor is equipped with a number of features to enhance its functionality and ease of use, including power steering, oil-immersed disc brakes, and adjustable rear wheels. The Fiat 480 is engineered to perform a wide range of tasks, including plowing, tilling, and harvesting, demonstrating its adaptability in different agricultural scenarios.

In addition, the tractor has the capacity to carry a corn planter. However, compatibility with a Corn Planter Machine (specifically in the context of Pakistan) is contingent on several factors, such as the planter’s size and weight, the tractor’s power output, and the presence of necessary hydraulic connections.


What is the price of Fiat 480 in Pakistan?

The Fiat 480 Tractor price in Pakistan ranges from 1,898,000 PKR to 2,400,000 PKR depending on the model.

What is the warranty on the Fiat 480 tractor?

The warranty specifics for the Fiat 480 tractor can differ depending on the manufacturer’s policy. It is recommended that potential buyers or owners reach out directly to the dealer to obtain exact warranty information. Factors such as duration, extent of coverage, and any conditions or exclusions may vary, so direct consultation with the dealer will provide the most accurate and up to date warranty details.

What is the price of ghazi 480 in Pakistan 2023?

The NH-Ghazi 65HP model of the Fiat 480 has a price tag of 2,350,000 rupees. The lower powered model, with a power output of 55 HP, is priced at 2,101,000 rupees.

Conclusion :

The Fiat 480 tractor is an economical choice for farmers in Pakistan, providing good value for its price. After reading through this article, you now know all the features and specifications of the different models of the Fiat 480 tractor and their respective prices.

Whether it’s improving soil quality, saving time with tilling or harvesting multiple crops on a single day these tractors will perform their job with power, precision and efficiency. With tremendous reliability and smart technology, the Fiat 480 tractor allows farmers in Pakistan to maximize productivity without any unnecessary costs. Invest wisely in a powerful machine that is built to last invest in a Fiat 480 Tractor.