Are you one of those who always keep a check on the prices of fruits in Pakistan? Shopping for fresh and juicy fruits is something that everyone does irrespective of their region or culture it’s an essential part of life. But, are you buying them at the right price? Is there any way to save money when shopping for your favorite produce? Well, if so then this blog post has all the answers. Here, we’ll discuss where to buy affordable fruits without compromising quality and what current market prices for different Pakistani popular crops are like. So, whether you plan to do some retail shopping or want wholesale offers from trusted sources stay tuned with us to know more about fruit purchasing and pricing!

Fruits Prices in Pakistan Today

Fruits prices in Pakistan have been on a steady rise lately, posing a daunting challenge for many of the country’s citizens who may struggle to find affordable fresh produce. With costs ranging from anywhere between rupees 150-400 per kilogram for oranges, to rupees 300-500 per kilogram for apples and up to 280 rupees per kilogram for grapes, Pakistani people are facing an uphill battle to ensure that they can purchase the produce they need without breaking the bank. Although subsidies exist for key fruits such as mangoes and bananas, much needs to be done in order to make fresh fruits accessible to all.

Fruits Rate List

Fruits are an important part of life in Pakistan. They provide essential nutrients and vitamins and also add flavor to many dishes. The rates for various fruits vary from one place to the next, but here is a look at some of the current fruit prices in Pakistan:

Fruit NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Pomegranate (انار) Anar Badana 1Kg420 PKR450 PKR
Pomegranate (انار) Anar Kandhri 1Kg300 PKR725 PKR
Musami (مسمی ) 1Kg or 12 Musami200 PKR300 PKR
Khajoor (کھجور ) 1Kg300 PKR400 PKR
Guava (امرود) 1Kg100 PKR110 PKR
Graps Gola (انگور) 1Kg190 PKR210 PKR
Graps Gola Sundar Khani 1Kg190 PKR300 PKR
Graps GrapsKala (انگور) 1Kg300 PKR350 PKR
Singharay (سنگھارے) 1Kg90 PKR100 PKR
Papita (پپیتا) 1Kg220 PKR250 PKR
Apple سیب (Kala Kolo) Awal 1Kg300 PKR350 PKR
Apple سیب (Kala Kolo) Dom 1Kg150 PKR190 PKR
Apple سیب (Kala Kolo) Som 1Kg100 PKR140 PKR
Apple سیب (Gacha) Awal 1Kg199 PKR280 PKR
Apple سیب (Gacha) Dom 1Kg120 PKR130 PKR
Apple سیب (Gacha) Som 1Kg80 PKR85 PKR
Apple سیب (Kala Kolo Midani) Awal 1KgRs-125Rs-130
Apple سیب (Kala Kolo Midani) Dom1Kg80 PKR85 PKR
Apple سیب (Kala Kolo Midani) Som 1Kg70 PKR80 PKR
Apple سیب (White) Awal 1Kg140 PKR145 PKR
Apple سیب (White) Dom 1Kg90 PKR100 PKR
Apple سیب (White) Som 1Kg70 PKR80 PKR
Japani Phal (جاپانی پھل) 1Kg160 PKR180 PKR
کیلا- Banana (One Dozen Special) 1Kg150 PKR200 PKR
کیلا- Banana (One Dozen) Awal 1Kg100 PKR110 PKR
کیلا- Banana (One Dozen) Dom 1Kg70 PKR80 PKR
کیلا- Banana (One Dozen Som) 1Kg50 PKR60 PKR
Makai (مکئی) 1Kg35 PKR40 PKR
Gandyri (گنڈیری) 1Kg55 PKR70 PKR
Coconut (ناریل) 1Kg250 PKR280 PKR

In Pakistan can vary significantly due to seasonal differences, local market conditions, and the quality of the fruit. You can expect to pay between Rs. 100-400 for a per kg/dozen ripe bananas in Pakistan. This is slightly higher than what you would pay for other fruits like apples or oranges, but significantly lower than more exotic fruits like mangos or papayas. The price will also depend on the variety of banana you are purchasing, with some smaller and sweeter varieties costing more than the larger, starchier types. It is important to keep in mind that in many parts of Pakistan, bananas can be bought directly from farmers for a substantially lower cost than what you would pay in the market. This is a great way to save money while still getting quality fruit!

Fruits Rates In Punjab

The rates of fruits in Punjab vary depending on the type of fruit and its quality. Some of the most popular fruits in Punjab are Pomegranate, Musami, Khajoor, Guava, Grapes (Gola), Black Grapes (Kala) , Singharay, Papita and Apples.

The minimum and maximum prices for Pomegranate (Anar Badana) per kg range from 420 to 450 PKR, respectively. For Musami, the minimum and maximum prices are 200 and 300 PKR per 12 Musamis. Guava is one of the cheapest fruits available in Punjab with a price range of 100 to 110 PKR per kg. The minimum and maximum prices for Grapes (Gola) are 190 to 210 PKR per kg, while those of Black Grapes (Kala) are 300 to 350 PKR per kg. Singharay has the lowest price range with 90 to 100 PKR per kg. Papita is priced in between 220 to 250 PKR per kg. Finally, Apples range from 100 to 350 PKR per kg depending on its variety such as Kala Kolo Awal, Dom and Som.

The rates of fruits in Punjab vary depending on which fruit is being purchased and its quality. It is important to compare prices before buying fruits, in order to get the best value for your money. Additionally, consumers should make sure that they buy from reliable suppliers which offer quality products at reasonable rates.

Fruits Rates In Sindh

Fruits are an important part of a balanced diet, and Sindh is home to some of the most delicious varieties in the country. When shopping for your favourite fruits, it’s important to know what prices you can expect to pay. In Sindh, the rates of different fruits range from PKR 40 to 170 per kg depending on the type, season and locality. For instance, apples can cost anywhere between PKR 80 to 150 per kg, whereas bananas range from PKR 40 to 80 per kg. Grapes are priced at PKR 90 to130 per kg while oranges are slightly cheaper at PKR 50 to 90 per kg. Watermelons come in slightly more expensive than oranges at PKR 90 to 150 per kg, and mangoes range from PKR 100 to 170 per kg. Lastly, pineapples are among the cheaper options with prices ranging from PKR 80 to 100 per kg.


What is the rate of Anar today in Pakistan?

The current rate of Anar in Pakistan ranges from Rs.300 to Rs.700. It varies depending on the location and quality of the fruit, as well as the time of year and market demand.

What is the rate of Anar today in Lahore?

The rate of Anar in Lahore today is anywhere between Rs.300 to Rs.700 per kilogram. Prices may vary depending on quality, location and seasonality.

What is the Price of apple fruit in Pakistan?

The price of apple fruit in Pakistan can vary from Rs.150 to Rs.400 depending on the variety and quality of the apples.

What is the rate of Strawberry today in Pakistan?

Today, the rate of Strawberry in Pakistan is between Rs.300 and Rs.400 per kg. Prices vary depending on location and seasonality of the crop.

What is the rate of guava?

The rate of guava varies from region to region and also depends on the season. Generally, one can expect to pay anywhere between Rs.100 and Rs.150 for a kilogram of guavas in most cities across Pakistan.

What is the price of 1 Kg Anar?

The price of 1 Kg Anar can vary greatly depending on the season, quality and supply. In general, it is usually priced between Rs.300 and Rs.725 per kilogram in Pakistan.

What is the Price of Banana in Pakistan?

The price of banana in Pakistan is highly variable, depending on the type and quality of the fruit. Generally, a dozen bananas can cost anywhere from Rs.100 to Rs.200.

Fruits are an essential part of any balanced diet, and their prices in Pakistan reflect this. The price of fruits in Pakistan vary depending on the season and type of fruit. For example, during peak harvest months like May to August, prices tend to be lower for locally grown fruits such as mangoes, bananas, apples, oranges, watermelons, and pomegranates.

However, prices for imported seasonal fruits like strawberries and cherries tend to be more expensive during this time due to their limited availability. Prices for other exotic fruits such as avocados, dragon fruit, and lychees can also vary greatly depending on the season and where they are being purchased from. Despite the wide range of prices, fruits are generally considered to be affordable and accessible for most Pakistani households. The availability of fresh fruits year-round also helps keep prices stable overall. Furthermore, the local market is full of vendors offering competitive prices for quality produce, making it an ideal place for consumers to get their daily dose of wholesome nutrition at reasonable prices.

In conclusion, the prices of fruits in Pakistan are largely reflective of their growing season and availability, but overall they remain affordable and accessible for most Pakistani households. With a wide range of locally grown and imported seasonal fruits available year round, consumers have an abundance of quality produce at competitive prices to keep them nourished.

We update these prices in Pakistan on a daily basis so that you can make an informed decision about what to buy and how much to pay for it. Since the fruit prices in Pakistan range from season to season, we want to ensure that you have access to reliable pricing information.

It is important to note that the prices provided here are only an approximation of the cost and that there can be a variation in prices from one place to another. Therefore, it is important to contact your local fruit vendors for exact pricing information.