Are you looking to buy new tyres for your vehicle If so, then it’s important to know the general tyre price in Pakistan. As a major part of car maintenance and safety, choosing the right kind of tire can significantly affect performance and handling on both city roads and highways. Hence, getting quality tyres at an economical price is one of the most important considerations when buying tires for a car or other vehicle. In this blog post, we’ll explore what are current market prices in Pakistan and how they compare with international rates as well as some tips to help you save money while purchasing your next set of tyres.

General Tyre Price in Pakistan

Driving on Pakistani roads requires quality tyres so you should always buy the best on the market. However, high quality car tyres can be costly and understanding the general costs involved will help drivers plan in advance to stay within their budget. Generally, car tyre prices in Pakistan fall between Rs 6000 and Rs 10000 depending on the make, size and model of the tyre. With proper research and looking out for sale offers you may even be able to pick up a good set of tyres for a lower price than expected.

General Car Tyre Price List 2024

General Tyre ModelPrice
BG Luxo Plus 215/55 R16Rs.10,500
XP 2000 ii 145/70 r12Rs.6450
Euro Kompact 155/70 R12 AND 165/70 R12Rs.6890 to 7500
Euro Tycon 175/70 R13 and 145/80 R13Rs.8440 to 7100
XP 2000 II 155/80 R13Rs.7990
Euro Star 175/65 R15Rs.8800
Euro Star 195/65 R15Rs.10,960
BG Luxo Plus 195/60 R16Rs.9900
BG Thunder Max 205/55 R16Rs.10,850
 BG TRAKO PLUS 185/60 R15Rs.7470
Tycon 165/65 R14Rs.8295

If you’re looking for quality tyres at great prices, the General Car tyre price list is a great place to start. The XP 2000 ii 145/70 r12 will set you back just 6450 Rupees and for slightly bigger sizes, Euro Kompact 155/70 R12 AND 165/70 R12 are available at 6890 and 7500 Rupees respectively. Euro Tycon 175/70 R13 and 145/80 R13 are priced at 8440 and 7100 Rupees respectively, while the Tycon 165/65 R14 will cost you 8295 Rupees.

The XP 2000 ii 155/80 R13 is priced at 7990 Rupees. For larger sizes, the Euro Star 175/65 R15 and 195/65 R15 are available at 8800 and 10,960 Rupees respectively. The BG Luxo Plus 195/60 R16 is priced at 9900 Rupees while the BG Luxo Plus 215/55 R16 will cost you 10,500 Rupees. The BG Thunder Max 205/55 R16 is priced at a slightly higher 10,850 rupees. Finally, the BG Trako Plus 185/60 R15 is available for just 7470 Rupees. With such great prices and quality products, you can be sure to find the perfect tyres for your car with General Car!

General Tractor Tyres Price List 2024

Tractor Tyre ModelsPrice
Agri TracRs.6250 to 10450
Black Bull 12.4/11-28Rs.32250
Power Lug (PL) 12.4/11-28Rs.29250
Power Lug PlusN/A
Agri LugN/A
Double Bull 14.9/28Rs.48850
Super PowerN/A
Super All Grip (SAGT)16.9/14-30Rs.56650
Agri Rib (AR) 7.50-20 PLY=8Rs.12750
Agri Power (AP)N/A
Agri powerN/A
Agri Gold (AG)N/A

Tractor tyres are an essential part of farm equipment and come in a range of different sizes and models. The price for each type of tyre varies depending on the size, weight capacity and model. In 2024, Black Bull 12.4/11-28 tractor tyres have an average price of Rs. 32250, Power Lug (PL) 12.4/11-28 tyres have an average price of Rs. 29250, Double Bull 14.9/28 tyres have an average price of Rs. 48850 and Super All Grip (SAGT)16.9/14-30 tyres have an average price of Rs. 56650.

For more specialized models such as Agri Trac (AT), Agri Rib (AR) 7.50-20 PLY=8, Agri Power (AP), Agri power, and Agri Gold (AG) the prices range from Rs. 6250 to Rs. 10450. It is important to note that due to market conditions, prices may vary depending on the location, dealer and availability.

General SUV CROSSOVERS Tyres Price List 2024

BG Max Sport tyres are designed to provide superior performance, stability, and long-term endurance. Suitable for SUV and crossover models, these tyres offer exceptional levels of comfort and grip even in wet conditions. Thanks to their robust construction, they are perfect for a variety of road surfaces. The BG Raptor 225/55 R 18 size is available for Rs 21600. These tyres feature a unique tread pattern that ensures maximum grip and stability. They also offer superior lateral traction for better cornering ability, even in wet conditions. With excellent fuel efficiency and low noise, these tyres are ideal for long-distance journeys.

General Suv/Crossovers ModelsPrice
BG Raptor 225/55 R 18Rs.21600
BG Max SportN/A

General Light Truck Tyres Price List 2024

General Light Truck TyresPrice
Star Sprinter 145 R12/8Rs.5900
Super All GripN/A
Load StarN/A
Power JetN/A
Traction RibN/A
Power RibN/A
BG PowerN/A
BG Vano Plus 195 R15CRs.11200
BG Alro Plus 205/70 R15CRs.11900
BG CargoN/A

The Super All Grip is an all-season tire that offers superior traction and handling on dry, wet and light snow surfaces. Its advanced tread pattern helps to minimize road noise while providing a smooth ride. The GLT II offers superior performance in wet conditions, with an aggressive tread design that delivers strong grip on the road. The Star Sprinter 145 R12/8 is a reliable all-season light truck tire that offers strong traction, handling and durability.

The Load Star is designed for long-distance truckers who need dependable performance on highways and other roads. Its reinforced sidewalls offer excellent responsiveness and cornering stability, even at high speeds.

General Motorcycle Tyres Prices 2024

The motorcycle tyre market has seen a surge in demand over the past few years due to increased convenience and performance. Consumers have been spoilt for choice with all types of tyres available in the market from leading brands.

For 2024, General Motors is offering an extensive range of motorcycle tyres from leading manufacturers like Hyper Sonic, Goto Grip, Jannan, Cliff Ride, Spider Web, Duro Grip, Mustang, Magneto, Jungle Jim, Harfun XP, Aqua Grip, Snake Eyes, Tuff Rider and Sangee.

The tyres are designed to provide superior performance with increased safety while offering great value for money. Whether you need tyres for off road or on road conditions, General Motors has you covered. They have a wide range of prices for all types of tyres, from budget options to premium models.

General Motors also offers discounts and special deals on their tyres so that customers can get the best value for money. Prices vary according to tyre type, size, brand and product availability, so it is advisable to contact the company directly for precise pricing information.

Customers can also call General Motors’ customer service number +92 21 111 487 487for more information and confirmation of prices. With exceptional features and performance, General Motorcycle tyres are sure to provide a smooth riding experience at an affordable price.