When it comes to building or renovating homes, one of the most essential aspects is the glasswork. If you’re residing in Pakistan and looking to buy glass, remember that the price may vary depending on several factors, such as the thickness of the glass and the location from where you’re making the purchase.

Although the cost of glass in Pakistan doesn’t fluctuate as much as that of other construction materials, it’s still increasing because of the rising inflation rate. Therefore, it’s essential to consider your budget and the quality of the glass before making a purchase.

Glass rates in Pakistan

Glass NamesMeasurementPrices
Simple Clear3mmRs.110
Green Glass5mmRs.178
Green Reflective5mmRs.218
Reflective Brown5mmRs.218
Blue Glass5mmRs.182
Reflective Blue5mmRs.218
WC Green Brownish5mmRs.153
WC Blue5mmRs.150
CC Green Brown5mmRs.164
CC Blue5mmRs.155

Types Of Glass available in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are several types of glass easily available to meet the needs and requirements of various applications. Bulletproof glass is one such type of glass that is used for extra security and safety purposes.

It is made up of multiple layers of strong and durable materials such as polycarbonate or acrylic sheets, which help resist high-velocity projectiles, making it nearly impenetrable. Impact-resistant glass is also available in Pakistan and is made with a special interlayer that helps absorb shock from an impact or pressure, thus preventing breakage. Laminated glass sheet is another type of glass commonly found in Pakistan as it offers excellent thermal insulation properties and soundproofing characteristics.

Absorbent glass, which is also available in Pakistan, is usually used for industrial and scientific applications. This type of glass has the capacity to absorb specific wavelengths of light, making it useful for various filtering purposes. Reflective to light glass is another type of glass that can be found in Pakistan and it helps reduce heat gain and glare by reflecting sunlight away from the building.

Flexible or bendable glass is also available in Pakistan and it can be used for a variety of applications such as curved windows, lenses, mirrors, etc. Strike-resistant glass (bomb proof) is another type of glass that can be found in Pakistan and it can resist physical impact shock from a bomb blast or other explosive devices. Lastly, tempered safety glass is also available in Pakistan and it is mostly used for applications that require extra strength and shatter-resistance.

This type of glass undergoes a special process that helps strengthen the material and make it more durable. All these types of glass are easily available in Pakistan, making it easy to find the right one for any application.

Best Glass Suppliers Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to some of the best glass suppliers in the world. Offering a wide range of services, from manufacturing and supplying specialty glasses for unique projects to providing installation services, these companies cover everything you need for your glass-related needs.


In conclusion, the glass price in Pakistan is an interesting subject worth exploring. It can tell us a lot about the country’s demographics and the amount of money being invested in different materials.

The glass industry in Pakistan holds great potential and has been steadily growing over the years. It is definitely worth noting that, given the low cost of manufacturing glass products and raw materials, some of these items are available on the market at price points that make them competitive with other options.

This has no doubt led to increased popularity and usage of glass across many sectors of Pakistani society. Many people have benefitted from access to such products, ranging from improved architectural accents to greater privacy due to better insulation properties. With this new wave of interest in glass and its various uses, the future looks bright for Pakistan’s glass industry as it continues to expand further into both residential and commercial applications.