Pakistani people are interested in knowing the prices of GM cables. Here, we are providing you the price list of all GM cables with their respective prices. Stay connected with us to know more about cables latest updates!

Gm Wire Price in Pakistan 2024

When it comes to choosing the cables for your home or office, you should always go for quality over quantity. GM Cables offer some of the best-priced cables in Pakistan that provide reliable performance and excellent value for your money. With a wide variety of prices, there’s something to fit everyone’s budget no matter how much you need. From the inexpensive “Pak” series to the mid-level “Supreme” series, each set offers different features that let you get exactly what you need with less hassle and more savings. In addition, all GM Cables are tested to meet international safety standards and come with an extended warranty so that you can purchase with peace of mind. Whether it’s a basic cable setup or a high-end audio system, GM Cables has all your needs covered at prices that are hard to beat! Make sure to check out their price list and find the perfect set for you today!

GM Cables Rate List 2024 in Pakistan

GM Cables offers a wide variety of cables to choose from at competitive prices. With the GM Cables Price List in Pakistan, customers can find the perfect cable for their needs without breaking the bank. From 3/0.29 Electric Cable and 7/0.29 Wire to RG-7 COAXIAL CABLE, there are options available for any project. The list also covers multiple sizes in 1x1MM², 1×1.5MM², and 1×2.5MM² cables, as well as stranded variations of the same. Customers can also find larger size options such as 1x4MM², 1x6MM² and even 1x10MM² cables. Furthermore, GM Cables also offers a variety of 1 Pair, 2 Pair, and 3 Pair cables to meet all customer requirements. With prices available for each selection, customers can easily find the perfect cable at an affordable price point. So make sure to check out the GM Cables Price List in Pakistan today!

GM Cables NameLengthPrices
1.5 mm square 1-Core90 meter₨ 3,490
3/0.2990 meterRs. 3602
1×1.5MM²90 meterRs. 4030
Stranded 1×1.5MM²90 meterRs. 4130
RG-7 COAXIAL CABLE90 meterRs. 5980
1×2.5MM²90 meterRs. 6216
Stranded 1×2.5MM²90 meterRs. 6350
1x1MM²90 meterRs. 2983
1x10MM²90 meterRs. 25745
1x6MM²90 meterRs. 15533
1x4MM²90 meterRs. 10593
7/0.2990 meterRs. 7830
16 mm square 1-Core90 meter₨ 37,290

GM cables type of wire

The GM cables type of wire offers both 3/29 and 7/29 wires, each with their own unique properties. The 3/29 wire has a Rs. 3602 price tag and is ideal for commercial applications requiring a strong and durable cable that can withstand tough environmental conditions. The 7/29 wire, on the other hand, retails at Rs. 7830 and is suitable for projects where higher flexibility and resistance are required. Both cables can provide reliable performance in a variety of applications, making them an ideal choice across a wide range of industries. With GM cables, you’re sure to get the best value for money!

Whether used for residential or commercial purposes, GM cables are the perfect choice when it comes to providing a reliable connection. From ensuring maximum safety and long-term use to offering superior performance, GM cable wires deliver high-quality performance in any environment. Invest in this top-notch wire today and get the best out of your projects!

The GM cables type of wire is available in a variety of sizes and lengths to fit any job. This ensures that you get the perfect cable for your needs, no matter what they are. With their unbeatable price tag and excellent performance, GM cables provide unbeatable value for money and make an ideal choice for any project. Get your hands on this top-of-the-line wire today and get the best out of your projects!

For those looking for a reliable and durable cable that can withstand any conditions, GM cables are the perfect choice. With their unbeatable price tag, excellent performance, and variety of sizes available, GM cables provide unbeatable value for money and make an ideal choice for any project.