On Monday 16 Oct, 2023, the gold rate per Tola in Pakistan reached Rs 206,900.000. It’s interesting to see that 1 gram of 24k Gold was sold at Rs 17,739.000 while 10 grams of 24K Gold were being traded for Rs 177,390.000. This clearly shows the high value of gold in Pakistan. It’s impressive to know that a single ounce of 24 Karat gold was being traded at Rs 502,767.000. With such high rates, it shows that gold is a valuable commodity and it continues to hold its importance as a timeless investment. Investors in Pakistan and around the world continue to invest in gold, and it looks like it will continue this way for the foreseeable future.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 16 October 2023

10 Grams24KRs. 177,390
1 Tola24KRs. 206,900
Per Ounce24KRs.502,767
10 Grams22KRs.162,607.500
1 Tola22KRs. 189,658.333
Per Ounce22KRs.460,869.750
10 Grams21KRs. 155,216.250
1 Tola21KRs. 181,037.500
Per Ounce21KRs.439,921.125
10 Grams20KRs. 148,535
1 Tola20KRs. 173,295
10 Grams18KRs.133,042.500
1 Tola18KRs. 155,175
Per Ounce18KRs.377,075.250

Today Gold Rates in Pakistan Major Cities 16 October 2023

LahorePKR.206,900PKR 2,304
KarachiPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
IslamabadPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
PeshawarPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
QuettaPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
SialkotPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
AttockPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
GujranwalaPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
JehlumPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
MultanPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
BahawalpurPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
GujratPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
NawabshahPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
ChakwalPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
HyderabadPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
NowshehraPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
SargodhaPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
FaisalabadPKR.206,900PKR 2,304
MirpurPKR.206,900PKR 2,304

Today’s Gold Price in Pakistan Major CitiesOctober 16, 2023

Gold is one of the most sought-after precious metals and its value is constantly fluctuating. In Pakistan, gold holds a significant cultural and economic importance. It is used as a form of investment, for traditional ceremonies such as weddings, and as a symbol of wealth and status.

City-wise Gold Prices

On October 16, 2023, the gold price in Pakistan’s major cities was as follows:

Factors Affecting Gold Prices in Pakistan

There are several factors that can impact the gold prices in Pakistan, including:

Gold as an Investment

Many people in Pakistan view gold as a safe and reliable form of investment. It is seen as a hedging tool against inflation and market volatility. Gold prices have historically shown an upward trend over time, making it an attractive investment option for some. However, gold investments also come with risks and should be researched thoroughly before making any decisions.

Gold in Pakistani Culture

Gold has a deep-rooted significance in Pakistani culture. It is often gifted at weddings and other traditional ceremonies, as well as worn as jewelry on special occasions. In many households, gold is seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, changes in gold prices can also have an impact on cultural practices and traditions.

In conclusion, the gold price in Pakistan varies from city to city and is influenced by various factors. Whether used for investment or as a cultural symbol, gold continues to hold value and significance in Pakistani society. So, it is important to stay updated on the latest gold prices and factors affecting them. So, keep a lookout for any changes in gold prices and make informed decisions when it comes to this precious metal.

Stay Gold, Pakistan! Keep track of the ever-changing gold prices in your city and make wise investments. Let us continue to cherish the cultural significance and economic value of gold in our country.Stay updated, stay informed, and stay ahead. Together, let’s keep Pakistan shining with the beauty and sparkle of gold.